Colpitis treatment and prevention

Colpitis treatment and prevention

colpitis Colpitis - inflammation of the vaginal mucosa.According to statistics, currently the disease occurs in about 30% of women of childbearing age.Contributing factors of the disease are as follows: failure to comply with the rules of personal hygiene, dysfunction of the ovaries, the common chronic diseases, injury vagina (thermal, chemical or mechanical), diseases of the internal genital organs inflammatory, acute infectious diseases ( measles , scarlet fever, diphtheria, etc.), improper use of antibiotics, as well as the omission of the vaginal walls.Disease-causing microbes (Trichomonas, Mycoplasma, Staphylococcus, Escherichia coli, Streptococcus, gonorrhea, Proteus, etc.) Can also lead to inflammation of the vaginal mucosa



When inflammation of the mucous membrane of the vaginaMost cases develop in parallel vulvitis (inflammation of the external genital organs), in this case we have used the term vulvovaginitis.In cases where bacter

ial vulvovaginitis - vaginal discharge rather scarce;and on the other hand quite abundant (sometimes with blood) in the cases of entering into the vagina - a foreign body.If the girls are beginning to be observed uncharacteristic discharge from the vagina - is an urgent need to address children's gynecologist.


Heaviness in the abdomen, muco - purulent or purulent vaginal discharge is abundant.The intensity of the clinical manifestations depends on the age of the patient, immune status of the organism and of itself of the pathogen.For example: abundant foamy, purulent ( whites ) from the vagina, accompanied by itching and burning of the vulva - indicate Trichomonas colpitis;a white cheesy discharge that accompanies the burning and itching in the vagina - say mycotic (fungal) coleitis.

older women

The disease occurs against the backdrop of age-related changes that are associated with the fading of ovarian function.In old age, vaginal mucosa becomes atrophic, thin, easily injured, and in cases of pyogenic microorganisms instantly getting inflamed.This is known as prussic colpitis or senile.In the case of purulent discharge, especially if they contain specks of blood - an urgent need to address to the gynecologist, because the presence of these symptoms may indicate the presence of a much more serious disease

Treatment and prevention

Treatment should be comprehensiveand administered by a qualified gynecologist.In the first place, it is aimed at eliminating the causes of the occurrence of vaginitis, and includes restorative, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial therapy.It is widely used topical treatment: medicinal baths, vaginal suppositories, douching and washing.

is also necessary to remember that the examination and subsequent treatment must pass two sexual partners.

prevention of vaginitis is in compliance with the general rules of personal hygiene.To prevent vulvovaginal girls should be treated foci of chronic infections, as well as to carry out health-building activities.For women of childbearing age - strict adherence to the rules of sexual hygiene.

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