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Lipoma Treatment

Lipoma treatment

lipoma photo Lipoma (lipoblastoma, talc) - painless mobile benign tumor that develops from fat tissue.Most often this occurs in the formation of women from 30 to 50 years.The main areas of localization Wen include: breast, skin, perirenal, retroperitoneal, subcutaneous and intra-muscular tissue, the meninges, the organs gastro - intestinal tract and so on. It is believed, that transform into a malignant tumor lipoma can not, however, is thatdue to injury or even for no apparent reason, it is still going on

Causes of lipoma

causes of the tumors are many, but they are determined violation of the metabolic processes in the body, or to be more precise, to the failure of regulatory enzymes - proteins.Quite often such a breach has a genetic inheritance (hereditary).In such cases, there is the so-called "family lipomatosis" distinguishing feature of which is the development of Wen at a young age.It also causes the appearance of lipomas include: liver disease, pancreatic cancer, hypothyroid

ism and pituitary gland, cancer of the upper respiratory tract, diabetes and alcoholism

Symptoms and signs lipoma

Lipomas often are multiple and in some cases develop symmetrically.This education may be located in different parts of the human body: hips, back, shoulders, face and other parts and organs of the body.The growth of a lipoma is not related to the general state of the human body, because even with exhaustion, she continues to accumulate fat.Average size of lipomas vary from one to four centimeters in diameter, but sometimes lipoma can reach quite large (five to ten centimeters in diameter).In these cases, the tumor under his weight begins to droop, forming the base of a thin stem, thereby creating the conditions for edema, congestion, ulceration and necrosis.Very often these phenomena are anxious in the presence of concomitant diseases such as diabetes, asthe recovery process and the integrity of the healing tissue damage in diabetes disrupted or delayed.

lipoma is the most frequent form of gnarled, and the node is surrounded by a kind of capsule.Less common form of diffuse lipoma, characterized by growths with a missing adipose tissue capsule.Usually lipomas soft consistency, but in the presence of connective tissue, it becomes more dense (fibrolipoma)

Lipoma easy - this is quite a rare benign tumor in the lungs, consisting of adipose tissue.Mainly lipomas occur in principal and equity (large) bronchi, as their walls contain fat.These education are more common in men, regardless of their age.When the location of endobronchial lipoma, as violation of the drainage function of the affected lung disease, marked increase in clinical manifestations, with characteristic symptoms of this disease.Peripheral lung lipoma is usually detected by chance, after a radiographic examination.The increase of the tumors is very slow, it does not malignancy characterized

Lipoma breast - a benign tumor composed of mature adipose tissue, which is surrounded by a capsule.This tumor occurs in 8 - 10% of all nodules that develop in the breast.When palpation testovatoy moving oval or rounded education, not always having a clear demarcation from surrounding tissues.Precise data on the cause of a lipoma breast cancer today is not, however, suggestions that the lipoma breast cancer develops as a result of blockage of outlet duct of the sebaceous gland (not clinically validated!).Please be aware that a lipoma of the breast is a very dangerous form, since in some cases develops into a liposarcoma (cancer).Given this, it is imperative to carefully monitor the lipoma following these periodic diagnostic measures: mammography (every six months), breast ultrasound (every three months), termomammografiya (every six months), oncocitology discharge from the nipple (timesin the six months to take a smear - mark), tumor markers, and so on. If a lipoma of the breast alone does not resolve - showing her surgical removal

diagnosis lipoma

diagnosis of lipoma established on the basis conducted palpation of the breast, where it was discovered absolutelypainless easy mobility neoplasm.Besides ultrasound and applied research tissue lipomas, which were obtained by puncture.The most accurate diagnostic method is a computed tomography, which allows you to clearly differentiate fatty tissue

Treatment of lipomas

If Wen does not cause absolutely no discomfort and does not create a significant cosmetic defect, the treatment he needs.If a person is experiencing some discomfort from the presence of his education, surgical intervention is shown as a lipoma removed only by the operative method ("absorption" and treated using wen folk remedies is ineffective).If a lipoma located in what - or internal organs, and violates its adequate functioning - showing its mandatory removal.

Removing both the lipoma and its sheath is carried through an incision in the skin.Typically, this operation is performed under local anesthesia and takes time no more than thirty minutes.Then the incision over the lipoma removed intradermal hidden cosmetic suture.

When minimally invasive removal of lipomas held incision up to one centimeter in length, then removed a lipoma inside the capsule, followed by removal of the control of the completeness miniendoskopom.

also to methods of removal of tumors include lipomas liposuction.The skin incision is made 0.5 cm long, and then with the help of a lipoma removed lipoaspiratora inside the capsule.Control of completeness in removing this type of surgery is not carried out because liposuction is only possible if the dimensions lipoma not exceed three centimeters.The disadvantage of this method is the inability to eject shell lipomas.

Today, quite a widespread practice of removing lipoma with a laser.Laser removal of lipomas leaves no scars and tested virtually painless.

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