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Molluscum contagiosum

molluscum contagiosum

molluscum contagiosum molluscum contagiosum (molluscum contagious) - fairly widespread viral disease of the skin that occurs mainly in children (usually preschool) age.The causative agent is a virus molluscum contagiosum molluscum contagiosum, pathogenic exclusively to the human body and having a certain similarity with the virus smallpox.

Quite often, patients with this dermatological disease from - for wear of or total absence of symptoms to the doctor do not apply, so that molluscum contagiosum becomes chronic

Infection contagious mollusk

become infected with this disease can both children and adultspeople.Molluscum contagiosum can be transmitted in two ways - domestic and sexual.

Household transmission means by a contamination through the everyday objects that have enjoyed the support infection.This particularly applies to personal care items (dishes, bedding, etc.).Because the virus can persist for quite a long time in the dust of homes - in kindergartens often observed outbreak

of molluscum contagiosum.Often infected with this disease occurs in swimming pools.

Adults in most cases infected with molluscum contagiosum through sexual contact, the infection itself is not through intercourse, but by skin contact partners.For this reason, some international medical organizations do not classify molluscum contagiosum to sexually transmitted diseases.

In addition, the emergence of shellfish contribute to the disease, reduce the immune defense (have been recorded cases of molluscum contagiosum in middle / elderly people with immunodeficiency or allergic reactions, as well as in long-term treated with cytostatic and hormonal drugs)

molluscum contagiosum symptomsand for

incubation period of molluscum contagiosum can last from two weeks to six months, after which on the skin appear first single and then multiple rounded dense painless nodules flesh or pinkish color (sometimes with a pearly or waxy tint), slightly raisedabove the skin and not exceeding 10 mm in size.In very rare cases, as a result of the merger, to form the elements of a much larger, a disease known as giant molluscum contagiosum .

nodules surface smooth, shiny, with a slight depression in the center of kontagioznii_mollusk.When pressed from the node allocated kashepodobnaya whitish mass, which consists of dead cells and mollyuskoobraznyh cells.

Children nodules may be located in different parts of the skin, in adults most often affects the inner thighs, perineum, genitals, pubic area and abdomen.

Subjective feelings are absent when molluscum contagiosum, though in rare cases in the nodules can appear itching (accession of secondary infection).

Molluscum contagiosum is a disease not Molluscum contagiosum causing serious complications, but with the appearance of the very first signs of its presence, medical assistance must always turn to.This should be done at least because molluscum contagiosum on the face very easily be confused with similar serious enough in their symptoms of the disease (syphilis, lichen planus, etc.).Also, symptoms of molluscum contagiosum has always said that a sick person's immune defense is weakened, which may be caused by the presence in the body of other infections (including HIV).

Diagnosis of molluscum contagiosum does not cause much difficulty, and is mainly based on the clinical picture (in contentious cases is performed histological examination).Also carried out differential diagnosis of syphilis, lichen planus, warts epithelioma and plural form keratoacanthomas.Examination of the sexual partner is required to

molluscum contagiosum treatment

If in the course of the survey it was found that human skin amazed just this type of rash and do not include benign or malignant tumors, treatment of molluscum contagiosum is not mandatory, as the health of the human bodyable to overcome the virus on their own (in this he may need about six months).That is why in most cases dermatovenereologists initially rely on self-healing without the use of drugs.

If for some - any reason independent healing is not possible, doctors stop at one of the following treatments for molluscum contagiosum:

- Burnt or diathermocoagulation

- Processing nodules immunomodulatory and antiviral ointments

- Mechanical scraping nodules and subsequent treatment of the affected5% of the surface of the p-rum alcoholic iodine

- In generalized form of molluscum contagiosum (the presence of a very large number of knots) are appointed by the tetracycline antibiotics (doxycycline, methacycline, chlortetracycline, oletetrin, tetracycline).

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