bartholinitis Bartolini - fairly common gynecological disease, which causes inflammation of the Bartholin gland, located in the vestibule, and is responsible for its moisture during sexual arousal


Bartholinitis may be caused by Escherichia coli, streptococcus, gonococcus, staphylococcus, chlamydia, trichomonas and viruses.The disease develops as a result of penetration of bacteria through the hole of the output stream, the vestibule opening to and disposed on the inner surface of the labia minora, directly into the tissue of the prostate.In this regard, the infectious agents most frequently fall into the urethra of the prostate or urethra and vagina with colpitis.Once in the gland, the microorganisms begin to actively proliferate, thereby producing inflammation and often fester gland with abscess formation.Bartolini is one or two-way (usually characteristic of gonorrhea )

symptoms and signs of disease

B. Usually occurs in stages.Initially, infection of the results in a

small seal and mild pain at the base of the labia majora.In the next step, as a result of inflammation of Bartholin's ducts are sealed and the secret that stands gland, accumulates in the duct, thereby forming a Bartholin gland cyst (a little painful small round seal at the base of the labia majora).With further course of the disease, the cyst gradually filled with pus and the infection itself penetrates into the very depths of the prostate, thereby developing an abscess Bartholin's gland (tenderness large rounded education in the thickness of the labia).

main symptoms and signs bartholinitis:

- Availability unknown seals in the thickness of the labia majora, which, depending on the current stage of the disease can be of different sizes.Along the perimeter of the seal is usually observed skin redness

- On palpation of the inflamed area observed bartholinitis 1 painful sensations that are almost not expressed at the beginning of the disease, and are strong enough, if you start the development of an abscess Bartholin gland.Pain is worse while walking and have pulsing character

- With festering cysts at the base of the labia majora seen intensification of pain and increased body temperature

- In the case of an independent autopsy abscess of the Bartholin's gland appears purulent discharge

Since mostThe disease often develops on the background of sexually transmitted diseases, along with symptoms of BV may occur and symptoms of the underlying disease (redness of the vulva, itching, appearance of various vaginal discharge and so forth.).

Chronic B. is sluggish for a regular / periodic separation of a small amount of pus from the Bartholin gland.Pain usually is practically absent, and the body temperature is observed in the normal range


With the development of acute B. patient to be hospitalized.Appointed by bed rest, cold compresses on the affected area of ​​cancer, sulfa drugs or antibiotics rate of seven to ten days, painkillers.In the case of the formation of true or false abscess made its opening and subsequent drainage of the abscess cavity.Treatment of exacerbations of chronic and B. B. adolescent is the same as in the acute process.

Chronic B. (outside the period of exacerbation) shows the use of sitz baths t ° 38-39 ° C with a solution of potassium permanganate (one liter of water is one of Art. Spoon 2% solution of potassium permanganate).Also recommended the passage of physiotherapy as a inductothermy and UHF - therapy.In the case of retention cysts need surgical removal of the affected gland, together with its capsule.

In cases where bartholinitis trichomonas or gonorrhea etiology - held etiotropic treatment

Prevention and forecast

basic in the prevention of this disease is the observance of the rules of sexual health, as well as general hygiene and proper care directly genitals.Required timely and effective treatment of urethritis and vaginitis .Prevention of sexually transmitted diseases can help prevent the development of trichomoniasis and gonorrhea B. etiology.

forecast later in life with timely diagnosis of the disease and the treatment properly is quite favorable.

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