Types and treatment of kidney diseases

Types and treatment of kidney diseases

Kidney diseases - diseases that are directly related to various pathological changes in nature, occurred in the organs of the urogenital system.The most common inflammatory diseases of the kidney: tuberculosis kidney pyonephrosis, pyelonephritis . And the most serious and frequent complications occurred against the background of these diseases - a chronic and acute renal failure and urosepsis.
When kidney disease disrupts the function selection, which is expressed primarily in changing the composition and quantity of urine.In violation of the proper functioning of kidneys derived from the human body substances necessary for life, while still harmful.In consequence, there are chronic glomerulonephritis, oxaluria, chronic pyelonephritis, urinary tract infection, chronic renal failure, urolithiasis , cystinuria.
Chronic renal failure is most often found as a result of prolonged renal disease, or other diseases (glomerulonephritis, gout or diabetes ).
Acute renal failure their symptoms very similar to poisoning by poison, the amount of urine dramatically decreases, blood pressure drops almost to the limit.In this case, no emergency resuscitation can occur death

signs of disease

total clinical picture of renal diseases:
- Fall health and fatigue
- loss of appetite, lethargy and sleepiness
- inflammation of the mouth
- Frequent urinationwhen a large number of urine
- Nausea and vomiting
- Constipation , alternating with diarrhea
also may cause endocrine disorders - menstrual disorders, impotence and so on.

The most common kidney disease

renal cysts

is a benign tumor in the form of a spherical cavity filled with fluid.In this case it is sufficient to effectively apply treatment by percutaneous puncture method when the evacuation of the cavity and the contents injected special sticking agent.However, this method of treatment can not protect against relapses and more - can be punctured, not all types of kidney cysts.


Perhaps this is one of the most common kidney disease.In this disease as a result of the inflammatory process affects the renal pelvis and renal tubule system, and as the disease affects the glomeruli of the kidneys and blood vessels.


manifested urinary excretion of oxalate - oxalic acid salts, with obvious symptoms of metabolic


treatment of kidney disease begins primarily with diet.Particular attention should be paid to the amount of protein consumed in the diet.In the case of neglected diseases rather the amount in the daily diet should not exceed twenty grams (but not more than four weeks!).It is also necessary to limit the use of potassium.Treatment of kidney
in any case does not imply a mandatory surgery, until the complete removal of the patient's body, followed by a transfer (as many think).In inflammatory renal diseases often prescribe certain antibiotics, depending on the type of bacteria caused by the particular disease.

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