mammalgia photo mastodynia - this is quite unpleasant painful feelings in the region of the breast, feeling weighting, flow off.When mastodynia even a slight touch to the chest brings discomfort.Often mammalgia revealed as one of the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, another indicator of the disease can be pregnant, nervous condition, as well as girls move into mature age.But it can also occur due to certain irregularities in the female body.

According to statistics, every woman at least once in life endured this disease.Over 50% of women feel each month at mastodynia signs.It causes psychological and physiological background of fairly significant damage.It may enter into a state of depression, which adversely affects the relationships within the family.

mastodynia reasons

mastodynia divided into two types - non-cyclic and cyclic.

noncyclic mammalgia refers to a number of diseases that are not hormonal disorders and occur during the menstrual period.The cause of this type of disease can

be a variety of inflammatory processes in the breast tumors, connective tissue disorders, intercostal neuralgia.

Cyclic mammalgia linked exclusively to the work of the ovaries and female sex hormones, which affect in any way in the mammary gland.Premenstrual syndrome, also belongs to the category of a cyclic species.

mastodynia Manifestations may appear in the use of hormonal medications such as oral contraceptives.Often, women taking drugs of this type, symptoms of mastodynia the very first dose, it is somewhere in the first three months of use.Later symptoms disappear.Mastodynia often the resulting symptoms of such widespread disease of the breast, how breast.

mastodynia main causes are hormonal disorders in the female body, the violation of menstrual cycle, and disorder of the thyroid gland.The problem is that the work on the level of pituitary hormones is very similar to the work of the thyroid system, they are closely linked.And for these entail consequences which can thus become a cause of mastitis.

Failure of the liver and digestive system can also cause the development of mastodynia.The liver is in charge of many processes in the body, and the exchange of hormones, steroids one of them.If you have questions in the liver and digestive tract - it can lead to poor digestion of substances or, on the contrary, too intense.

Stressful situations and conditions similar to depression, also entail the development mastodynia.If you have problems with the nervous system leads to dislocation of the hypothalamus and the brain in particular.This entails a disorder of the endocrine system (irregularities in the thyroid gland, ovaries and pituitary gland).This whole chain of substandard affect the breast tissue.

termination of pregnancy also often lead to the development mastodynia.Mostly it concerns primary pregnancy.Induced abortion violates the natural processes of the body that are just starting to rebuild in a new way.This is a terrible stress hormone for women's health, it violates many physiological processes, which often leads to serious consequences.Detection of malignant tumors and tumors - one of them.

mastodynia symptoms

mastodynia Symptoms can appear all at once, or separately.

The first thing is to give due attention to - it's a pain.The essential sense of weighting in the breast, a dull aching pain that gets stronger during menstruation.This causes severe pain and constant discomfort.Usually the pain of this nature is localized in the breast, or gives to the shoulder blade.Feeling the pain of mastodynia may be permanent or abate for a while.As a rule, it is connected with the beginning of menstruation.Contrary to the belief that the pain is a major symptom of the disease, and 20% of women do not experience it in the extent to which the rest of the percentage of women experiencing.It all depends on the pain threshold of each woman individually.

On palpation of the breast felt seal, contours and boundaries of which is difficult to follow.

Feels increase and swelling of the lymph nodes in the armpit.Breast tenderness elevated in 10% of women who suffer mastodynia.

significant increase in breast cancer when mastodynia due to the fact that the blood stagnates in the veins, the tissue swells.Due to this process, the breast may be extended by 10-15%.The process of swelling and painful sensations, sensitivity of breast tissue.Mammalgia often caused severe headaches, migraine character.Traced painful sensation in the abdomen, accompanied by dysbiosis, constipation, flatulence, bloating.The patient's condition may be called restless - depressed, easily excitable and crowded fear.As a rule, the first menstrual discharge, these symptoms disappear.

Also in mastodynia may be different kinds of discharge from the nipple.The nature of such selections can range from heavy to moderate, they can be released spontaneously or only when you click on the nipple.Painting secretions can also be different.Discharge may be clear, cloudy, with a green tint, brown and even bloody.For such discharges need to monitor and to emphasize in red and bloody shades and colors.The reddish color of secretions from the breast could threaten serious consequences.However, any discharge from the breast should be a signal to see a doctor.

mastodynia often when you can find a node in the breast.New formation of this type may occur in the presence of nodal mastopathy.It is well noticeable on palpation, its edges clearly marked, the size may vary.Often nodal mastopathy confused with breast cancer.But in order to determine what caused the tumor, a number of diagnostics and analysis.

To identify mastodynia should carefully probe and explore the mammary gland.This should be done after it has passed the menstrual cycle.To understand the cause of the disease, should take a blood test hormone levels.Generally, younger patients are encouraged to be ultrasound, older patients - ultrasound and mammography.If the result is positive, the patient must undergo a biopsy.

mastodynia treatment

Home mastodynia treatment primarily aimed at ending the pain factor in the breast.Often a patient and a physician facing the problem - treat the symptoms mastodynia or try to get to their causes.

women who suffer mastodynia need to categorically refuse to products containing caffeine, because they positively affect the growth of fibrosis.These products include: coffee, cocoa, chocolate, teas, drink "Pepsi" and "Coca-Cola", energy.

should diversify their diet foods that are rich in fiber and vitamins A, C, E, B. refuse food rich in fats and forget about alcohol.Such a diet normalizes the liver and contribute to the excretion of toxins and estrogen.

should be very responsible approach to the choice of bra.It should be the form corresponding to the chest, do not be too loose, and under no circumstances do not squeeze the chest.Women who have large breasts, it is recommended to wear this kind of toilet constantly, except during sleep.

If the patient already knows that mammalgia was caused by premenstrual syndrome, then a few days before it is to start drinking diuretics.For example, special teas with effect freely sold in a pharmacy.Excretion of water will relieve the swelling.It is necessary to abandon the consumption of salt.A lack of magnesium and potassium in the body better fill cereals and broth hips.1 tbsp.spoon berries pour boiling water, leave to infuse.In the day to drink three times - morning, afternoon and evening.It is best to brew it with the night to the morning of the broth was rich useful qualities.To eliminate puffiness also recommended to consume foods rich in vitamin P and C - is a citrus fruit, raspberry and black currant.

women who suffer mastodynia must monitor their state of mind.Stress and psychological distress may have consequences on the flow of the disease and the general condition.For this purpose we use myagkodeystvuyuschie sedatives.To those include Corvalol, Valerian tincture or Leonurus.

mastodynia, which is caused by hormonal failure, treated with special hormones.This series of products, which can include an anti-estrogens, which hinder the passage of estrogen in the breast tissue.The drug of choice is usually FARESTON.The improvements seen after the first month of treatment.FARESTON take 20 mg daily, beginning on the fifth day of the cycle, ending the twenty-fifth.

addition received hormonal oral contraception.The product is individually and only physician.This takes into account the age of the patient, the symptoms, how much hormonal disorder.

To reduce the effect of estrogens on mammary gland can assign agent - medroxyprogesterone acetate.This drug is good that he pronounced progestin quality and almost no androgenic properties.Of course, any hormonal doctor makes the appointment, as the treatment is based on the diagnosis and determine the extent of mastodynia.And that is optimized for one patient may not work for another flatly.

It is very important to prevent hypothermia chest.Equally, as you can not overdo it in direct sunlight.It is better to completely eliminate these factors.Also avoid traumatic situations.At the slightest shock, or damage to the chest to check himself, using palpation and careful inspection.

mastodynia to prevention can be attributed to self-identification of this disease.Monthly worth checking the mammary gland using palpation.This should be done at 5-7 days of the menstrual cycle.It should be upright and begin to probe the breast to the nipple, moving his hand in a circle.If such motion is detected any seal, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

mastodynia easy to medication, which usually gives a favorable forecasts.If mammalgia occurs because tumors, the outcome of treatment depends on the intensity of the therapy and the correct diagnosis.

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