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Hunger disease


hunger disease Hyperinsulinism (hypoglycemic illness) - endocrine disease characterized by attacks of a significant reduction in blood sugar (hypoglycemia).This not only lowers blood sugar, but also observed a decrease in processing brain tissue glucose.These processes occur because of relative or absolute increase in insulin levels.In most cases, the disease develops in the age range from 25 to 60 years and often is hereditary

causes of hyperinsulinism

Hyperinsulinism distinguish :

- Primary (pancreatic, absolute), which is caused by hyperplasia of the isletsLangerhans adenoma or cancer

- Secondary (vnepankreaticheskim, relative) associated with insufficient production kontrinsulyarnyh hormones or with lesions of the nervous system

The causes may be :

- A significant increase in the number of beta - cells, which are located in the pancreas

- Neoplasms certain areas insulinoma

- Diseases and disorders of the central nervous system

- Insufficient development kontrinsulyar

nyh hormones (adrenaline, glucagon, cortisol)

- develop from connective tissue tumors that are actively processed glucose

- Emerging out of the pancreastumors that produce a substance similar to insulin

Hyperinsulinism is the cause of the disorder proper functioning of the central nervous system


hyperinsulinism attacks in most cases occur after prolonged fasting, or in the morning on an empty stomach.To develop a functional hyperinsulinism causes long carbohydrate starvation.Also the reason of this disease can be mental and emotional distress and shock and physical stress.In women at the onset of clinical signs of the disease can be observed only in the periods before menses.

attack starts with a strong feeling of weakness and hunger, a person begins to sweat profusely.There is a feeling of anxiety and tachycardia, feet and hands there trembling, facial skin noticeably pale.In the body there are feelings of numbness and tingling appears diplopia.Due to the extreme excitement of the psyche, a person capable of committing unmotivated actions.As a result of disorders of innervation of the vocal apparatus is broken it develops disorientation.If the attack time giperinsulizma not arrest a person faints and beating in convulsions in its manifestations are very similar to the attack of epilepsy.Perhaps offensive insulin coma.

In mezhpristupovyh intervals observed disruption of the central nervous system: depression, apathy, sensitivity disorders, loss of efficiency, numbness and tingling of extremities, mental instability, memory impairment.From - the need to regularly eat often enough, patients begin to appear different degrees of obesity


insulinoma, as well as tumors of other organs, provoking hypoglycemia treated only operatively.When hyperinsulinism functional character shown corticosteroids and split meals with limited carbohydrates.Hypoglycemic episodes cropped intravenous administration of 40 - 60 ml of 40% solution of glucose.

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