Breast treatment

Mastopatia treatment

treatment of mastitis photo Treatment of mastitis - is the use of different treatment methods to eliminate pathologic processes of nature in the mammary glands.Methods of treatment of mastitis are in the conduct of drug therapy and surgical treatments.With mild forms of mastitis used anti-inflammatory drugs, homeopathic medicines and herbal origin.At moderately severe forms of mastitis, after the survey, have resorted to the appointment of hormonal therapy.And when expressed forms - to a mixed treatment options that include: anti-inflammatory, hormonal therapy and treatment of surgical methods.

fibrous breast treatment

fibrous mastitis treatment involves the use of vitamin-mineral complexes.Vitamin supplements are able to normalize the metabolism and hormonal balance.They promote maturation and proliferation of epithelial cells improving the central nervous system and have an antioxidant effect.Particularly well affect the treatment of fibrotic mastitis vitamins A, E and C.

to suppress excessive growth of tissue in the breasts resort to the appointment of minimal doses of iodine (potassium iodide aqueous solution) throughout the entire cycle before menstruation.The course of treatment is one year.

Some patients fibrous breast disease manifests itself as swelling of hands and feet in the period before menstruation.In this regard, diuretic drugs prescribed for removing excess liquid.Useful salt-free diet is the duration of a week.

nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can alleviate seizures mastalgia.They prescribed a few days before the appearance of pain in the breast.Since long-term treatment NVLS inadmissible because of adverse side effects, the fibrous mastopathy can correct prescribing, improves venous outflow.Sedative drugs are prescribed to patients with psycho-emotional stress.

Treatment fibrous breast mastitis requires sticking to a particular food composition.Recent studies have found a link between caffeine consumption in high quantities and the development of fibrous mastitis to the formation of cysts.

fibrous breast disease also has a certain relationship with chronic constipation for which there is a breach in the composition of the normal intestinal flora, which is characterized by stagnant processes.For example, if constipation occurs the reabsorption of estrogen, which is already extinct in the bile, which increases their blood levels.

known that one of the main causes of mastitis is a fibrous hyperestrogenia.Because treatment should include the use of large amounts of fat from food (raw vegetables, fruits, herbs, fresh juices) and at least two liters of clean water.Liver facilitates utilization of steroid hormones and estrogens, for the minimum necessary to ensure that the load on the liver, excluding fat consumption, smoked foods and alcohol.To support the work of the liver may supplement with B vitamins

Sports have a positive effect on blood circulation in the body, including the breast, thereby eliminating the congestion in the tissues and organs.Choosing a bra is also important in the treatment of fibrotic mastitis, especially for those patients who have had a breast tenderness and mastalgia.Wrong selection of bra or lack of it can lead to deformation of the mammary glands and the development of fibrous mastopathy.The correct bra should not bring discomfort.

Appointment of combined oral contraceptives is justified when there are clinical manifestations of fibrous mastopathy.It is important to take into account when assigning dosage OK.Estradiol they should not exceed 0.03 mg.These drugs include Lindinet 30, Jeannine, etc.The appointment of hormonal drugs should be administered only after a comprehensive examination.To him are: history taking, examination of mammalogy, mammography, breast ultrasound, thermography, cytology discharge from the nipples, breast biopsy, CT and MRI.

treat cystic mastitis

treat cystic mastitis conducted in view of the disease, the functional activity of the ovaries, the severity of proliferative processes.

Effective treatment of mastitis in the cystic form is an integrated approach that includes the use of surgical and conservative methods.

When using the surgical method in the treatment of cystic mastitis in the cyst cavity under the control of an ultrasound probe is inserted puncture needle and aspirate the contents of the cyst.There is a bonding brush that gives her form again.After the operation the contents of the cyst is sent for cytology studies to exclude the presence of atypical cells.Since, in most cases is combined with cystic breast tissue fibrosis, in addition to surgical treatment of hormonal therapy is prescribed.It is also justified by the purpose of such therapy in the presence of numerous small cystic cavities in the breast tissue.

in the treatment of cystic mastitis used derivatives of progesterone (progestin), derivatives of testosterone (androgens), combined contraceptive pills containing estrogen active no more than 0.03 mg, antiprolaktinovye drugs and anti-estrogens.In addition to hormone therapy is prescribed vitamin therapy, and iodine.As with other forms of cystic mastitis at a special role in the treatment given to a diet with reduced carbohydrate and fat.Preference is given to raw vegetables and fruits, fish, meat and whole grains.

The most effective method of treatment of mastitis cystic form is the use of progestin combined oral contraceptives.Progestins can inhibit pituitary gonadotrophic function.They also have an anti-estrogen action in breast tissue.Assign them to the luteal phase of the cycle, which also significantly reduces the clinical manifestations of cystic mastitis as breast engorgement and edema.

Oral contraception is considered the most "harmless" in the treatment of cystic mastitis breast.The duration of the OK every woman for herself establishes itself, but it is necessary once a year to take a break in receiving these drugs for a month.

Treatment of diffuse mastopathy

diffuse mastopathy Treatment involves the use of a conservative therapy, as in diffuse mastopathy pathological process covers almost the entire breast tissue.

process of diffuse mastopathy occur under the action of hormones.The most active are: estrogen, androgen, progesterone and prolactin.Metabolic processes occurring in the body, also influence the hyperplasia of the breast tissue.At the heart of all forms of mastitis are disturbances in hormone levels, which explains the cyclical nature of clinical manifestations in diffuse mastopathy.In most cases, diffuse mastopathy combined with gynecological diseases (hyperplasia and endometrial polyps, endometriosis, uterine corpus uteri and so forth.), For the treatment of mastitis diffuse breast must take place in conjunction with the correction of the background of the disease.

Treatment of diffuse breast mastitis involves the appointment of anti-estrogens, progestogens and some combined oral contraceptives.Tamoxifen and Toremifene can block the receptors in the mammary gland, due to which decreases the biological activity of estrogen, which can not exert influence on the pathological tissue in the breast.Also, anti-estrogens can reduce symptoms of mastalgia, normalize the menstrual cycle and reduce the amount of menstrual blood.But their use is impractical for long because of the risk of endometrial hyperplasia, and, as a consequence, endometrial cancer.

Choosing the right oral contraception in the treatment of diffuse mastopathy can also give good results.After the start of COC use in patients observed inhibition of occurrence of estrogen receptors in the lining of the uterus, removal of the clinical manifestations of diffuse mastopathy, normalization of the menstrual cycle.Progestins can slow the synthesis of estrogen in the breast tissue.

Not so long ago for the treatment of diffuse mastopathy prescribed testosterone derivatives (Norgestel, Dinazol, Linestrinol), but in recent years have proven themselves well progesterone derivatives.The latter have a better gestagenovymi properties and low antiestrogen activity.

Treatment of hormone therapy in diffuse mastopathy should last at least 2 months for the appearance of a positive result from the treatment.In 85% of cases there is a reduction of hyperplasia tissue in the mammary glands.Androgen therapy on the background due to the ability to lower synthesizing gonadotropins.But against the backdrop of androgen therapy often occur unwanted side effects such as excessive hair growth on the body and face, weight gain, changes in voice.When elevated levels of prolactin administered inhibitors of prolactin.

Along with hormonal therapy is a prerequisite for the appointment of vitamins and dieting with a high fiber content.Vitamin K include the appointment of B vitamins, which in addition to beneficial effects on the liver, and positively affect the central nervous system.Vitamins E, C and A have a powerful impact on the hormonal balance of the female body, normalizing menstrual cycle and suppressing the development of abnormal cells in the tissues.

When a diet is important to completely eliminate the use of fatty, smoked and fried food, because consumption of such foods hinders the liver, which leads to poor metabolism of estrogen in it.To improve metabolism, it is important to include in your diet fresh vegetables and fruits, fresh juices and bread from wheat flour.Whole-grain cereals are also a very good addition to this diet.Important meal divided into five parts, and in between them drink at least 1.5-2 liters of water.It should be noted that the maintenance of such a diet would be beneficial for weight loss, and thus the appearance of the woman.Because, increased body weight is a precipitating factor for the development of diseases of the liver, pancreas, blood pressure, and menstrual disorders.

Treatment nodal mastopathy

nodal mastopathy Treatment is surgical removal of the nodes in the breast followed by prevention of their occurrence.When a node is isolated mastitis: fibroadenoma, cyst, intraductal papilloma, leaf-tumor, lipoma, lipogranulemu, angiomu or hamartoma.

use of hormonal therapy is indicated only for the correction of the menstrual cycle, eliminating the clinical symptoms associated gynecological diseases.However, hormone therapy is to assign very carefully and under the supervision of an oncologist, because some types of hormones can trigger the rapid growth of the assembly at the nodal mastopathy.The relationship between the gynecological tumor diseases and nodular mastopathy.

Effective treatment of mastitis in the nodular form is the excision of the pathological site in the breast to the conservation authority.The amount and duration of the operation depends on the type and severity of the pathological process.In the presence of cysts is carried puncture aspiration of their contents, followed by aspiration cytology.Often, such manipulation is carried out as an outpatient, inpatient and conditions of the patient on the same day go home.Apply local anesthesia as a biopsy of breast tissue.After carrying out this procedure relapse cysts is less than 10%.But if after a while the cyst was formed again, then make enucleation education.

treatment of fibroadenomas, lipomas or other similar sites is to carry out a sectoral resection.When it occurs excision of the affected part of the breast.Many women have concerns about the conduct of such a manipulation, because initially resorted to the appointment of homeopathic medicines and herbal medicine.But studies have shown that breast node itself does not take place, and the nodes in the breast do not undergo regression.Because in any case, especially if there is a disputed issue of purity node or there is its rapid growth, carry out sectoral resection.May appoint Mastodion for 6 months, or Stella for 4-6 months.It is also widely used drops or infusion of upland uterus for 6-12 months.Such therapy may slightly alleviate the clinical manifestations of nodal mastopathy (aching, nagging pains in the breast) and restrain the growth of education.

If nodal mastopathy it comes to multiple entities, the mixed nature of education, intraductal papillomas, while resorting to radical resection of the breast.It is performed under general anesthesia, as well as sectoral resection.Only when radical resection removed all the affected units and formations of the mammary gland.The recovery period after radical resection or sectoral range from 14 to 28 days.It includes vitamins purpose, respect of fractional power and high intakes of fruits and vegetables.Fluid intake per day should be less than 2 liters.With mammoplasty can be returned to the previous form of breast six months after surgery.

In order to prevent mastitis node should avoid direct sunlight and going to the sauna or steam bath, use of alcohol and smoking.

drugs for the treatment of mastitis

treatment of mastitis breast cancer often is prescribing.These include primarily hormonal drugs.

Hormone originally aimed at lowering the impact of estrogen on breast tissue, the other its action - Correction of hypothyroidism and disprolaktinemii.

Hormones are divided into several groups.

♦ The first group includes antiestrogens.In order to provide a stimulating effect of estrogen needed to enter into relationship with specific cell receptors.When the relative hyperestrogenism antiestrogens prevent estrogen binds to these receptors, reducing their biological activity.Antiestrogens also block estrogenoretseptory in such tissues, which appear as another target (breast, uterus, ovaries).There is evidence that anti-estrogens (tamoxifen, toremifene) were used from the late 70s.Therapeutic effect of tamoxifen is observed in 75-80% of cases and is shown already after two months from the beginning of reception.Tamoxifen is administered in a dose of 10 mg per day.Some methods of treatment of mastitis are to appoint 20 mg per day Tamoxifen ten days before the expected menstrual period, continue taking for 3 menstrual cycles.

By using this regimen observed elimination of mastalgia in 98% of cases.In addition to the elimination of mastalgia, a stabilization of the menstrual cycle and decrease the monthly blood loss in almost all patients.But a certain number of patients may increase feelings of fullness in the chest and pain in the first week of treatment, due to estrogenic effects of Tamoxifen.In exceptional cases, we have even interrupt treatment due to these side effects, and then they pass quickly enough.Tamoxifen is also used successfully in the treatment at a dosage of 10 mg mastodynia with 5-24 days of the cycle.In the presence of a cancer in the breast, drug tamoxifen significantly reduces the likelihood of developing cancer in the other breast.

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