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Eczema photo Eczema - dermatological diseases of the surface layers of the skin, allergenic nature.Eczema is able to appear at any age and at any place of the skin, but most often on the hands and face.The disease is characterized by a bright red skin with swelling and lots of bubbles. autopsy makes them wet erosion, then they dry and form a crust with flakes.Patients feel a strong burning sensation and itching at the site affected by erosion.The disease in the Greek means "to boil" and this may explain the feature of eczematous bubbles to the opening as bubbles in boiling water.The term eczema is used long ago, but it did the different emerging dermatoses, and only the first half of the XIX century, scientists have deduced the disease in a separate form.

Eczema - Causes

This disease develops due to disorders of the endocrine and nervous system.For chronic eczema characterized by opportunistic infections (sinusitis, tonsillitis), chronic constipation, and disorders associated with metabolism an

d digestive system disorders.In some cases, the eczema develops in place long infected burn or wound, and are the cause of microbes in the wound, which support the inflammatory process.

Addressing a chronic, relapsing disease, eczema develops as a result of the following reasons: an allergic reaction of the organism (food allergy to citrus fruits, fish, eggs, dust allergy, allergic to the paint, is allergic to pollen, allergic to the chemicals) and relatedthese allergic diseases;constant stress, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (gastritis, enterocolitis, cholecystitis, liver disease, parasitic infestation), athlete's foot.In children, eczema often occurs in the case that they have the exudative diathesis.

Eczema - Symptoms

Photos of eczema on his feet

photo of eczema on his legs

Symptoms generally have ostrovospalitelny character caused serous inflammation of the epidermis and dermis.There are the following types of eczema: true, microbial, disgidroticheskuyu, seborrheic, tiloticheskuyu, mycotic and professional.Main place of localization of the disease is focused on the back of the hands and face.Acute period characterized by numerous eruptions.After opening the inflamed bubbles appear small point erosion, which secrete serous fluid.Patients concerned about severe itching and the disease itself is often complicated by secondary infection.

In turn, microbial eczema tends to develop around the venous ulcers, abrasions, infected wounds, fistulas, scratches.

Microbial eczema is characterized by very clearly limited form, as well as peelable layer on the edges.Further, the affected area is covered plate crusts, and after their removal at this point there is weeping surface.Microbial eczema spreads on the back of the hands, shins, at least on the hairy head area.The disease is accompanied by itching.Improper treatment or trauma affected sites can cause secondary allergic rash - allergid or mikrobidov.Secondary lesions can merge, dissemenirovatsya a significant amount of weeping erosive areas, which in turn will lead to microbial transformation into a true eczema.

Seborrheic eczema focuses on the face and spreads to the scalp, interscapular triangle, chest, and often occurs in patients suffering from oily seborrhea.Initially appearing nodules with yellowish-pink shade, covered with greasy scales.Later, knots of plaques appear different in size, of which formed large pockets.

Occupational eczema formed as a result of the defeat of mechanical, chemical or physical stimulus.This eczema can cause gum, nickel, chromium, geraniums, narcissus, procaine, benzylpenicillin, cosmetics.Place of concentration of eczema - is back of the hands, forearms, neck and face.Etiological importance may be radiant energy involved in the formation of the solar eczema.

Mycotic eczema (or fungal) develops in the skin of the feet fungal attack, less hands.Often, on the foot and lower leg are formed annular pockets.

eczema on the hands Photo

photo of eczema on the hands

True eczema .The second title of the true idiopathic eczema.It is characterized by swelling and subsequent ostrovospalitelnaya rash microvesicles - bubbles.Microvesicles quickly opened, and not having to take shape.In their place there are serous wells - point erosion from which oozes a serous exudate, with much weeping surface.Over time, the serous fluid dries and forms a grayish-yellow rind that say about epithelialization.In the course of the disease is clearly emerging stages: erythematous, papulovezikuleznaya, soak, and cortical.True eczema is accompanied by severe itching, insomnia, neurotic disorders.Very rarely, the disease process is limited to one portion, and the true centers of inflammation of eczema, there are no clear boundaries.Getting a true eczema spreads from the face, hands, and so forth across the skin.All rashes symmetrical nature, prone to further spread on the trunk, upper and lower limbs.

With decreasing inflammation, replaced soak education comes flakes, scabs, appearance of flaking.Long term for eczema leads to the fact that on the palms and soles appear callous and crack formation.Often the disease is complicated by pyogenic infection.This is reflected in the appearance of pustules and purulent crusts.Such acute onset of a process over time becomes a chronicle and can last for years.Professional eczema of the true highlights the absence of exacerbations, and the rapid healing of.

Disgidroticheskaya eczema stands concentration of erosion on the palms and soles.Bubbles either opened or dry up, turning into a serous-purulent crusts, or combined into a multi-chamber bubbles.Over time the focus of inflammation extends to brush stopy.Zachastuyu disgidroticheskaya eczema stands trophic nail changes.

Tiloticheskaya mozolevidnaya or eczema affects the palms and soles.However, because the disease is systemic, the rash simultaneously extend across the skin.

Eczema in children

Eczema in children photo

photos eczema in children

cause trouble kid and does not leave indifferent to such a situation, my mother, when the body of her offspring found scaly, red patches.However, before you treat the child need to consult a specialist.Even if the diagnosis is confirmed, remember that eczema in children can be treated effectively.

The cause of eczema in children playing exudative-catarrhal and allergic diathesis, a genetic predisposition, impaired immunity, poor nutrition future moms during pregnancy, artificial feeding infants, morning sickness, disorders of the endocrine system, as well as dysfunction of the liver, pancreas, digestivetract, nervous disorders, immunodeficiency child's body.

diathesis is able to flow in the body of the baby for a long time and without any external manifestations.The first symptoms of infant eczema appears on the cheeks, forehead in the form of red spots, increasing with time, and covering the whole face.Symptoms of eczema spread to the neck, eyelids, wrists, feet and knees.The material is converted into a coarser, captures the vast surface, reddened spots swell and turn into bubbles.Then the bubbles burst, and erosive foci remain.The child feels discomfort and severe itching at sites of inflammation.Worryingly behaves.The affected areas of the skin of the baby get wet and covered with a crust, and then peel.Perhaps joining of infections, and the probability of acute purulent infection increase.

most common types of eczema in children is true, as well as microbial and clinic are very similar to adults.

Eczema in Children - Treatment

treatment of eczema in children

photos eczema in adolescent

First, you need to normalize the baby food to avoid overfeeding, limit consumption of carbohydrates, flour, salt, sweet spices, chocolate.We give preference to products rich in protein, and is boiled meat, cheese, fish.It is recommended to eliminate cow's milk, as the strongest, the alleged allergen.Replace it with yogurt or sour.The period of exacerbation outstay on a dairy diet.Then connect to the diet of beets, potatoes, carrots.Canned products from the diet clean.Carefully select the mixture for artificial feeding kids.

topical treatment of eczema is accompanied by soothing therapy.Hydrocortisone ointment is administered together with valerian, vitamin C, B, and protivodisbakterioznymi means: Lactobacterin and desensitizing agents: Polibiolin, Haemodesum.

When microbial eczema recommended antibiotic ointments: Lorinden, lokakortena-H.

Discomfort relieve itching antihistamines: Tavegil, Zaditen, Peritol and more.

antibacterial dressings, applications with anti-inflammatory effect, a variety of solutions and ointments are also ready to help.However, an ointment used during exacerbation and just.

ointment for eczema in the child: bake shell three walnuts before acquiring a dark color, then pound, mix all with one spoon of cod liver oil and apply to the affected area.

important to a child with eczema do not overheat it, to dress for the season, not swaddled tightly, do not use detergents, but only decoctions of herbs, clothes to wear full, timely shear nails kid in the summer to go with the child on a sea coast.

Eczema - Treatment

How to treat eczema?Important in the treatment of eczema provoking acts to eliminate the causes as well as strictly individual approach.In addition, it is necessary to spare the affected skin by local irritation.Recommended anti-allergic and anti-anxiety drugs, calcium, ascorbic acid.Useful tan in the recovery period, prolonged sleep restriction in water treatment, but in the period of exacerbation is important to avoid contact with household chemicals and direct sunlight.If eczema combined with digestive disorders, the appointed pancreatic enzymes, bile salts, as well as the testimony of desensitizing, soothing, antispasmodic drugs.In combination with other diseases eczema simultaneously treat them as well.

Upon detection of eczema on the hands make a thorough examination of the feet, athlete's foot, and if detected, necessarily or cleaned this place.For normalization and establishment of the nervous system using sedatives and tranquilizers.Well established as a sedative - valerian, motherwort tincture.If necessary, use opiates, electric, hypnotherapy.

needed treatment and anti-inflammatory drugs.Often, a solution of sodium thiosulfate.In the acute period prescribed water treatments once a week.To do this, use the broth succession, starch, potassium permanganate.Then pierce the bubbles and put a compress with Dimexidum one hour or tushiruyut pockets 1% solution of silver nitrate.

acute period of weeping eczema lotions effectively treated, and bandages of binding solutions.Apply lotions furatsilinovoy solution, various inflammatory ointment antibiotics.Effective this method: cabbage leaves, pre-cooked in milk and then mixed with bran.From this mixture do poultices to two times per day.A soak in severe salt-free diet administered to three days.

How to cure a dry eczema?When dry eczema effective drugs tar naphthalan paste.Inside prescribe sedatives, and in severe cases, prescribed hormonal drugs.

Eczema on hands

Treatment of eczema on the hands caused by detergents, includes daily soda baths for 20 minutes (one teaspoon per gallon of water), then rinse your hands in warm olive oil or sunflower.Within half an hour to wash the hands and then wash off.

remedy for eczema

dry eczema on the fingers

photo dry eczema on the fingers

spectrum of anti-inflammatory drugs for eczema is very large: Beloderm, Betamethasone, Betagentam, Akriderm, Betnoveyt, Diprolen, Garazon, Cooter, tselestoderm, Flosteron, Triderm,Dermatolovaya ointment prednisolone ointment Advantan, Dermozolon, Azmakort, triamcinolone, Kenakort, Berlikort, Nazakort, Triakort, Polkortalon, Trikort, fluocinolone atsitponid, ftorokort, Sinalar, Sinoderm, Ezatsion, sinaflana, Fluozor, Flukort, flutsinar solution furatsilina.

Antiallergic drugs include the following drugs: Ketotifen, Broniten, Ketasma, Tavegil, Astafjevs, Zaditen, ketotifen, STAF, Kromoglitsienovaya acid Ifiral, Intal, Klemastil, Cromolyn, Vero loratadine, loratadine, Klarisens, Klaridol, Claritin, Klarotadin, Klarisens, Clarifier, Loratin, Loradin, Lorid, Erolin, Loridin, Chloropyramine, Suprastin, Subrestin, cetirizine, Zyrtec, Citrine.

Eczema - national treatment

has long been the treatment of eczema folk remedies was carried out using these recipes:

- grated raw potatoes, wrapped in gauze, apply to the affected places, both day and night;along with bells and whistles to enter into the diet of grated raw potatoes;

- the lesion eczema lubricate the juice of fresh potatoes, and enter into the diet of potato juice;

- effective application in conjunction of one teaspoon of honey with 0.5 kg of grated potatoes raw potatoes;

- lotions from tar (one tablespoon) mixed with three tablespoons of cod liver oil, and one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar;

- in a cotton cloth put cooked garlic, mixed in equal proportions with honey and put on the affected areas;

- prepare a mixture of 3 heads of garlic, 50 grams of honey and gently rubbed into the skin;

- juice of grated carrots put on eczema;

- do applique from a slurry of fresh cabbage with egg white, which are imposed on the affected places;

- cabbage leaf hold up to two minutes in apple cider vinegar and then applied on the affected area and fix the bandage;

- dried fish scales grind in a coffee grinder until a meal and fish oil are connected to lubricate the skin lesions;

- inside taken twice a day on a tablespoon corn oil, washed down with warm water, diluted apple cider vinegar and honey;so we are treated for a month.

Diet eczema

Eczema on the feet Photo

photo disgidroticheskoy eczema

should be used in foods rich in proteins and fats.Up to 45% of proteins and fats have to be of plant origin.Be sure to treat eczema compliance lacto-vegetarian diet and the exclusion of savory, spicy, smoked, alcohol and citrus.

dietary restrictions Regarding carbohydrate: jam, sugar, salt and fluid intake to 1200 ml.It is necessary to eliminate the irritating drinks, canned food, meats, spices, egg white, chocolate.It prefer boiled, steamed vegetables, steamed.The diet of the patient should include fruits and vegetables in the form of juices, salads.

food consumed must be in small portions, keeping short periods.To identify food allergens consistently exclude from the diet foods.For obese patients effectively arrange fasting days.Chronic eczema is treated with the use of short-term starvation inside magnesium sulphate and alkaline mineral water.

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