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Acne (Acne)

Acne (Acne)

acne Acne (acne, acne) - an inflammatory disease of the sebaceous glands of the skin and hair follicles.Most often the disease affects the parts of the body with high concentration of sebaceous glands (chest, back, forearms and face).

Acne is a common disease. According to statistics they suffer about 80% of people aged between 12 and 25 years and about 35% of people over 35 years.Due to the fact that most often this disease occurs in adolescents aged 14 to 18 years, it is called "teenage rash"

Causes Acne

main precipitating factor leading to the development of acne are hormonalchanges occurring in the body.That is why most acne are found in people who are taking hormones, teenagers, women and girls in the last seven days of the menstrual cycle and in pregnant women.

also to the appearance of acne can cause the following factors:

- taking certain medications (such as corticosteroids)

- Heredity

- Stress

- Frequent squeezing certain areas of the skin

Types of acne

- Infant acne .There are on the face of a child in its first months of life.In most cases, they are on their own, but sometimes can be kept to a few years

- Lightning acne .Suffice it to a rare form of acne that occurs in young men 13 to 17 years and is accompanied by weakness, malaise, joint pains and fever

- Professional acne .There are a result of exposure to the skin of various chemicals, herbicides, tar, etc.

- Neurotic Acne .Arises as a result of peeling and squeezing blackheads.The end result are blemishes and scars

- steroid acne .Occurs when incorrect application of hormonal preparations

- Necrotic Acne .This acne on the scalp, accompanied by incessant itching

Acne can be in the form of white dots (whiteheads, closed comedones ).It clogged pores with a very small outlet.Without medical help to remove them is problematic.

Also, there are black dots ( open comedones ).This extension clogged skin pores.Open comedones are usually grayish - brown or black.

Yellow bumps or pustules white .They appear due to the fact that inside the comedones are beginning to breed bacteria, which leads to inflammation and subsequent formation of pus.Their squeezing only aggravates inflammation leads to an increase in the size of acne.

Cysts .It is quite painful deep pus-filled cavity after treatment which often scars

Acne symptoms

On the skin of the back, chest, arms and face are formed inflammatory formation in the form of nodules, pustules (diameter of up to five millimeters) andnodes (more than five millimeters in diameter).Also, non-inflammatory form of education - comedones (black spots or old).The so-called T-zone of the face appears shine.With self-squeezing acne scars remain and erosion.In some cases, keloid scars are formed.

In patients with a high content of androgens (male sex hormones) are often observed thinning hair on the head, or on the contrary increased body hair.

nodes can become hemorrhagic (filled with blood) or purulent (cysts).

In most cases these symptoms are accompanied by severe psychological problems, which include increased anxiety, low self-esteem and depression

Acne treatment

basic approach in the treatment of this disease is the careful and proper care for problem skin.Alcohol or other aggressive agents are not recommended, as they can break even more protective function of the skin and aggravate the disease.

Cleansing should be performed using gentle cleansers and cosmetics.Dermatologists recommend cosmetic dermatological lines: "Klinans", "Sebium", "Uriage", "Bioderma," "Avenue".

In cases where persons are present on the skin inflammatory Education - treatment begins with the application of external antibacterial agents: ointment "Imex", "Zener" gel "Dalatsin T".You must use special masks for the face, removes excess sebum.If acne continues to progress - it is necessary to consult a doctor

Preventing acne

- Do not use cosmetics that contain oil

- Do not use cosmetics clog pores (petrolatum and lanolin)

-Pick up cosmetics for skin cleansing is only appropriate for the type of skin (consult a beautician)

- Do not abuse such foods as coffee, chocolate, nuts and sodas

- In the case of the first signs of the onset of disease - treatment to begin immediately.

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