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Rosacea photo Rosacea (rose acne, rosacea) - a chronic disease of the skin, usually manifests itself in the appearance of the skin (usually the face) of the various bumps, nodules and areas of persistent redness.Frequently rosacea may experience eye damage. prevalence of skin disease is wide enough, as eloquently he says that on the face of rosacea occurs in almost 10% of the total population.Typically, the disease occurs in females, despite the fact that it occurs in men more rapidly with primary development of serious complications.Usually pink acne occurs in people of light skin age from 39 to 55 years (elderly, children, rosacea affects the extremely rare).

Rosacea - Causes

Today causes rosacea until the end and have not been studied, but there are several theories that claim that the development of this disease is not the last role played by genetic factors, disorders of adequate immune protection, endocrine and gastrointestinaldisease.

hereditary theory of .Most scientists categorical

ly deny the genetic factor in the development of rosacea.However, despite this, the United States conducted the relevant studies have shown that more than 40% of patients with rosacea, the disease occurs in the closest relatives.Moreover according honey.literature has repeatedly been described in familial cases of the disease lesions.

Psychic theory of disease development .A sufficiently long period of time it was thought that one of the fundamental causes of rosacea on the face are the various mental disorders, but this fact has not been confirmed by numerous enough research.The only connection rosacea with mental illness is to develop severe mental states against the background of severe forms of rosacea.Usually this manifests emotional instability, depressed mood and depression.

role of diseases of the digestive system .In this, as well as in the hereditary theory, too, a lot of enemies, but thanks to the numerous research and observations in 35% of patients with rosacea symptoms were found beaten disease of the small intestine and is almost 90% of patients - symptoms of gastritis.

theory of the role of ticks in the development of the disease .Some scientists attribute the appearance of rosacea with exposure to mites of the genus Demodex.This theory is supported by the detection of mites in the material, combined with problem skin.However, due to the fact that not all patients are detected larvae of these mites, the final confirmation of this theory has not yet been received.If you find ticks rosacea, demodicosis is diagnosed rozatseapodobny.

Infectious theory .Because rosacea on the facial skin rash pustular appearance there, a role in the development of the disease is removed infectious factors, or to be more precise, the bacteria.The infectious theory is confirmed by the fact that in the case of antibiotics there is a significant reduction in symptoms of rosacea.Despite this, the contents of purulent rash and failed to identify any bacteria or viruses that can cause the development of the disease.

theory of the influence of external factors .In recent years, persistently exaggerated theory that consumption of alcoholic beverages, coffee and spices, as a result of the negative impact on the gastric mucosa, resulting in reflex vasodilatation in the face.However, studies have shown that vasodilation person does not develop after the use of the above products, as a result of entering into the body, or rather to the stomach, heated above 60 ° C fluid.However, despite this, patients with rosacea is recommended to exclude from your diet citrus, spicy foods, alcohol and coffee.

Rosacea women photos Rosacea - Symptoms

signs and symptoms of rosacea are quite diverse.In the case of the classic course of the disease the patient to go through the following successive stages:

initial stage of rosacea .This period is characterized by periodic occurrence of slight redness in the middle part of the forehead and the nose and cheeks.Sometimes, in addition to the person at an early stage, may develop rosacea and chest.

provocateur of the first attack may be the following factors: spicy spicy food, hot drinks, the impact of the strong wind, alcohol, overheating or hypothermia, medication, stress, physical stress, menopause and deposited on the face of cosmetics.

patients with early-stage rosacea impression outwardly shy, humble, people are prone to excitement.Gradually, facial flushing attacks begin to happen more and more often, that eventually leads to the appearance on the cheeks and forehead areas of persistent redness bright red color, the color of which changes to bluish soon.This phenomenon is directly related to the affected superficial veins that are in the form of spider veins start to show through the skin.In addition to these symptoms, rosacea appears on the face peeling, burning and swelling of the skin.

Stage papules-pustular manifestations .For this stage is characterized by the appearance on the flushed face of pustules and pimples, which will be located in groups and monitored for several weeks.As disappearance data skin lesions, scars, usually remains.Swelling of the skin at this stage is usually located in the area between the eyebrows.In addition, at this stage significantly increases the skin's sensitivity to direct sunlight, which manifests the appearance of so-called solar-comedogenic.But the tingling and burning of the skin, at this stage a little bit weaker.With further progression of the disease, pustular rash gradually affect breast skin, scalp and all facial skin (very rare back).The rash on the head is always accompanied by very intense itching.

Fimatoidnaya stage .If 0zabolevanie will not be stopped in the previous stages, at this stage, patients begin to significantly thicken some areas of the skin, so that the skin starts to look lumpy, very resembling an orange peel.Often there is a thickening of the forehead, the nose (usually men) and ears.Pineal nose in men significantly increased in size, laced with lots of blood vessels and has a bluish color.After that, the nose gradually begin to manifest deep furrows, separating it into individual cloves bumpy.Several less similar changes observed in the skin of the chin, eyelids, forehead and earlobes.Similar symptoms of rosacea are not found in women hardly ever that scientists have linked to the influence of female hormones.
Rosacea men photo

Special rosacea

• edematous form (rosacea-lymphoedema).For this form is characterized by a strong red swelling of the face, situated in the area of ​​the eyes, nose, forehead, chin and cheeks.The general condition of the patient deteriorates too much, but rosacea is much disfigures the face.

• Lightning shape.Typically, this form of the disease occurs in young women, and its occurrence is associated with factors such as menopause, pregnancy and neuro-psychiatric disorders.Lightning is the most difficult form of embodiment of rosacea, as develops suddenly, it progresses quickly and disfigures the face as soon as possible.Against the backdrop has changed dramatically for the worse appearance, many young women are often observed neurosis and depression.Rosacea on the face of this form of treatment is different enough low efficiency.

• Steroid rosacea.Usually develops in people over the long-term use of some dermatological diseases, local hormonal ointments.It is treated by steroid form extremely hard.

• konglobatnye rosacea.For this form is characterized by the appearance on the skin of reddened konglobatov - huge globular growths.This situation is most likely to occur after the ingestion of certain drugs, the composition of which contains bromine or iodine.

Rosacea - treatment

Because provoking and aggravating factors of rosacea flow very much, therapeutic methods are also quite diverse.

Local treatment of rosacea

for the topical treatment of rosacea using the following medicines:

- Cream Ovante.Absolutely safe, it gives a good cosmetic effect and can be used for quite a long time.

- Hormonal ointments and creams in rosacea.Despite the rapid achievement of the effect of the application of these funds, recently they are not recommended for use.

- gels and creams containing metronidazole (Metrogil, Rozamet, Rozeks).Under the influence of these drugs partially aligned with the surface of the skin, significantly reduced the number of rash pustular and reduces inflammation.

- Skinoren gel.Perhaps this is the most effective tool in the treatment of rosacea.The main component of the gel acts as azelaic acid, providing podsushivayuschee, decongestant and anti-inflammatory effect.

rosacea antibiotics

in the treatment of this disease the most effective proved effective antibiotics tetracycline (minocycline, doxycycline, tetracycline hydrochloride, oxytetracycline).It has long been successfully used drug metronidazole (Trichopolum), which provides anti-edema effect, as well as enhancing the ability of reducing the stomach lining and intestines.Regarding Demodex mites and a large number of bacteria is quite effective Metronidazole.

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