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Atheroma treatment

Atheroma treatment

Atheroma - follicular or epidermal cyst filled with thick yellowish caseous secret.For the main causes of atheroma include blockage of the sebaceous glands.Externally atheroma look like small, freely moving under the skin slow-growing formation.Quite often there is multiple atheroma.Throughout the life of any person in his body for no apparent reason there is at least one atheroma (men are twice as likely).The age peak of atheroma - 20-30 years, but in most cases, people are turning to the doctor much later, when the atheroma grows to a very impressive size.

Atheromas referred to as non-cancerous (benign) tumors, which in some cases can become chronic foci of infection that can serve the development of quite serious complications.Even if an atheroma is not contaminated by bacterial infection, it may become inflamed and begin to grow in size.When you develop an inflammatory process, the removal of this education is contraindicated, so surgery in a period set aside.The most s

erious complications include atheroma rupture and its subsequent infection that can cause abscesses and cellulitis.There were isolated cases when atheroma resulted in squamous and basal skin cancer

Causes of atheroma

This education develops as a result of blockage of the sebaceous glands, which leads to a delay below the skin of their secret.By the development of atheroma predisposing factors include metabolic disorders (hormonal dysfunction, rash, etc.), And adverse environmental conditions.Some education experts believe this hereditary disease.Also, the causes of atheroma include: harmful occupational factors, neglect of personal hygiene, use of various cosmetics and deodorant - antiperspirant

Symptoms and signs of atheroma

Visually atheroma is a soft rounded tumor formation, different in size.Usually the swelling is painless, mobile and dense enough to touch.Sometimes, in the center varies excretory duct of the sebaceous gland.The contents of this neoplasm is a whitish pasty mass.Often, there are multiple education.In some cases, atheroma increases to a sufficiently large size (4-5 cm diameter), thereby causing the cosmetic and psychological discomfort of the patient.By origin distinguish between congenital and secondary atheroma

Congenital atheroma - benign multiple tumors of the skin, often located in the scalp and on the scrotum.On palpation they are dense, painless, easily dislodged relative to the surrounding tissue

Secondary atheroma - enlargement of the sebaceous glands of the skin, produced as a result of violation of the outflow of sebum.Most often they occur against a background of acne and oily seborrhea species.On palpation foci rounded, rather compact, sometimes a little painful.Dimensions nodes ranging from a pea to a walnut, the skin over them pale - bluish color.

In case of unfavorable conditions, as well as the continued existence of a tumor may develop complications such as suppuration followed by the formation of subcutaneous abscess.This inflammation is accompanied by the following clinical signs: pain in the tumor, swelling and redness of the skin, increased body temperature and a significant deterioration of the general health of the patient.Often there is a spontaneous dissection of the tumor inflamed with the release of her saloobraznogo content with pus.

Diagnostics atheroma poses no difficulties and is based on characteristic clinical picture.One of the important diagnostic features of this neoplasm is the presence of enlarged sebaceous glands.It is shown holding a differential diagnosis with fibroma and lipoma

Treatment atheroma

only adequate way to treat atheroma is its surgical removal, which removes not only its content, but also outside the capsule, as even very small remnant capsule often leads to relapse of education.Typically, surgery is performed on an outpatient basis, without requiring hospitalization.

most common methods of removing atheroma :

- On the site of the greatest protrusion of atheroma performed incision, through which its contents are squeezed on a napkin.Then the capsule cyst removed using two clamps or cyst scrape sharp spoon

- without damaging the capsule atheroma, skin care is cut and shifted to the side, after which the tumor extirpate

- Over atheroma produce two bordering (covering the hole cysts)cut.The edges of the cut gently capture clips at the same time pulling them.Under the very sum atheroma jaws curved scissors.Alternately spreading and closing his scissors, extirpate a tumor from the surrounding tissue.Maybe minor bleeding.After surgery to remove the atheroma, in the subcutaneous tissue shows the imposition of individual absorbable sutures

- Radio wave removal of atheroma gives almost one hundred percent guarantee of relapse, gives an excellent cosmetic effect and minimizes healing time.In the case of the operation on the scalp, the scalp is not shaved (unlike surgical approach).The undeniable advantage of the radio-wave method is no need for sutures

- Removal of atheroma laser, as well as radio-wave method, referred to as sparing human health treatment, since it does not require cutting the body tissue of the patient and the superimposition of postoperative sutures.

to prevent and prevention of atheroma is necessary to periodically clean the skin of his face beautician and thoroughly wash your face (especially for oily skin and acne available) at home.In addition, doctors recommend to reduce the consumption of fatty foods and foods with a lot of carbohydrates.

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