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impetigo photo Impetigo - a skin infection caused by streptococci and staphylococci, rarely in combination with each other.It affects the upper layers of the epidermis.Empyesis appear all over the body, which then turn into scabs to form crusts.We can say that impetigo - a disease of children, affecting mainly in preschool.Children play with toys shared, enjoyed a joint household items.The body of the child is weaker resist infection than adults, which, in turn, can also get the disease under conditions of poor personal hygiene.

infection gets on the patient's body through small cuts, bites, wounds.It propagated at a rapid pace, causing inflammation.On human skin infectious microorganisms always is and they are distributed only in a dirty environment.

In people with psoriasis, eczema and other skin predisposed to the disease, the risk of impetigo is much improved.Children suffering from exudative diathesis, also are at risk of infection.

dangerous diseases lies in negative consequences: diseases

of internal organs.Therefore, at the first symptoms of impetigo need to consult a dermatologist for the survey.If you start treatment on time and adhere to all the recommendations of the attending physician, the scars will disappear without a trace.

Impetigo causes

The causes of the disease impetigo are factors favoring the development of the disease.Such as destruction of the skin in the form of eczema, dermatitis, contact dermatitis, insect bites and scratches.Hypothermia or severe overheating of the skin, lowered immunity, malnutrition, diabetes, the presence of the disease in any of the family members also are the cause of impetigo on the background of the low level of hygiene of life.The use of hormonal ointments for the treatment of other skin diseases creates a fertile ground for the development of ulcers.In the summer and in the autumn rains the probability of infection impetigo is greatly increased.

Impetigo symptoms

The main symptoms of the disease - clearly distinguishable pustular rash of spots that appear when the penetration of infectious microorganisms in microtrauma.A few days later pustular tumors burst.Their contents when dry forms a yellow-brown crust that disappear in 5-7 days.The surface of the skin is exposed in the form of sores that bleed and amenable to injury.

Sores appear anywhere on the skin.It depends on the penetration of the pathogen of impetigo in microtrauma.Basically rash found on the face around the mouth, chin and the upper lip.At the same time the patient is experiencing very painful.It concerned the burning and itching desire to comb the lesion.Very often patients do so.Then the bubbles burst and the contents infects healthy skin.When symptoms of the disease impetigo lymph nodes significantly increased.

several types of impetigo.Despite their similarities, each has its own characteristic differences.When strep impetigo bubble formation with a flat translucent liquid.After falling off peel pink spots remain.Staphylococcal impetigo is characterized by the appearance of small blisters with turbid contents.Then the crust disappears, revealing erosive surface.

Strep impetigo

causative agent of the disease is Streptococcus.Strep impetigo is most common in children and women who have a gentle sensitive skin.Since this type of impetigo is particularly rapid infection (mostly children), it is called contagious impetigo.Red spots appearing on the face, the side surface of the trunk, sometimes extremities, within a few hours turning into bubbles (phlyctenas) size of 2-10 mm.Bubbles slightly above the skin, filled with unclear content of the formation of pus.Along the edges of their rims surround the red.The first eruptions may be solitary or in small groups to emerge, resulting in a ring-shaped (tsirtsinarnoe) impetigo.

After drying in place bubbles are light yellow or brown crust, which subsequently disappear and leave small spots.The disease lasts for 3-4 weeks.When complete cure spots disappear without a trace.

There are several types of strep impetigo: streptococcal cheilitis, lichen, interriginoznaya streptoderma, surface felon, papular sifilopodobnoe impetigo.Children infected from other children, licking toys or hands.Thus, in the corners of the mouth appear bubbles, called binding.The bubbles immediately form a yellowish crust.After removing it formed a bleeding wound.Severe pain does not disturb patients.However, there are cases of impetigo lesions of the oral mucosa.

strep impetigo photo

photo strep impetigo

bullous impetigo

disease makes itself felt when a hemispherical intense bubbles reach a diameter of two centimeters.Inside the bubble is unclear fluid, sometimes mixed with blood.Cover the bubbles thick tires.Bullous impetigo conflicts are mainly located on the back of the hands and legs.The skin around the infected focus swell, increased body temperature, a headache, malaise, increased erythrocyte sedimentation rate levels in the blood.The disease occurs in more severe if the patient suffers from other skin diseases such as eczema or other forms of dermatitis.

bullous impetigo not become chronic and does not depend on heredity.

bullous impetigo photo

photo bullous impetigo

impetigo Ring-Ring-

impetigo - a kind of type of strep impetigo, where the characteristic large grouping conflict.In the center of the bubbles dry up to form crusts, and the edges are new formation in the form of ring-shaped figures.This kind of impetigo affects mainly the lower leg, foot, and the area around the nail plate.In these places there phlyctenas with the initial stage serous secret turns into purulent.

annular impetigo develops when a burr, finger injuries.Through these streptococci wounds penetrate the skin.Phalanges with active movement becomes painful, swollen.The autopsy phlyctenas sore is formed in a ring covering the nail plate, which is sometimes rejected and have to use surgery.When the disease annular impetigo patient feels unwell, his chills and fever.

slotted impetigo

When the disease slit impetigo, which is also called an angular stomatitis, appear superficial linear fissures.They are located in the corners of the mouth, forming binding.Conflicts with the rapidly opened.Outbreak of infection may appear and wings of the nose and around the outside of the eye slit.The disease is accompanied by an unpleasant itching, pain when eating and speaking.To catch impetigo can be slotted through the common household items.Also, the disease is transmitted by kissing.Patients with damaged teeth caries, inflammation of the mucous membrane of eyes, a lack of vitamin B, treatment is carried out for longer.

vulgar impetigo

Skin phlyctenas when vulgar impetigo (strep disease) affect mainly girls and women, and people with kidney disease, liver, cardiovascular system.People with weak immune systems, nervous and prone to mental stress are also at the forefront of disease vulgar impetigo.Most often, the bubbles appear in the neck, head, joints on bends.Conflict is filled with purulent contents.After drying forms a dense crust.Progression of the disease occurs within eight to fifteen days.After the disappearance of crusts, stains quickly pass.

staphylococcal impetigo

staphylococcal impetigo (also called osteofollikulit) is manifested in inflammation of the hair follicle, which is caused by Staphylococcus aureus.On the skin there are numerous pustules, inside filled with thick pus.Small in size, often located on the face, neck, thighs rarely.Then pustule dries, turns to yellow-brown crust and disappears after 3-5 days.Sometimes there is peeling, which later passes unnoticed.

Contribute staphylococcal impetigo minor injuries, dirty skin, decreased immunity, poor nutrition, and other infectious diseases.

staphylococcal impetigo photo

photo staphylococcal impetigo

impetigo in children

impetigo in children manifests itself in the formation of red spots, turning into scabs to form crusts.In the first place, they become visible in the mouth, the nose, behind the ears, at the back of the hand.Conflicts sometimes on the gums, which gives the child a lot of inconvenience and pain.Often children have rashes in the corners of the mouth, the so-called binding.Bubbles burst with a thin skin, forming a slit-like erosion.In its place formed a crust quickly.Long healing wounds in children - the result of the habit of licking the corners of his mouth.Sticks staphylococci and streptococci enter the body of the child through insect bites, abrasions and other skin lesions, contact with other children.This is most true for children attending kindergartens.

Impetigo Treatment

First dermatologist must determine the type of impetigo.Treatment should begin at an early stage of the disease to avoid complications.Basically it appointed outpatient treatment of impetigo.At home, the patient should be all the individual - dishes, bedding, hygiene products.Child sick impetigo, do not need to drive to preschool, do not allow contact with the children, because the infection very quickly transferred to others.

If the disease is not treated, it can last for weeks.If all assigned dermatologist recommendation disease runs in five days, leaving no trace.

views with streptococcal impetigo prescribe penicillin intramuscularly or sulfa drugs.

skin around the affected areas two percent salicylic alcohol wipe.The very same impetigo is treated with an alcoholic solution of brilliant green or pioktanina 5 percent biomitsinovoy ointment and other medication prescribed by a specialist.

conflict bullous impetigo opened and lubricated with aniline dyes and ointments, which include antibiotics, 3-4 times a day.After that you need to cover the wound with a bandage to prevent infection infection healthy skin, or the people around them.

slotted When impetigo is used A two mercury ointment and appointed riboflavin 0.03 grams per day.

treatment is carried out within ten days to complete disappearance of the visible signs of the disease.In no event it is impossible to wash the wound with water.Permission is granted only treatment alcohol solutions of the lesions and the surrounding areas of the skin.

the treatment of impetigo is assigned to a diet excludes flour sugary foods.

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