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rosacea photos Rosacea is a pathology of the sebaceous glands, which are involved in the development of chronic diseases of the digestive system, angiopathy and various neuroendocrine pathology.The second title of rosacea - rosacea.According to statistics, 5% of women, consult a dermatologist or dermotokosmetologu aged 30 to 45 years, diagnosed disease rosacea.

Rosacea - Causes

The development of acne has important race, skin type.So, for example, representatives of the northern peoples, those of Celtic origin and the Irish are more likely exposed to the appearance of rosacea.It is noted that the fair-haired people with light sensitivity type I, II often suffer from rosacea.Aggravating factors may act insolation, excessive overheating or overcooling of the skin, UV solarium, stress, prolonged use of glucocorticoid drugs.

The causes of rosacea may be the wrong facial using aggressive chemicals and harsh scrubs, which in turn will lead to a vascular network, and later rose to acne.

Violations in diet, associated with use of sharp, spicy food, excessive hot, fizzy drinks, alcohol, smoking provoke rosacea, and the presence of established diagnosis complicate the disease itself.

in the development of rosacea important role played by allergic diseases with skin manifestations.

In the presence of follicles demodex mites rosacea symptoms intensified, although the main cause of the disease it is not, but only complicates it.The pathogenesis of rosacea may complicate pathogenic microflora.

Rosacea - Symptoms

period of the disease is accompanied by a sudden rush of heat to the skin.Hot flashes occur after the use of small doses of alcohol, followed by the appearance of facial vascular network.Blush person initially bright, reminiscent of flames has a clear border.The first stage is characterized by persistent erythema of facial skin, increased fat, violation gidroobmena, joining seborrheic dermatitis, as well as the separation of sebum.Further, in addition to persistent redness appear small pustules and papules, then a dense network of telangiectasias in places chin area of ​​the nose wings.Can form dense infiltration and nodes on the central part of the face.

Photo rosacea

photo rosacea

very undulating course of the disease, which is characterized by periods of exacerbation and remission, but with the time interval is reduced remissions and exacerbations themselves are becoming more frequent, and the next recurrence of acne rosacea clinic surpasses the previous one.Ultimately remission terminated, pathogenic microflora can join and come infiltrative stage when the facial skin thickens, it becomes edematous and inflamed.

Sets dermatologist diagnosed with rosacea, and usually it is enough visual inspection.It is an essential diagnostic sign appears on the face of the absence of comedones (blackheads).If necessary, appoint additional research: sowing, bacteriological examination of pustules, which eliminates a staph infection.

treatment of rosacea

first appearance of rosacea often go unnoticed, thanks to cosmetics easily disguised, however, at this stage and effectively treated.How to get rid of rosacea?For the treatment of rosacea prescribers that will strengthen the vessel wall, reduce nervous excitability, reduce the release of adrenaline in the blood.To do this, prescribe injections of nicotinic acid, vitamins A, B, C, washing the face infusion of chamomile and horse chestnut.Advanced stages of rosacea require the use of gels based antibiotics and metronidazolol.These gels have anti-inflammatory effect as well as cooling the affected area of ​​the skin.If the cause of rosacea are not glucocorticosteroid ointments, it is quite effective in treating ointment sinaflana, quickly clean up the inflammatory signs.

How to treat rosacea on?After stopping the inflammatory process, address the underlying causes of the disease: an extensive and extended vascular net.To do this, spend electrocoagulation, photocoagulation and laser coagulation.Gradually, the problem is solved, redundant vessels thrombosing and gradually disappear.Of course, complete recovery does not occur, but the timely complex therapy provides stable remission.If treatment is started promptly, the obvious changes in the skin will not.In complicated forms of rosacea leave behind scars.

treatment of rosacea folk remedies

If you have rosacea in the presence of oily seborrhea, then wash the face once a day.For this procedure using room temperature water with soap or shaving cream soap.Flaky skin is useful to lubricate any milk products.Well proven for washing infusions following: lemon tincture, arnica, cucumber, calendula, Sophora japonica, juice of plantain.If severe skin irritation must be tincture diluted by half with water.When

pronounced redness of face, must be treated with lotions, using the juice, as well as plant extracts.Lotions should be cool or at room temperature.To this impregnated gauze layers (web may be soft) fruit juice or herb broth, then drained and placed on the affected area to 10 minutes.Then change the lotion to the next.The procedure takes an hour in duration.For the treatment plants and use the following benefits: chetyrehlepestnoy cranberry juice, diluted with water;broth burnet drug, decoction of rhizomes madder dye, tincture on vodka Calendula officinalis, chamomile tincture, tincture Sophora japonica, Yarrow herb infusion, infusion of grass succession tripartite.

in remission one of the most effective means is the low concentration of alcohol tincture of propolis.It is recommended after the attenuation of inflammation.The treatment itself is lubricated daily facial brush dipped in tincture.The first month of such procedures do every day, but the next month the next day.Some patients are successfully treated by this method.

Preventing rosacea

all those who are at risk, it is recommended to avoid sun exposure, hypothermia and overheating of the body, carefully observe the regime of work and rest.Restriction applies to certain types of sports: skiing, running.There should be food, with the mandatory inclusion of dairy products and plant food.You can not give preference to a very hot food, spicy dishes, should be excluded from the diet of chocolate, coffee and alcoholic beverages.Particular attention should be given to the establishment of the digestive tract, as well as to eliminate the systematic constipation.Depending on the condition of the skin (oily, dry) should be carried out her departure.Before going out in the summer, use a cream with a factor protecting from ultraviolet radiation.These tips will help patients with stable remission, and those who are at risk.

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