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neurodermatitis photo neyroallergicheskim Neurodermatitis is a skin disease that is characterized by papular lesions that are prone to mergers and disturb an itch.For the first time the term atopic dermatitis mentioned in 1891.The prevalence of the disease is 40% of all skin diseases.In most cases, neurodermatitis can be found on the hands of children.

Neurodermite reasons

Causes of neurodermatitis to date not been identified, although the disease is considered to be varieties of skin allergies (atopic dermatitis and urticaria).Allergenic disease may be caused by the following factors: a pen for stuffing pillows and wool mattresses, food for fish, cosmetics and perfumes, pollen, medicines, pet dander, foods (nuts, honey, citrus fruits, chocolate, dyes, preservatives).Therefore it is important in the treatment of neurodermatitis find the allergen and to avoid contact with him.

following reasons neurodermatitis perform a genetic predisposition to allergenic diseases, negative emotions, physical an

d mental strain, occupational stress, violations of the day, nutrition, metabolism, digestive system diseases, intoxication.

Neurodermatitis symptoms

first time difficult to notice the lesion.And only after a while, they turn red, and there is a rash on the skin.For the disease characterized by the following symptoms: rash, neurotic disorders, itching, redness, flaking.This distribution area is capable of being different and depends on the species of neurodermatitis.

Neurodermite significantly reduces the function of the adrenal glands, and skin while visibly darkens.The patient loses weight, the pressure is reduced, increased fatigue and weakness, apathy increases, decreases gastric acid secretion, and the composition of blood glucose.Neurodermatitis often provokes lymphadenitis (inflammation of the lymph nodes), and degrades the activity of many organs.

Symptoms of neurodermatitis acute in winter, as well as the evening, in the summer as there is an improvement.

Neurodermite on hand brings a lot of trouble because of the moisture and mechanical stress, which leads to a worsening of the disease.

Diagnostics of neurodermatitis include a visual inspection, a sample from the affected area of ​​the skin and blood.

atopic dermatitis on the hands Photo

photo of neurodermatitis on hand

Neurodermite types

neurodermatitis are the following: limited (scattered), diffuse (spilled), hypertrophic, linear, follicular, psoriaziformny, dekalviruyuschy.

Limited neurodermatitis occurs on small areas of the skin.This type of skin manifestations are plaques, consisting of small papules.The skin becomes very dry, rough, and seemed floured.In the evening, the skin changes are accompanied by severe itching, joined by traces of scratching, as well as blood on the scratches.Symptoms limited neurodermatitis localized on the side and back of the neck, in places hamstring and elbow pits in the ground of the anus and the genitals.If such changes can be detected on the skin of a few, it is likely that this is a common atopic dermatitis.Neurodermatitis has a feature to subside during puberty and with age gradually disappear completely.

atopic dermatitis is characterized by rash in large quantities, and the ability to occur at any age.For inflammation of the skin characterized by symmetrical sections, which are located in the neck, face, knee and elbow folds, inner thighs, breasts.The affected areas are endowed with a grayish tinge, combing leads to the formation of thick crusts and nodules.Lesions merge into infiltrated and lihenifitsirovannye skin.Certain parts are flat, small nodules with a brilliant effect.Sometimes there is a short soak in the folds of the skin, which is made worse by scratching.The surface is covered with numerous pockets of excoriations and hemorrhagic crusts.Infection scratching provokes pyoderma, lymphangitis, lymphadenitis.The patient suffers from persistent white dermographism.The face swells, the skin becomes congested, and covered with small scales, facial expression becomes pained look.

atopic dermatitis has features combine with other allergic diseases (asthma, urticaria), much less with cataracts, very rarely with mental disorders.To diffuse neurodermatitis during characterized by chronic, with frequent relapses.The aggravation can be caused by neurogenic effects, and household allergens.Often diffuse process becomes chronic atopic dermatitis and acquires the character of erythroderma.

hypertrophic neurodermatitis characterized manifestation of tumors in the groin area.

Linear neurodermatitis notes itchy strips at the joints of the limbs.

Psoriaziformny neurodermatitis stands located on the head and neck reddened foci compacted, covered with chopped scales.

follicular atopic dermatitis is characterized by genital papules on the scalp.

Dekalviruyuschy neurodermatitis hair appears on parts of the body, followed by hair loss.

Neurodermite children

Skin rashes on the body of the baby cause panic among mothers.Unsightly skin look younger child makes him close, and ashamed of his own body.Unpleasant emotions cause red spots and others.The first finding is necessary to see a doctor and start treatment as there is a likelihood of degenerative changes in the skin and form a seal and joining of infectious diseases.The drug is effective in the treatment of Skin-Cap, which is shown to children with one to two times a day.

atopic dermatitis in children has some peculiarities.Pockets of localization (upper part of the chest, neck, popliteal depression, the elbow, wrist joints area) expanding and moving to lesions around the eyes, mouth, scalp, acquiring the features of the disease - seborrheic dermatitis.In children, atopic dermatitis is significantly subsides to the onset of puberty.

neurodermatitis in a child photo

photo of neurodermatitis in a child on his feet

Neurodermatitis treatment

First you need to restore a proper balance of the endocrine, immune and nervous system.Treatment consists of drug correction effective next-generation drugs, and diet therapy.The difficulty in the treatment of neurodermatitis is complexity.It is necessary to stick to a diet, work and rest, hospital treatment, the timely adoption of antihistamines on the testimony of hormone therapy and mandatory physical therapy.Locally appointed neutral creams and ointments antipruritic effect and absorbing effects.Detected by the doctor individually cause of the disease, it is necessary to begin immediate treatment, as each type of neurodermatitis causes significant discomfort to the patient.

How to cure atopic dermatitis?

diffuse process recommended to treat sedatives connecting psychotherapy.Thrust for the disease being treated corticosteroid hormones.To tidy up the nervous system, prescribed tranquilizers (Librium, Seduxen, elenium) ganglioplegic (chlorpromazine, Nanoofin, hexon, hexamethonium).

To reduce sensitization using antihistamines, which have antipruritic effect: diphenhydramine, Tavegil, Suprastin, Promethazine.Showing in the treatment of vitamins A, B, PP.Methyltestosterone usually prescribed ill elderly.From physical therapy recommended radon and hydrogen sulfide baths, ultraviolet irradiation.

Like anything else to treat atopic dermatitis?Skin Cap will help eliminate skin problems quickly and prevent the development of secondary infection.Skin-cap refers to the outer non-hormonal, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory drugs without the side effects.If the lesions are extensive, it is best to use aerosols for dry skin cream is better, which has a moisturizing effect.Preparation Skin-Cap neurodermatitis designate an adult to two times a day.Also effective ointment "Flutsenar" "lokakortena" "Sinalar" "ftorokort".In secondary infections appoint aniline dyes or ointments "lokakortena-vioform", "Oksikort", "lokakortena H", "Geokorton."

After water treatments dry the skin and in this case it is most acute needs greasing greasy nourishing oils.This helps to olive oil.Similarly effective ointment naftalan, sulfur, tar, ihtiola having keratoplastic effect.Disease prevention will hygiene for adults and children joined another mode of breastfeeding.

Neurodermatitis folk remedies

Traditional methods are the good help in the fight against neurodermatitis.Such as the grass celandine, burdock, calendula, nettle, to help remove the symptoms of neurodermatitis.Before going to bed it is recommended to do the following procedures.

1. Apply tincture of herbs as lotions (peppermint, bark oak, birch leaves, flaxseeds, coriander, tarragon) on the sore spots.After enduring until dry, change compress.These gadgets are good for the treatment of the disease on their hands.Doing the procedure should be to complete disappearance of symptoms of the disease.

2. the salt mixture is used as an ointment on the affected area.To do this in one liter of water was placed a large spoonful of rock salt.In parallel to this 100 g ammonia, 10 g of camphor oil.This mixture was combined with brine, placing in a vessel, closing the lid and shaking well.The resulting ointment is applied to problem areas.

3. Stir the collection of herbs (smoke tree leaves 20 grams, 20 grams of fruits of mountain ash, sage 20 grams, 20 grams of horsetail, 40 grams of oak bark) and the Gulf of three liters of water to boil for ten minutes.The resulting broth is poured into the bathroom for bathing.

4. In some cases, the treatment shown microclysters cleaning.For this purpose, a teaspoon of wormwood with tansy pour 100 ml of boiling water, insist hour and then filtered.Use every other day course of 12 treatments.

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