Menopause.Climacteric syndrome

In most cases, women aged 45 to 55 years of age begins the so-called restructuring of the body, which is primarily manifested appearance of menopause (cessation of menstruation).In menopause ovarian function gradually begin to subside and eventually fade away almost completely (ovaries stop production of sex hormones).Also, a large number of women's body undergoes significant changes in the endocrine glands, blood vessels, heart and central nervous system

symptoms of menopause

For most women, menopause occurs without express frustration, but its course is often complicated enough.This results in dizziness, insomnia, increased blood pressure, mood lability and increased excitability.There vaginal dryness, may cause uterine bleeding, frequent urination, sexual intercourse becomes painful enough.Some women complain of forgetfulness in the time during and after menopause.Epiphenomenon of menopause are hot flashes in the body (flushing), accompanied by sweating

and aggravated at night.Their frequency can be varied from one to thirty or more times per night.

Symptoms of climacteric neurosis include: dizziness, palpitations, irritability.In some cases, it may be complicated by neurosis K. thyroid dysfunction, diabetes and hypertension.In most cases, menopausal phenomena are observed over the past two - three years, then female body again starts to function normally


Mandatory holding restorative measures:

- Hydrotherapy procedures: contrast and hot foot baths, narzanand pine baths, contrast showers.These procedures are best done before bedtime

- Increased physical activity and smoking cessation

also used sedative therapy: drugs valerian trioxazine, meprotan, elenium and so forth. With frequent tides treatment is prescribed vitamin preparations C, B1, B6, PP,which is coupled with an intramuscular injection of 2% novocaine solution in a dosage of 5 ml every other day.In case the menopausal neurosis proceeds severe - shows the introduction of synthetic progestins or hormones.In some cases, doctors recommend different dosage infusions and decoctions.

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