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birthmark photos Birthmark - is innate, or appeared in the early years of the life of dermal mark, located in a limited area of ​​the skin.Birthmarks are divided into vascular and conventional.

Vascular birthmark - a benign tumor, that when considering it under a microscope, consists of clusters of fairly small blood vessels.In its coat color resembles a vascular birthmark port and strawberry color."Strawberry" (bright - red) formation extends slightly above the surface of the skin, whereas the "Port" (dark - red) are generally flat.Vascular birthmark develop into melanoma can not and does not require specific treatment, but from such formations is still trying to get rid of, as they deliver cosmetic visual disturbances.

Average birthmark in most cases, has a smooth surface and range of colors ranging from light - brown to black - brown.Birthmark of this type can be either flat or slightly above the level of the skin, often covered scalp.Most people have one thing on his body and a completely ha

rmless birthmarks.However, there are cancerous spots, which are located on the skin that can develop into melanoma.These spots are distinguished by the following differences: they often have a light color, they are flat, and they do not grow hair.If the newborn child birthmarks are located on the soles of the feet or palms of the hands, showing their mandatory immediate removal, as these parts of the body most often exposed to mechanical damage and physical pressure, which contributes to the formation of melanoma.The removal and treatment of common birthmarks usually do not require, exceptions are their locations, in which there is constant friction of their clothes.In this case, removes birthmarks.In addition, subject to the removal of bleeding, increasing in size and chapped birthmarks.It is also desirable to remove the birthmark on his face, because in addition to cosmetic discomfort, it is exposed to solar radiation and increases the risk of transition to malignancy

Birthmark newborn

How soon after birth and over the next few months (more often than -two), on the body of the newborn may appear birthmarks, with whom he later will live forever.If your child's body is present slightly convex birthmark bluish, red or pink, it should be compulsory to consult a dermatologist.Birthmark of this type (also known as vascular nevus) may be dangerous for the baby's health.

By its very nature, a vascular nevus is divided into three types: salmon-colored birthmark, nevus flammeus and hemangiomas.In most cases, birthmarks in newborns are harmless, but once again see a doctor does not hurt.

The most common view birthmark in newborns is birthmark the color of salmon .It manifests itself in the form of pinkish - orange spots or groups of small red spots preferentially localized on the nose, eyelids and nape of the child.These spots usually do not require specialized treatment and often disappear on their own during the first year of life.

hemangioma .This education most often appears a few weeks after birth.At the age of one year, it is red, prone to increased spot can occur anywhere.After the first year of life it begins to fade and gradually acquires the color of the skin.By the time the child has time to go to kindergarten, birthmark almost always has to be seen.And by the age of ten, at about 90% of children, this education is gone forever, and without a trace.Hemangiomas are inherently harmless, but they still need to be monitored and in case of change of size / color, or bleeding - best to consult a dermatologist children.

Flaming nevus («wine stain") - a birthmark consisting of arachnids blood vessels.In appearance, it is flat red spots that occur on the scalp and face.Flaming nevus grows along with the child and differs from the hemangioma that are not modified in any way and does not disappear with age.Removing flaming nevus by surgery is not possible, as in the case of surgical intervention, at this place the child for life remain an ugly scar.So while this education is not developed into a very serious, it is recommended to be treated at an early age.The most effective treatment is infrared radiation and laser therapy.

risk to be born with a birthmark is significantly increased in premature infants, white-skinned children and girls (3 - 5 times)

treatment of birthmarks

If a birthmark is located in the place of permanent injury (under the collar, waist, etc..), shows its surgical removal.If lentigo gigantic, removal is carried out in stages.Currently, it is possible to remove the birthmark without further postoperative scar formation.A piece of tissue from that education is compulsory for laboratory testing, to exclude a malignant nature.In the case of cancer cells, further treatment is carried out in Oncology Center.

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