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ringworm photo Ringworm is a fungal infection affecting the smooth skin of the trunk, scalp, nails, groin, soles of the feet, skin.For typical cases, the disease manifests itself in the form of a red circle with a marked center.The world around fungus can be found everywhere, but people can get infected tinea or from an infected person or from a cat, a dog or other animal.There is a category of people suffering from the moisture in the groin area, which is predisposed to the disease just because of its particularly sweating.

Ringworm causes

main cause of the disease stands in direct contact with patients or contaminated objects: shoes, bath mats and towels.The main causative agents are various types of Microsporum, Trichophyton and some Epidermophyton.

morphological identification of the main pathogens is very difficult and therefore needs to allocate a pure culture, but in rare cases, damage provoke various kinds of Candida.Most of the agents are very common in nature and, therefore, might be w

idespread infection.

Ringworm often observed in hot humid countries.But if you consider the age groups, it is noticed that the children are more susceptible to infection.Ringworm occurs after direct contact with the lesion.

Ringworm symptoms

From forms of the disease, as well as the location of the lesion of skin ringworm vary in appearance and duration of existence.

Ringworm and symptoms manifested in the defeat of the adjacent tissues.In places lesions appear round, itchy, bright - red, with clearly limited scaly plaques spots, a diameter of 5 cm, which are arranged singly or in groups.

ringworm Pathogens proliferate in the skin and appendages.The disease is not life threatening, but creates a cosmetic problem.

Ringworm of the scalp head inherent mainly children and manifests the appearance of small, as well as increasing spreading papules.At the site of inflammation appear furunkulopodobnye nodes, the hair becomes brittle.

Nail Ringworm develops from the tip of one or more toenails, but at the hands begins much less.

Ringworm Nail leads to thickening, warping and discoloration.Under the nails themselves able to accumulate the mass of dead cells that can eventually lead to the destruction of the nail.

Ringworm of the scalp is characterized by hair loss, peeling of the affected areas, as well as purulent fusion of the hair follicle.

Tinea smooth skin is localized different areas of the skin where there are flat scales dry education or wet formations, which are covered with crusts.Further centers spots are cleaned and give a picture of the classic shape, resembling circles.

Tinea pedis is due plate flaking skin and the appearance of blisters between the toes.In severe cases, the infection can lead to inflammation of the entire foot with signs of severe itching and the appearance of pain when walking.

tinea pedis photo

photo tinea pedis

beard Tinea , and mustache parasite provokes Trichophyton verrucosum.The pathogenesis of the disease is acute, much rarer chronic.Initially appear papules and pustules and lesions appear later, the hair follicles.After infection are formed granulomatous lesions, which are often secondarily infected by bacteria.For the disease characterized by swelling of the infected areas, which are covered with crusts.

Groin ringworm is characterized by pustular eruptions , peeling centers, pyoderma in the legs and genitalia, groin and perineum.The main pathogens are the types of Candida, Trichophyton rubrum, Trichophyton mentagrophytes, Epidermophyton floccosum.

Groin ringworm is accompanied by a ring-shaped rash of reddish, rarely with small bubbles in the groin and inner thighs.Characterized by itchy rashes, and even painful.Often repeated relapses because vitality of fungi.Often groin ringworm is inherent in men, due to wearing tight pants, tight underwear and compression in connection with the scrotum.

Ringworm of the skin characterized by flaking centers, pustular rash, and erythema and pyoderma.The main pathogens are the Trichophyton rubrum, Trichophyton mentagrophytes and Microsporum canis.

Pathogens dermatomycoses

allocate such epidemiologically significant groups of pathogens.Geofilnye dermatophytes, which live in the soil.Infection occurs upon contact with contaminated soil.

zoophilic dermatophytes that live on the skin of pets: dogs, cats, cattle.After stroking the animal is infected.

antropofilnymi dermatophytes, as parasites, transmit an infectious agent after contact with the patient.

infectious agents represent a fragments of hyphae and conidia, which hit the keratin tissue.In frail people in the stratum corneum of the skin, nails, hair, high virulence of dermatophytes.

destroy all pathogens and utilize keratin.The types of pathogens are divided into two groups: endothrix, which sprout from follicles in the skin, and then to the hair, but do not go beyond the boundaries of the hair shaft;ectothrix, which grow from the follicle of the hair in the hair itself.

Ringworm in children occurs due to use of other people's combs, hats, brushes.Children ringworm have a feature dating mostly only in children.As described above, tinea infects children scalp crumbs.Symptoms appear as small spreading papules on the rise.Places covered furunkulopodobnymi nodes inflammation, characterized by brittle hair.Pursuing self-medicate, parents exacerbate the situation, so do not delay, because only with pediatrician dermatologist can help your baby.

ringworm skin photo

photo ringworm skin

Ringworm treatment

Diagnosis of the disease include: external inspection and survey, crop exudate, allergy tests, blood tests, sputum smear microscopy.

pathogens caused ringworm usually amenable to preparations for external use.These include antifungals: ketoconazole ointment, bifonazole, isoconazole, griseofulvin, itraconazole, clotrimazole, miconazole, Natamycin, oxiconazole, naftifine, Sanguirythrine, Fluconazole, Hlornitrofenol, ciclopirox, econazole.To succeed you must adhere to the disappearance of ringworm treatment regimen for two weeks, even after the symptoms of decay.

How else to treat ringworm?Ringworm in humans and successfully treated with oral agents such as Fulvicin.Efficacy is high when there is ringworm of the scalp, smooth skin and nails.Topically in the treatment, a solution of iodine, salicyclic acid ointment with sulfur.

Supportive treatment is aimed at the use of open wet dressings, removing flakes of crusts, loosening the top layer of skin keratolytic agents, which remove layers from the heels and soles.

treat fungal infections should be carried out, of course, only the dermatologist, but circumscribed rashes you can use on their own folk remedies.To do this, mix 20 ml of the juice of ginseng, or the golden mustache, calendula, aloe, with 7 grams of hexamine tablets, 20 mL of glycerol and 50 ml of vinegar.This composition smear the skin for one week, and to prevent recurrence and prevention dermatomycoses treat pockets of once a month.

Groin ringworm treatment

Please use the following regimen inguinal tinea: within seven days should take two tablets (morning-evening) "Irunine" and two tablets (morning-evening), calcium gluconate, and the affected area (morning-evening) process salicylic alcohol, then apply an ointment Triderm.A day to do one injection "TSikloferon" course 10 times.In the treatment wear loose clothing.

addition should adhere to the following rules: bed linen, underwear, be sure to boil and passes the daily treatment in a soap solution, it is desirable, and a daily ironing service.In the acute phase of the strict observance of body hygiene and daily inspection of the family members to identify new lesions.

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