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epidermofitiya1_foto Athlete is a superficial fungal disease that occurs on the skin.The causative agent acts as a fungus of ringworm, which often dwells around the man in the subjects of his articles: carpet, rugs, socks, floor, gloves, towels and so on. Often, people in their daily lives has repeatedly faced with this fungus, but infected, not all, and only ifcertain favorable conditions.These are the heat and humidity.There are two types of athlete: groin, and athlete's foot.These two species are very common and have a number of features.

Athlete groin

Inguinal athlete occurs very often in hot weather in people with excessive sweating or because of infection from an infected person through contact with everyday household items.

Inguinal athlete symptoms

Manifestations jock itch begins quite sharply.Chance of defeat are the large folds of skin located between the hips and groin area and armpits, and a large vertical mezhyagodichnoy fold.By the female symptoms of jock itch symptoms are added to

the crease under the breast.A patient suffering from jock itch small, growing points of dark pink shade, disturbing his severe itching and flaking.Rapidly increasing spots combined with each other, resulting in large areas of destruction.These lesions are symmetrical and occur on both sides.The edges of the formed spots are characterized by elevated and swelling, can be covered with scales or bubbles.

later time in the center of the stain comes out normal skin.Edge change and acquire the severity border.If the disease is run, it will be remission replaced exacerbations, getting chronic.Microscopic examination allows you to accurately set the causative agent.

inguinal athlete photo

photo jock itch

Athlete groin treatment

Antifungal external preparations used to treat jock itch, and household items need to be thoroughly disinfected.Preventive measures include good personal hygiene.Jock itch diagnosed mycologist or a dermatologist.For this purpose, the scraping is taken on fungi and infected planting material on a medium by a Wood's lamp examination conducted infected skin.

How to cure jock itch?Jock itch is treated with an alcoholic solution of iodine aniline dyes, sulfur-salicylic ointment, powder, zinc oxide and talc, tar ointment, boric acid and tannin.

How else to treat jock itch?Vilkinsonovskaya ointment in conjunction with zinc paste and petroleum jelly, or a sulfur-tar ointment helps to cure this fungal disease.When expressed broadly, the presence of inflammation and swelling initially recommended to do from a 0.25% solution of silver nitrate cold lotions, you can still take advantage of acetate of alumina, as well as to connect the injection of calcium chloride, 2% iodine tincture, Lorinden-C and autohemotherapy.Positive effect in the treatment of drug Griseofulvin.

athlete's foot

disease develops in the autumn and spring in gyms, swimming pools, showers, baths.For infection opportunity is the use of common objects hygiene care.The fungus has the ability to penetrate the skin of the foot for excessive sweating, immunodeficiency, the presence of micro-cracks in the skin of feet foodstuff dries out too, squeezing the toes and delay evaporating moisture between the toes.

athlete's foot symptoms

Symptoms of athlete's different forms of the disease.There are squamous, intertriginoznoy, disgidroticheskuyu form.

Squamous form noted slight scaling all the folds between the toes, on the side surfaces of the skin of the foot arch.Often on the sole of the foot blisters appear, and on the skin between the toes cracks.

intertriginoznoy form is characterized by the appearance of cracks between the fourth and fifth toes, sometimes between the third and fourth.Disease susceptible people with closely adjacent toes, wearing tight shoes.The skin between the toes itch and swell.

Disgidroticheskaya form stands fungal infection on the side of the feet, toes, arch.Places lesions are characterized by grouped vesicles, which are able to merge.These blisters are filled with pus, break which leaves behind sores.Nearby, located lymph nodes increase in size, and the pressure on them becomes painful.Affected fever, and general health deteriorated.


photos of athlete's foot

athlete's foot treatment

If the disease manifests itself in the form of light, are appointed antifungals (locally) as well as lotions and bandages.In more severe cases, prescribe a course of antibiotics.

tinea pedis includes athlete's nails, advantageously affects the first and fifth toes due to wearing tight shoes.Symptoms of athlete's nails is not immediately, and only later, during the nail-yellowing, sometimes crumble.Defeat only affects the toenails.Diagnosis involves scraping the affected nail and subsequent crop.

Treatment involves removal of athlete's nails infected nail epilinovym patch assigned daily for a month Griseofulvin 0.25 g four times a day, then a day (dosage is the same), to full regrowth of the nail.

How else to treat athlete?Treatment of athlete includes the following: warm baths potassium permanganate treatment of the lesions with iodine, brilliant green, undetsinovoy ointment, methylene blue p th, nitrofunginom, mikoseptinovoy ointment, desensitizing agents.After treatment required preventive measures to avoid recurrence: regular disinfection of equipment and premises of baths, showers, pools, personal hygiene.Nail Treatment should be under the control of the offices in mycology, and in very severe cases requiring hospitalization.

treatment of athlete's foot is carried out by the method of treatment of acute eczema.For this purpose, appointed fluid Krichevsky, Castellani, carefully, ointments Kanesten, mikoseptin, Mikozolon method detachment of the stratum corneum, which was proposed and Arievich Sheklakovym.

cure athlete, and allergic rashes may desensitizing agents.For this purpose, appointed by the intravenous injection (10% solution of calcium chloride, 30% solution of sodium thiosulfate), diphenhydramine, 0.03 g three times a day, vitamin C. Treatment of athlete's smooth skin is carried out locally.Effective anti-fungal ointment, keratolytic patches, liquid fungicides.In order to reduce the itching and discomfort arising in the field of lesions prescribe antihistamines: Tavegil, Suprastin, Loratadine, Zyrtec.

Treatment folk remedies athlete comprises preparing a solution of soda and salt.The saline solution is as follows: 2 tablespoons of salt placed into ½ liter of hot water and analgesic lotions affected areas.Soda lotions are prepared as follows: a bit of soda is added to water to form a thick paste and then rubbed paste affected sites, giving dry.Then foci of inflammation sprinkled with cornstarch.Remember that self-medication is not a cure, so to facilitate this method the state can be, but no more.A basic treatment you receive, consult a dermatologist.

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