Fibrous mastopathy

fibrous breast

fibrous breast photos fibrous breast - a pathology of fibrocystic character with a large range of cell proliferation in breast tissue and an abnormal ratio of epithelial and connective tissue components.The word "fibrous breast» group called dysplastic processes benign course with the breast health with an increase in its cellular composition of tissues.

fibrous breast breast is nodular and diffuse.By itself, fibrous breast disease is considered benign breast disease, but it should take into account the nature and form, asin some of its forms possible degeneration into malignancy.

fibrocystic breast disease

fibrocystic breast disease is benign.It becomes dangerous when there are elements of the emergence and proliferation of abnormal cells in the tissues.There are different classifications of disease in the breast, but they all boil down to the fact that fibrous breast breast is diffuse (changes affect most of the breast) and units (the formation of large units).When mastitis is diffuse prol

iferation of the glandular, cystic and fibrous tissue.There is also a combination of them, hence the name of fibrocystic breast.

By causal factors of fibrocystic breast include: liver and thyroid related gynecological diseases, abortions, avoidance of breastfeeding, psycho-emotional stress.

fibrocystic breast disease are divided into several forms.Adenosis, wherein the iron component has a predominance is observed mainly in younger women.Clinically, it manifests itself as swelling and breast tenderness in the period before menstruation.After menses clinical manifestations adenosis disappear until the next cycle.This form has the best results of the therapy.One-third of all cases of mastitis is a group of patients with a large number of fibrous components.In this form growth of fibrous tissue is observed on the entire breast.

The prevalence of cystic component is about one-fourth of all patients with mastopathy.In this form of numerous cysts are found in the breast, there is atrophy lobules and ducts extension.Palpation breast determined elastic sealing oval or round shape, which are delimited from the surrounding tissue.When mixed form, which is the most common (half of all patients with mastopathy), found excessive development of glandular lobules, cysts and fibrous tissue growth.

symptomatic manifestations of fibrocystic breast mainly include swelling and painful breast engorgement.It is also a condition called mammalgia.These clinical manifestations can be both periodic and permanent - during the entire cycle.However, recurrence of pain associated with fibrocystic mastopathy to distinguish benign process of breast cancer.Pain in a mastitis can be of different intensity: how recurring discomfort in the chest and pronounced pain, which may occur by contact with clothing.

During palpation of the breast can be detected characteristic tyazhistost and fine grain and coarse lobulation.These symptoms develop both mammary glands, but often a single breast pain more pronounced.Seals may be characterized as education with indistinct borders.

also symptomatic signs of this disease may include discharge from the nipples.They may be white (for a large amount of prolactin) and the bright yellow color (the formation fluid in cyst).If you have a greenish tint, then we can talk about the accession of purulent-inflammatory process and the possibility of an abscess in the breast, mastitis.Discharge from the nipple are in most cases benign, but to prevent the development of cancer, should be performed cytology of such emissions.

process of treatment for fibrocystic breast should begin with a high-quality diagnostics, which includes: history taking, examination of mammalogy, mammography, ultrasound breast (on the fifth day of the cycle), laboratory blood analysis for the study of sex hormone levels.After the diagnosis, it is important to begin treatment with the correction of underlying disease that is the cause of fibrocystic breast.Such diseases include: dysfunction of the ovaries, thyroid and pituitary, hepatitis or cirrhosis of the liver, diseases of the nervous system.

When medication fibrocystic breast prescribe the use of very low doses of potassium iodide.It is used in the form of iodine nets and to restore ovarian function.Admission hepatoprotectors helps to normalize the function of the liver, which is involved in the metabolism of hormones.With a significant swelling of the mammary glands is appointed receiving diuretics plant.The use of vitamins B and E, A, C contributes to the improvement of metabolic processes in the body, including, in the mammary glands.The main trend in drug therapy fibrocystic breast is a hormone system action.These include drugs with antiestrogen activity and progesterone, androgens, prolactin inhibitors and inhibitors of gonadotropic hormones.Formulations are selected only after the determination of the level of sex hormones.

Prevention of fibrocystic breast is: compulsory attendance of mammalogy (once a year to 35 years, every six months until menopause), smoking cessation and long-term use of COCs, with a predominance of nutrition and plant protein foods, avoiding stressful situations.

reasons fibrous mastitis

The main function of the breast as part of the reproductive system, it is considered development of breast milk for feeding the baby.They include: glandular, connective, adipose tissue.Shapes and sizes of breasts determines the ratio of fat, glandular and connective tissues.Each menstrual cycle in the breasts cyclical changes occur, such as those that occur in the uterus.Adjustable this process the female hormones.It is known that the breasts - this "target organ", which also can be easily exposed to a hormone.When a bad ratio of female sex hormones develops tissue proliferation in the mammary gland that provokes the development of fibrous breast mastitis.

known that hormonal influences in the breast parenchyma is exposed.On her when she is not pregnant, have a direct impact prolactin, growth hormone, estrogen and progesterone.During pregnancy on placental parenchyma affect estrogen, prolactin, progesterone, and lactogen.The degree mediated mammary parenchyma sensitive to the effects of glucocorticoid, thyroid hormone and insulin.Stroma breast hormone exposure is exposed to a lesser extent.It may be the development of hyperplasia under the influence of estrogen.Adipose tissue and adipocytes are breast depot androgen, estrogen and progesterone.Adipocytes not synthesize hormones, but their capture from the plasma.Under the action of the aromatase converts androgens to estrone and estradiol.This process intensifies with age, which is also a factor in the development of breast cancer.The appearance of pathological processes in the breast is determined by more active work of the receptor apparatus of the mammary glands.After menopause, this device is gradually losing its function.

reasons leading to the development of a hormonal imbalance in the fibrous mastitis are also: the pathological changes in the adrenal and thyroid tumors and inflammatory diseases of the ovaries and uterus, liver disease, stress, trauma, breast and abortion, the lack of pregnancies up to 35 years, irregular sexual life, iodine deficiency, genetic predisposition, the presence of harmful habits.

special role in the development of breast pathology disgarmonalnoy played liver disease and gynecological diseases.The enzymatic exchange passes liver cells in the process of division, and "clearance" steroid hormones.Complex hepatobiliary pathology are often initiated for the development of long hyperestrogenism, which later becomes chronic.This is due to the delayed recovery of estrogen in the liver.

Symptoms fibrous mastitis

fibrous breast in diffuse form is characterized by multiple nodes in the breast.These units have a different structure.Fibrous mastopathy with high content of iron component is characterized by the proliferation of lobules under the influence of continuous cell division glands lining the alveoli.The fibrous breast disease with a high content of cystic component is characterized by the formation of cysts in the prostate that have denser shell filled with fluid.Mixed version fibrous mastitis is characterized by fibrosis, and cystic adenosis.With the predominance of fibrotic component observed in patients proliferation framework cancer by pathological division between consisting of connective tissue slices.Along with this occurs actively dividing cells lining the breast ducts.Thus there is a restriction, and then complete coverage of the lumen.

Nodal fibrous breast disease characterized by the formation of nodes in the breast.This form is divided into two types: on the cysts (fluid-filled education) and fibroadenomas (benign tumor).

Signs fibrous mastitis characterized by pain and a discharge from the nipple.Pain is the main feature in the fibrous mastitis.A number of women may not submit such a complaint.Discharge from the nipple observed less frequently.Symptoms can appear or amplify before the next menstruation and have a cyclical nature.

When inspection and palpation of the mammary glands are found sealed areas that do not have clear boundaries, as well as education on the type of cyst with an elastic consistency that are distinguished from other areas.Education may be bilateral.Typically an increase in their size eve monthly and decreased size or disappearance after them.

When nodular fibrous mastitis palpable nodes, which, compared with breast cancer are not soldered to the skin.When fibrous mastitis is sometimes found axillary lymphadenitis.It should be noted that the intensity of pain in the form of nodular fibrous mastitis is more pronounced and may even extend to the hand.Colors discharge from the nipple as the disease progresses vary, ranging from clear or milky, ending brown or greenish.

diffuse fibrous breast

diffuse fibrotic disease of the breast is considered among the most common form of breast diseases.The main factor for its development is a hormonal dysfunction.It is a morphological and histological changes in the structure of the mammary glands, which is why an imbalance develops between the connector and epithelial components.Such changes are the qualitative and quantitative composition of the cells indicate the development of the initial stage of diffuse fibrous mastitis.In the breast grow connective tissue structures, which are cords and nodules.Because these changes are damaged slices of breast and begin to form cysts.

main reason for the development of diffuse fibrous mastitis is a hormonal disorder associated with increased production of estrogen and decreased secretion of progesterone.Hereditary factor also has a place, but only if this pathology have been close relatives.Endocrine disorders are formed as a result of mental disorders and the lack of full sexual activity, which is why there are mental disorders with manifestations of neurosis.The latter play an important role in the occurrence of diffuse fibrous breast mastitis.Also, if a middle-aged woman suffering from infertility or simply do not want to have children, it risks in the issue of diffuse fibrous mastitis.Among the other causes of the disease should be noted: the rejection of lactation, the presence of diseases of the digestive tract (hepatitis, pancreatitis, cholecystitis, etc.), diabetes mellitus, hypothyroidism, gynecological diseases, bad habits (alcohol and smoking).

Clinical manifestations of diffuse fibrous mastitis vary throughout the menstrual cycle.A typical complaint of patients is the pain of pulling character in the breasts (mastalgia) that often occurs in the second phase of the menstrual cycle.Sometimes the pain radiates to the shoulder, neck, back, arm or in several areas.In addition to the pain observed breast engorgement due to seal tissue.On palpation revealed granular formation.When pressed on the nipple discharge can detect the type of colostrum.Their volume also changes over the cycle.

Upon the occurrence of menstruation, breast pain gradually subside, seals reduced in size or disappear.If diffuse fibrous breast for a long time, the pain and seals are stored throughout the menstrual cycle.Characteristic with prolonged duration of mastitis is considered pain so intense that even a woman can not wear rough clothes and bras.Over time, patients begin to form irregularities in the psyche, which are accompanied by nervousness, anxiety, restlessness, phobias (especially breast cancer).

often diffuse fibrous breast combined with endometriosis of the uterus, uterine corpus uteri, ovarian cysts and endometrial hyperplasia.Common symptoms include dry and brittle hair, dull skin on the face, increased or decreased weight, headaches, sleep disturbances.

methods of diagnosis of diffuse fibrous mastitis are: mammography, breast ultrasound and pelvic examination doctor mammalogy collection history.During the ultrasound diagnostic breast can detect thickening of the glandular tissue, strengthening ehoplotnosti, duktektaziyu, fibrotic changes in the walls of the ducts.

mammography can detect heterogeneity of tissues tyazhistost dense, patchy start and cystic structures.At discharge from the nipple can spend Ductography with which identified the strain of the milk ducts and cystic formation.In some cases, when there is doubt, shows breast biopsy under ultrasound, MRI, certain specific marker CA 15-3 in the blood serum.

When choosing the treatment of diffuse fibrous mastitis preference is given to conservative methods.The main purpose is hormone replacement therapy.When it appointed gestogeny (Duphaston, Utrozhestan), thyroid hormones, combined oral contraceptives (Lindinet 30, Jeannine, etc.).In addition to hormone therapy shows the assignment of a diet rich in fiber, correction of comorbidities gastrointestinal tract and thyroid gland, physiotherapy, herbal medicine and psychotherapy.

Treatment fibrous mastitis

fibrous mastitis treatment is to conduct a comprehensive diagnosis, which is not a difficult process in finding a breast.When collecting history can be set heredity patients (breast, uterine and ovarian cancer in close relatives).In most cases, contribute to the development of fibrous mastopathy menstrual dysfunction.During the examination of mammary glands mammologists turns symmetrical arrangement, shape and size of the breasts.We estimate the accuracy of their contours, shape and condition of the nipples, color and condition of the skin, especially the areola, extended subcutaneous veins.