Prostatitis treatment and causes of

Prostatitis treatment and causes of

prostatitis Contrary to popular belief that the prostate - is a pressing problem for most older people, the disease can occur even in seventeen young men, once they finally formed the prostate gland.However, most of prostatitis sick man perhaps most of reproductive age from twenty to forty years

prostatitis - an inflammation of the prostate gland, usually infectious nature (caused by tuberculosis, gonorrhea, streptococcal, staphylococcal infection, Trichomonas, etc.), Accompanied by palpitations painful enoughurination, and often urinary retention.Prostatitis is divided into acute and chronic.But it is a chronic diagnosed in about 73% of men suffering from inflammation of the urinary organs.It should be noted that the treatment of this type of prostatitis is very difficult and time consuming

Symptoms of prostatitis

Acute prostatitis is characterized by the appearance of a burning sensation in the urethra, fever, possible admixture of pus in the urine.Chronic p

rostatitis is often the result of acute and characterized by a dull pain in the lumbar - sacral region and perineum, frequent urination, sexual dysfunction and general malaise


- often enough hypothermia.
- Transferred urological (urethritis, cystitis etc.) and venereal ( chlamydia, gonorrhea , syphilis, trichomoniasis, etc.) of the disease.
- Abuse sauna.
- Chronic inflammatory diseases.
- Incorrect malnutrition.
- Abstinence, or on the contrary excessive sexual activity.
- Violation of salt metabolism.
- Alcohol abuse, smoking, chronic stress, lack of sleep, excessive exercise.
- Vibration crotch and shake from such categories like - motorcyclists, cyclists and drivers

Prostatitis treatment

This urologic disease is very insidious, since in most cases the initial phases of the disease are asymptomatic, resultingto the emergence of advanced forms of prostatitis.
Treatment of prostatitis compulsorily is complex and includes activities such as physical therapy, prostate massage, antibacterial therapy, immunocorrecting therapy and mandatory correction of lifestyle.To achieve the desired result in any case can not be ignored by any of these methods.

In conclusion of the above, I want to add:
In most cases, the prognosis of acute prostatitis rather favorable, but if there was belatedly held antibacterial therapy is appointed or inadequate treatment - is very likely that prostate spill over into the chronic stage.Unfortunately, not in all cases there is a possibility of full recovery, but completely eliminate the symptoms of the disease and cause long-lasting stable remission is possible.The duration of this period will depend entirely on the patient.And if he will follow all recommendations of your doctor, then with high probability it can be argued that such a boring unpleasant symptoms go away for life.

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