Kraurosis vulva: Symptoms and Treatment

kraurosis vulva: Symptoms and Treatment

kraurosis vulva kraurosis vulva - a disease characterized by sclerosis of the mucous membranes of the vulva, skin, and progressive atrophy.Quite often, in the propagation process of the vagina.It can be combined with leukoplakia.In most cases, the disease affects women in menopause or post-menopausal.

causes of the disease until the end and did not set, but from studies of patients with kraurosis vulva, it was noted that they are present exchange - endocrine disorders and / or gipoestrogeniya and dysfunction of the ovaries (usually during menopause andmenopause)

flow and symptoms

Sexual intercourse becomes painful, and eventually completely impossible due to the fact that gradually begins to narrow the vaginal opening.There is dryness, itching and severe atrophy of the external genitalia.The consequence of itching are scratches, which are introduced in microorganisms, causing ulceration of the vulva.Painting the surface tissue of the vulva, due to the appearance

of pigmentation becomes uneven.The disease has a chronic course with periodic remissions


treatment on an outpatient basis and is local (vaginal) the application of ointments with corticosteroids and hormonal ointments.In some cases, shows the introduction into the subcutaneous tissue of the vulva 0.5% solution of Novocain also needs vitamin A. elderly women, with the purpose of treatment, intermittent prescribers female hormones.Fairly good results were obtained by using a laser.In severe cases, it shows the impact of cryosurgical or vulvectomy.

Due to the fact that kraurosis vulva is considered a precancerous condition - patients must be constantly observed at the gynecologist and timely manner to carry out biopsy.

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