Beli.Types and treatment of cables

whites Beli - unusual in nature or excessive vaginal discharge (thick or thin, sukrovichnye having a certain smell, yellowish - green, milky - white, etc.), Causing a constant feeling of moisture,burning or itching are the most common symptom of various gynecological diseases. normal physiological release unlike cables, not abundant, bright and not cause irritation obol.genital and skin irritation.The amount allocated secretion increases slightly during pregnancy, before menstruation, in the postpartum period and during puberty


most common cause of the cables are the pathogens for which inflamed vaginal mucosa ( colpitis andvaginitis).Also, bleach can occur as a consequence of non-compliance with the rules of personal hygiene of the external genital organs.Abundant discharge may occur due to contact with the bacteria through sexual intercourse, poor hygiene during menstruation, as a result of hypothermia, getting a foreign body in the vagina (uterine

device).Uterine leucorrhoea may occur in tumors of the body of the uterus (polyps, uterine fibroids, cancer of the uterus and so forth.) And may be due to the omission of the vaginal walls, diabetes or flu

Types of cables

Special attentionGynecologist examination of the patient is drawn to the smell and color of vaginal discharge.It is because of this you can correctly identify the cause of their appearance.

copious yellowish - white or yellow, fairly frequent and painful urination, itching and burning in the vagina - the presence symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases .

Light - light green or whitish discharge neobilnye appear during pregnancy, antibiotic treatment or disease diabetes.

abundant gray discharge point to a yeast infection, which is often associated with poor personal hygiene.

Foaming whites reddened and irritated mucous membrane of the external genitalia indicate that inflammation of the vagina caused by Trichomonas.

During menopause vaginal resistance to virus infection is significantly reduced, resulting from - irritation during sexual intercourse vaginal mucous membranes may appear itching, burning sensation, or bleach (sometimes with blood).The presence of blood in the secretions can mean the omission / prolapsed uterus, inflammation of the fallopian tubes, as well as in cases of miscarriage

Treatment cables

First of all, at the first sign of unusual discharge from the vagina - should consult a doctor as an unpleasant odordischarge can be a symptom of a serious disease such as gonorrhea.And in the case of occurrence of purulent or bloody cables can definitely say about genital diseases.It is also necessary to conduct a survey of both sexual partners.Directly from the cables used douching and sitz baths with astringent (infusions of pine branches, oak bark, St. John's wort, rosemary, sage).Also, in addition to treating the underlying disease should be brought back to normal vaginal flora with the help of local antimicrobials (appoint a doctor!), And to exclude from the diet of meats, fatty and fried food, sweets and bakery yeast.

whitish vaginal discharge commonly occur in girls that can be directly linked to various psychological factors (conflicts with peers, erotic fantasies, and so forth.).They are not a symptom of any - any illness, and always pass spontaneously.

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