Prevention and treatment of hemorrhoids

Prevention and treatment of hemorrhoids

Currently hemorrhoids proctology is the most common human disease and its share in the structure of this type of disease comes to forty percent.
Hemorrhoids or as it is called anal fissure - pathological processes developing in the rectum and anus in the form of varicose veins. Due to violations of venous outflow, the blood stagnates in the veins of the rectum, thickens and curdles, which causes the formation of a so-called hemorrhoids are at rest are reduced and fall, and rise and swell in front straining.

Hemorrhoids both men and women is developing quite slowly and gradually becomes chronic, which is periodically exacerbated by acute attacks.The disease in the majority of susceptible men, but unfortunately due to the frivolous attitude to the disease, most patients come to the doctor already having a third or even the fourth stage of the disease

Causes of hemorrhoids

main reason deliverymangreat discomfort of the disease is a congenital disord

er functioning of all vessels of the lower rectum, because of what is happening excess blood flow and, accordingly, its stagnation in the cavernous veins of the rectum, which can be easily expanded by adverse conditions.
also develop hemorrhoids contribute to such triggers as a sedentary lifestyle, constipation , childbirth and pregnancy in the last months, the tumor and pelvic inflammatory disease, excessive eating spicy spicy food and alcohol

Hemorrhoids symptoms

Increasehemorrhoids are always accompanied by their mandatory inflammation, recurrent bleeding occurs in the form of red blood, as well as loss of these units outside of the anal canal.
initial symptoms of hemorrhoids is the appearance of discomfort, heaviness, burning and itching in the groin.Then these symptoms joins sufficiently strong arching pain and swelling of the anus, the body temperature rises and becomes obstructed defecation

Hemorrhoids treatment

For optimal therapeutic effect necessarily requires an integrated and most importantly - an individual approach to each case.
After the traditional conservative treatment of hemorrhoids, which provides only a temporary effect, apply minimally invasive techniques: cryotherapy, sclerotherapy, focus infrared coagulation, ligation of hemorrhoids with special latex rings, and in some cases surgical removal.
But in spite of the large number of methods designed to remove hemorrhoids, not all can guarantee getting rid of this problem.Even radical surgery can not eliminate the main cause of hemorrhoids - the excess blood flow.
Because most people fear going to the doctor, many decide to treat hemorrhoids without leaving home folk remedies.Yes, to cure the disease at home is possible, but only in the very early stages and is under mandatory supervision proctologist


But we should not forget that the prompt and regular preventive maintenance hemorrhoids able to preventthe occurrence of such unpleasant diseases.To prevent the possible emergence of this disease should adhere to the following guidelines:
- It is necessary to adjust the power in the direction of adequate drinking mineral water;
- Avoid heavy lifting and excessive exercise;
- Soft stools and chairs at work and at home Change to hard;
- It is necessary to avoid excessive surge during a bowel movement;
- remain seated no more than three hours at a time, after getting up and doing a warm-up;
- sure after defecation wash with cold water.
In conclusion, I want to add that self-diagnose, let alone completely cure hemorrhoids - is impossible.The sooner will be correctly diagnosed, the easier and much less painful treatment will be.

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