Endocrine diseases

Addison's disease treatment

Addison's disease treatment

Addison's disease or as it is called by another Bronze disease - is a rare endocrine diseases involving chronic insufficiency of the adrenal cortex, which is due to their double defeat.The vast majority of reported cases of Addison's disease - the cause of the disease is attacked by its own immune system (autoimmune process). Although not ruled out other causes contributing to the development of this disease


- autoimmune lesions of the adrenal cortex
- Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
- adrenoleukodystrophy
- As a consequence of long-term hormone therapy
- Tuberculosis adrenal
- Amyloidosis
- Removing adrenal
- adrenal hemorrhage
- Syphilis
- Fungal infections (coccidioidomycosis, histoplasmosis and blastomycosis)
- Sarcoidosis


main symptoms :
- lowers blood pressureand there is muscle weakness
- comes depression, and there is a gradual loss of weight
Secondary symptoms :
- There are changes on the skin (areas

of hyperpigmentation - dark areas on closed and open parts of the body)
- patient begins to consume large amounts of salt
- In children, there is a decrease in blood glucose levels
- In women, there is a violation or a complete cessation of the menstrual cycle

In some cases, the patient may be a swallowing disorder, and heart palpitations.Due to the metabolic calcium can seizures.People with Addison's disease can not tolerate sunlight.
Also, sometimes there are cases when the symptoms of the disease appear suddenly Bronze, thereby provoking a crisis.These crises are quite dangerous, especially if they are provoked by injury or other disease
Symptoms crisis :
- The sharp drop in blood pressure
- There is a sudden pain in the abdomen and lower extremities
- Strong diarrhea and vomiting
- In some cases there is loss of consciousness
In the case of adrenal crisis patient in the shortest time necessary qualified medical assistance, otherwise people may die.
For error-free diagnosis of Addison's disease, the presence of the above symptoms the person is taken blood biochemical analysis


primarily for the treatment of this disease is assigned to hormone replacement therapy for the hormones that the body can notto produce their own.In case of lack of cortisol - appointed tableted hydrocortisone 1-2 times a day.When reduced aldosterone - appointed tableted mineralkortikoidny hormone (Florinef) 1 times a day.Upon receipt of this hormone it is recommended to increase the use of salt.Dosage is selected purely individual.
During the course of adrenal crisis, a significant drop in blood pressure and blood glucose, elevated blood potassium could seriously threaten the patient's life.When adrenal Stroke intravenous hydrocortisone + dextrose (sugar) + saline (salt water).After that, in most cases, there is a dramatic improvement.

prognosis of Addison's disease is quite favorable.With timely and adequate quality of the therapy - life expectancy with the disease is close to the average.

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