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Weeping eczema

weeping eczema

weeping eczema photo weeping eczema is a skin infection, inflammatory disease, manifested externally in the form of bubbles and coarse flakes, while delivering a lot of inconvenience in the form of itching.Eczema brings unpleasant ill, aching sensation, that can cause insomnia, nervousness and fatigue.Weeping eczema is not contagious and does not spread from person to person, but it is very difficult to treat and is subject to exacerbation and remission.The development of this disease is with the release of fluid in the affected areas of the skin.Hence the name is: weeping eczema, but it is the only kind of true, or idiopathic forms.The main symptom of this disease appears the appearance of bubbles on the skin, which then burst, releasing serous substance.

weeping eczema appears on the hands, feet, as well as anywhere on the body.This type of eczema is treated primarily the elimination of external and internal stimuli.It is unacceptable to comb the affected area as this can lead to infection and c

ause additional inflammation.Often weeping eczema goes, I can even say that almost disappears and reappears after a while, and even more amazing skin surface.

weeping eczema - Causes

cause of this exacerbation could serve as a nervous breakdown, fatigue, various violations of adequate operation of the endocrine system, genetic predisposition, metabolic disorders, improper diet.Besides provocateurs may make biological, chemical and physical factors.There is a possibility that the appearance of the disease may be caused by the allergen.Given that the causes of weeping eczema are many, treatment is carried out comprehensively.

weeping eczema - symptoms

First of all, the skin swell, and then the skin turns red;there are small vesicles that spontaneously burst, then in their place there is erosion of wet secretions.The patient becomes restless, nervous, because of a strong, unpleasant itching.The unpredictability of occurrence of wet eczema gives a lot of unpleasant moments, both patients and doctors.Sometimes the disease subsides, and then flares up again over the years, thus affecting even more skin.Causes of recurrence are usually hidden in the nervous breakdowns, fatigue, poor nutrition.

weeping eczema - treatment

important in the treatment of weeping eczema remove all the factors that trigger the disease.We eliminate breakdowns, comply with hypoallergenic diet, take prescribed medications to protect the skin from irritation, remove the substance, contact with which can cause disease.If you want to change their profession.In the treatment of weeping eczema should avoid soap and use only herbal decoctions clover, chamomile and others. After this treatment, you must be sure to dry the skin.

When weeping eczema prescribe thiamine (vitamin B1), which has good impact on the nervous system, enhances the excitatory and inhibitory process weakens the central nervous system.It revealed its antipruritic effect, and the ability to remove the pain.Thiamin is involved in the settlement of metabolism: water, protein, carbohydrate;improving the cardiovascular system, and the digestive system.Patients weeping eczema should not take large amounts of drugs and medical procedures.

weeping Than to treat eczema?During soak cessation are recommended for special pasta.They are diverse and very broad spectrum of action.These pastes include: ihtiolovaya, boron-zinc-Naftalan, zinc-ihtiolovaya, zinc-Naftalan ihtiola Naftalan-zinc-zinc-bismuth-ihtiolovaya, Tar-Naftalan.If there is a need, then the lesion tushiruyut fukortsinom or a solution of silver nitrate.

ointment from weeping eczema

Sometimes during the termination soak effectively apply the ointment with a paste or connect them with oil, oil solution (Retinol karotolina or tocopherol acetate).If the patient has poor tolerance of fat-based, low-fat ointment is prescribed, which is the basis of gelatin, glycerin, casein, agar, starch.Softens the skin, you can still boric ointment, salicylic ointment, cream Lorinden, Castellani liquid, cream containing Ketokonozol, baths with potassium permanganate.

Patients with weeping eczema appointed hyposensitization therapy, which helps to bring the body back to normal, and so it has always maintained.This therapy involves in / injection: calcium chloride, calcium gluconate.

To clean the body is recommended to drink diuretics (diuretics).To recommend immunity immunocorrectors: pentoxy, Timalin, Dekaris, Taktivin.

When weeping eczema on the hands and feet is necessary to eliminate irritants (external and internal), not to make scratching the affected areas, to avoid further infection and inflammation, which greatly complicate treatment.

Locally treated, given the principle of not irritate irritable.Effective lotions necessarily cold, with ice and you can often exchangeable.Their therapeutic effect is based on the cooling effect.Particularly significant property value of the solution is not playing, the temperature is important, otherwise there will be the desired effect.Lotions do so, two parts cotton cloth can gauze folded to 8 layers, and is immersed in the solution with ice.Next one is drained, put on the affected area up to 7 minutes, then apply a second cold lotion.Lotions are involved in a significant vasoconstrictor, the cooling effect that helps relieve itching and inflammation.They are recommended in the face and extremities.The liquid may be added disinfectants, astringents.

To remove itching doctor prescribes antihistamines: diphenhydramine, diazolin, suprastin and so on. It is also recommended to maintain immunity means.In more complicated course of the disease is assigned to physiotherapy.Self-medication to engage with the weeping eczema is not recommended because the doctor prescribes treatment individually.

Treatment weeping eczema folk remedies

Since wet eczema disease is unpredictable and not always to treat the people's money will come in addition to the aid.

1. Making of cucumber brine and lotions applied on the affected skin.

2. 1/3 pine oil combine with 2/3 baby oil or animal fat and grease the affected homes.

3. 1/3 teaspoon of copper sulfate mixed with 100 grams of fat sour cream and put on 30 minutes on the sore spot.

4. Sea buckthorn oil lubricates moist places.

5. Make compresses of slaked lime and vegetable oil at the rate of 1: 1

6. When weeping eczema spread to a larger area of ​​the body, it effectively fight medicinal baths with oils of ylang-ylang, tea tree, geranium, lavender.

7. On summer days when the rays of light give up its heat, sunbathing, but it leaves the skin cover sunflower or thistles.After that, take a cool shower and rub the skin with lemon juice.

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