Painful periods

Painful periods

painful periods photo Painful periods - is a manifestation of pain of varying intensity, which has the appearance of a clear dependence on the timing of the onset of menstruation.Approximately 40-50% of the female, which are of reproductive age , said heavy and painful periods of varying intensity.

Severe algomenoree, up to a full disability, affects about 10% of all women who have had painful periods.Moderately severe pain during menstruation nulliparous young women is considered a normal variant and does not require the appointment of a specific treatment.

Typical manifestations algodismenorei considered a symptom signs, which includes not only painful periods, but also violations of cyclical onset of menstruation and the symptoms that have no connection with the disorders of the genitourinary system (vomiting, severe weakness and disability, dizziness, chair).These symptoms indicate a disorder of the hormonal status of women, and as a result of dysfunction of vital organs and systems of the f

emale body.

Causes painful menstruation

Before you decide on the use of various methods of treatment of painful menstruation, need to reliably establish etiopathogenetic factor, which was the root cause of their appearance, because in some cases, eliminate the cause is sufficient to relieve pain.

Etiopathogenic mechanisms of pain are the same in all forms algomenoree and based on the violation of the trophic myometrium resulting from spasms vessels that feed the uterus.Direct provocateur increased spasm of blood vessels is a process of excessive uterine contractions that occur under the influence of elevated levels of prostaglandins.Under normal conditions, uterine contractions occur constantly, but they are so weak that they do not affect the health of women and do not cause pain.Thus, the pain arises only when an energetic intense contractions.

Painful periods in adolescents are a group of primary algomenoree arising in the first three years from the onset of menses.Painful periods often suffer from asthenic body type girls with emotionally unstable psyche.In some cases, the primary algomenoreya held their own after birth, due to the stretching of the cervix, which is a barrier to blood flow.

Debut primary algodismenorei falls on adolescence and the appearance of painful menstruation due to one of the following etiological factors:

- disorders of functioning of the sympathetic nervous system with concomitant hormonal imbalance sphere (increased levels of norepinephrine and dopamine).Girls suffering from these disorders, there are not only painful periods, and frequent constipation, tachycardia, the peripheral blood circulation upper and lower extremities, sleep disturbances and transient fever during the onset of menstruation;

- malfunction of the parasympathetic nervous system, leading to increased levels of serotonin and manifests itself in the form of algomenoree, decrease heart rate, loose stools, low body temperature, as well as the tendency to allergic reactions;

- Tuberculosis of the genital organs.In children, this pathology manifests itself in the form of congenital malformations, hypoplasia of one or both breasts, salpingoofarita chronic, cyclical disturbances and the onset of menstruation painful menstruation.It is believed that this pathology is dependent on the season, and there are periods of exacerbation in the autumn and spring seasons;

- reduction of magnesium in the body is accompanied not only painful menstruation, but also a tendency to constipation, aching pain in the course of the intestine is not related to food intake, as well as the development of signs of myopia;

- dysplastic abnormalities of connective tissue in 60% of cases are accompanied by painful menstruation.Girls suffering from abnormalities of the connective tissue, have characteristic phenotypic traits in the form of elongated limbs, torso disproportionality, static deformation of the spine and the longitudinal-transverse flatfoot;

- various diseases of psycho-neurological accompanied by distortion of the perception of pain, so the girls with these disorders often complain of painful periods, and organic pathology of the reproductive system, in this case it is not possible to identify;

- knotted mensturalnyh outflow discharge at the existing location or congenital abnormalities of the uterus accompanied by additional forms of painful uterine contractions.

in women after childbirth painful periods are classified as secondary algomenoree and their occurrence is related to the influence of factors that need medical correction.Risk factors for the occurrence of painful menstruation include:

- the formation of adhesions in the pelvic area after infectious and inflammatory diseases of internal genital organs;

- growths in the uterus and appendages (fibroid, polyp).The occurrence of pain caused by violation of the outflow of blood from the uterus because of the volume of education in its cavity;

- signs of endometriosis, manifested in the proliferation of cells of the myometrium other sexual organs.Pain in this situation arises as a result of rejection of the cells at the onset of menses.Characteristic is the long-continued pain, which is observed even after the end of menstruation;

- varicose vein ileofemoralnogo network segment;

- massive scar deformation of the uterus, endometrial cavitary caused numerous surgical interventions and curettage;

- continuous use of intrauterine contraception, as well as in violation of the technical conditions of its establishment;

- ligamentous apparatus uterine rupture during delivery;

- the emergence of symptoms of adenomyosis in which there is the reproduction of endometrial cells and their penetration into the deeper muscle layers of the uterus.

very painful periods

«Very painful periods" are the most common complaint of most women seeking the advice of a gynecologist.Nearly all women of reproductive age have noted that in the early days of the menstrual cycle they are painful periods, which can be regarded as a certain discomfort with the localization of the abdomen.

According to world statistics, the typical attacks algomenoree suffers no more than 10% of women who describe the pain as sporadic intense periodic cramping pain in the lower abdomen or the square directly above the vagina.In addition to lower abdominal pain in 80% of cases in this period there is loose stools and vomiting single, unrelated to eating.In most cases, women with painful periods in the first days of the cycle there is severe headache compressive nature, dizziness, and even short-term disturbance of consciousness.

typical pain in algomenoree is pain aching or cramping in nature in front radiating to the lumbar and in the perianal region, observed on the first day of the menstrual cycle, and gradually decreasing after two days.

characteristic manifestations of women suffering from painful periods, are psycho-emotional disorders, which are manifested in the form of irritability, sleep disorders from sleepiness to insomnia, mood disorders, until the development of depression.All of these disorders do not have a justification, because in this situation, the absence of organic pathology of brain structures and more details psycho-emotional disorders are caused by hormonal changes in the status of women during the onset of menstruation.

Depending on the severity of the manifestations of certain symptoms, there is a common gynecological algodismenorei classification, according to which allocated three degrees of severity of the disease.

♦ Mild algodismenorei characterized by the appearance of short-term moderate pain in the abdomen during the onset of menstruation and the pain syndrome does not cause disorder disability woman.Despite the fact that the pain has expressed no negative impact on health, gynecologists recommend thoroughly examine these women in order to identify its causes and prevention of progression algomenoree.Some women notice that moderately painful periods after delivery cease to disturb them or pain weakens.

♦ Painful periods moderate severity also require determining the root causes of their appearance as women suffering from this disorder need for qualified medical treatment to reduce the pain.The average degree implies the emergence of the woman is not only pain, but also disorders of psycho-emotional background.

♦ Severe painful menstruation in virtually 100% of cases is caused by gross congenital or infectious and inflammatory disorders of the reproductive system.Women with severe algomenoree completely lose the ability to work during the onset of menstruation, as they have the expressed frustration of physical and psycho-emotional health.

also should distinguish between primary algomenoree compensated form, in which there is pain of the same intensity throughout the menstrual period, and decompensated, characterized by a gradual increase in the intensity of pain.In order to prevent decompensation in primary type algomenoree maintenance recommended first pregnancy.

All clinical symptoms observed in a very painful menstruation, can be attributed to a particular syndrome:

- vegetative-vascular syndrome, which manifests itself in the form of dizziness, unmotivated nausea and vomiting, severe compressive headaches, numbness of the upper and lower extremities, andand short-term disturbances of consciousness;

- psycho-emotional syndrome, which is manifested by increased irritability, perversion of taste and olfactory preferences, lack of appetite, and even the development of depressive moods;

- endocrine and metabolic syndrome, which manifests itself unmotivated weakness, itchy skin and pain in the large joints.

sometimes painful periods accompanied by profuse uterine bleeding, and in some cases, on the contrary, women suffer a meager allocation of menstrual blood in the form clots.

particularly painful menstruation, occurring as a result of endometriosis, a pronounced pain syndrome and infectious and inflammatory nature (increase in body temperature to subfebrile level, elevated erythrocyte sedimentation rate, the presence of muco-purulent discharge, regardless of the menstrual cycle).Primary pelvic examination of women with painful periods, which is the cause of endometriosis, allows to suspect this terrible disease, as observed pain in manual examination of the uterus and appendages, as well as a violation of their mobility.

endometriosis localized in the body cavity of the uterus, accompanied not only by severe pain, but also the occurrence of uterine bleeding outside the menstrual cycle.One manifestation of painful menstruation with internal endometriosis is anemic syndrome moderate to severe, accompanied by a pronounced weakness, pale skin, taste perversion.This pathology requires early diagnosis and treatment, since 70% of the endometriosis complicated by the development of infertility caused by obstruction of the fallopian tubes.

Typically, painful periods, even-severe complications are not specific and do not cause long-term health problems and disability.In the long and the absence of timely diagnosis and treatment of the underlying disease, which is the root cause of occurrence algomenoree observed complications of inflammatory nature.

What if painful menstruation

absolute misconception many women suffering algomenoreya, is that this pathology requires only taking pain pills for painful menstruation.It does not hope that the attacks will end painful menstruation after birth.In fact, even the slightest discomfort in the pelvis and abdomen is the basis for a thorough medical examination of women with laboratory and instrumental methods of research.

To the gynecologist was easier to determine the amount of necessary diagnostic and therapeutic measures, a woman suffering from painful periods, must necessarily keep a diary, reflecting all the changes occurring in her body during the menstrual cycle.In addition to regular registration duration of the menstrual cycle, a woman needs to record the duration, profuse menstrual flow, as well as all the symptoms experienced during the onset of menstruation.

Women with painful periods, gynecologists recommend to comply with certain conditions of work and rest, as well as to adjust the power.Among the non-specific measures that can reduce the pain during the onset of menstruation, it should be noted:

- normalization of the work and ensure a good night's sleep of at least 8 hours;

- regular exercise to strengthen the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall;

- correction of eating behavior with a complete rejection of the use of alcoholic beverages, as well as the limitation of high-calorie foods;

- limit stress on the body, as well as the use of soothing techniques psychocorrection behavior;

- obscherasslablyayuschego use of massage with elements of acupuncture;

- use of heat in the warmer area of ​​the lower abdomen for a few bo ttom before the expected onset of menses;

- holding 5-6 sessions electrophoresis with novocaine in the solar plexus to the period of the onset of menstruation.

Alternative medicine also offers a wide range of medicinal products based on herbal ingredients that you can prepare yourself at home.These recipes are effective in combating pain during menstruation: tincture of water pepper (2 tablespoons of chopped leaves boil in 500 ml of water and let stand for two hours, then take 50 ml three times a day regardless of the meal), decoction of horsetail (mixed with 300 ml boiling water 1 tablespoon chopped horsetail and insist 2 hours, then strain and take twice a day for 50 ml).

All of the above methods to combat pain have a right to exist, but women should be aware that algomenoreya not an independent nosological form and this pathology is certainly in need of diagnosis and the application of individual treatment regimens.

key to successful treatment algodismenorei is a comprehensive survey of the patient, implying a pelvic examination of external and internal genitalia, hormonal evaluation, examination of the internal organs of the digestive, urinary system ray imaging techniques, and if necessary, laparoscopic exploration.