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Lichen planus

Lichen planus

Lichen planus photo Lichen planus is a multifactorial dermatoses.The disease often affects the inner surface of the ankles, forearms, wrist joint, mucous membranes, and much less likely to infect nails.Frequent eruptions, localized on the scalp, tend to end with the development of scar alopecia.The material is characterized by atrophic changes such as hyperpigmentation and anetodermii.

contagious lichen planus?This question is of interest to many people in contact with patients.The answer: the final causes of lichen planus, certainly not been established, but revealed the factors that trigger the disease, and among them, a weakened immune system and heredity.Therefore, lichen planus is not contagious.

reasons planus

Aggravating factors primarily are the viral infections, immune and neurogenic disorders, diabetes, allergic reactions to medications, trauma of the mouth, gastrointestinal tract disease, and genetic predisposition, and stressful situations in everyday life.

Lichen planus in huma

ns difficult diagnosis and it should always be differentiated from diseases such as the toksikodermiya, papular syphiloderm, amyloid and myxedema lichen, warty and lichenoid tuberculosis of the skin, nodular pruritus, melkouzelkovaya form of sarcoidosis, diffuse and limited neurodermatitis, chromomycosisred chromophytosis, annular granuloma, callus, Bowenoid papulosis, white shingles, toxic melasma, pemphigus, psoriasis, Darier's disease, lichenoid parapsoriasis, Kaposi's sarcoma, flat juvenile wart, brilliant zoster, disease Kyrle, papular acrodermatitis, Fox Fordyce disease,atrophying malignant papulosis, pretibial myxedema, kraurosis vulva.

Symptoms planus

disease in humans takes the form of shiny, red-pink small nodules shaped like polygons with depressions in the center of education.Characterized by rash everywhere, but most often, of course, on the limbs.Sometimes zoster infects the oral mucosa.Favorite place localization planus is the elbow, the forearm, abdomen, axillary part of the thigh, genitals, lower leg, the loin.If there is disease progression, new tumors can appear in the cracks, scratches, bruises and other skin damage.Diameter formations planus reaches over one centimeter.The skin surface is rough and is covered with scales.Over time, plaque turns into color brown or bluish-purple.When disappears rash on the skin places visible pigmented brown.Half diseased has mucosal damage.The risk gets mature patient age from forty to sixty years.The female part of the population is sick much more often than men.

Lichen planus in humans can cause strong unpleasant itching, possibly worsening state of health, the appearance of weakness and lack of appetite.

Lichen planus of the mouth Photo

photo planus oral

forms planus

include the following varieties of lichen: bubble, ring, warty, sclerotherapy, atrophic, pointed.Let us dwell on each form and describe their characteristics.

Bubble form refers to the most rare form of lichen planus, which is characterized by the appearance of small-sized blisters filled with clear liquid, much less with blood.

Symptoms planus bubble shapes appear on the feet and legs.They can occur in the background without cause stains, plaques, pruritus, nodules.

ring shape seen with sprawl, while alive in the middle.Hence the name annular lichen planus, which is able to acquire another form arches, garlands, semicircle.

often can be found lichen planus men.In this case, his favorite place advocate genitals.All of its kind, this form resembles symptoms of syphilitic papules.This in turn provokes the wrong diagnosis and treatment of erroneous ring shape.

Warty form refers to the less common forms of lichen planus, which are inherent to warty growths in the form of red plaques.Places where the acts shin or other body parts.The patient was very concerned about the itching.Treatment of this form quite difficult.

Sclerosing form is an extreme, rare inherently form, manifested in skin atrophy, which can also lead to keloidopodobnym entities, and further to the development of sclerosis.

atrophic especially does not stand out from other forms of lichen planus, but after the disappearance of symptoms occur at the site depriving horny skin tightening.Often these seals are found to bend the limbs.And the characteristic feature of this form of depriving a spot baldness.

pointed shape celebrated the defeat of the hair follicles and the appearance of some sort of spikes, which are characterized by bulging above the skin.Often, in this form of herpes infects the scalp.On his head after healing observed slight depressions, scars.

forms planus, which may be formed on the mucous membrane: Bullous is giperkraticheskaya, exudative giperemichesskaya, erosive and ulcerative.

zoster hand

photo planus on the hands

Lichen planus treatment

only complex methods are effective in the treatment of lichen planus.To this end, sanitize all possible foci of chronic infection, and checked the body on the pathogenetic component, by which is meant the neurotic, metabolic, immunological abnormalities.At an advanced stage of the disease are appointed by antibiotics such as macrolides, tetracyclines, neomycin, of up to two weeks.If the patient expressed neurosis, then the drugs bromine, valerian, nicotinic acid, as well as minor tranquilizers, and vitamins C, B12, B15, B6, A, E.

When manifestations erythroderma appointed small doses of anabolic non-hormonal drugs: Potassium Orotate, Phytinin combination with glucocorticoids (prednisolone, Urbazon, Deksazon).

External treatment planus involves rubbing alcohol and 1% concentration of chloral hydrate with glucocorticoid ointments.

is effective in destroying separate units cryodestruction and rays Bucca.

With the defeat of the mucous membrane rinse recommended 2% p-th soda.

children shown with three years of age staying at the resort with the hydrogen sulfide and radon baths.These resorts are Sernovodsk, Pyatigorsk, Sochi, Tskhaltubo, Kemer.

course of illness is often allowed to safely and man repeated relapse does not occur, but there are also forms of chronic zoster occurring several times a year.

People's treatment of lichen planus

There are many treatments planus, which are used in the home.These include the treatment of sea buckthorn oil, grated beets, Calendula.

1. Make gadgets gauze soaked in sea buckthorn oil, and apply it to the wound site to 60 minutes daily.You can use the technique into the sea buckthorn oil for therapeutic purposes - in the morning on an empty stomach 15 ml dose.

2. Grated beets good as a compress.Grate and put on the infected skin area zamatyvaya bandage.When dry compress replace it with a new one.Applications are repeated until the disappearance of lichen.

3. Calendula is a popular and useful plants used in folk medicine.Effective in treating alcohol tincture of calendula.At the request of, or buy, or prepared as follows: in alcohol (100 g) was added 10 grams of crushed marigold.We insist a few hours and use as a lotion.Possible and this option ointment: calendula, rubbed into powder, mixed with 50 g of Vaseline and insisted.

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