Peyronie's disease treatment

Peyronie's disease treatment

Peyronie's disease (Fibroplastic induration of the penis) - it is a benign disease, leading to the widening in the wall of the cavernous bodies and the protein shell of the penis connective tissue, so that is its deformationand there is pain during erection. Peyronie's disease most commonly occurs in men aged 40-60 years.The causes of this disease are still not fully defined.
Today known are the causes of Peyronie's disease:
- Minor injuries penis
- Inflammatory diseases of the urethra ( gonorrhea and so forth.)
- Endocrine disorders
- Lack of vitamins in the body
- Fractures of the penis
-Some diseases urethra
- Violation of immune processes
During the course of Peyronie's disease, in a protein shell kavenoznyh bodies form dense plaques that lead to curvature of the penis, painful erections.This reduces the elasticity of the penis, which further leads to sexual frustration, which develops into a deep psychological trauma


- penile curvature
- Erectile Dysfunction
- The presence of a palpable plaque
Thanks quite characteristic signs, the diagnosis ofthe disease is simple.However, for more precise diagnosis, in some cases, a radiography or biopsy (laboratory studies of tissue) in order to distinguish Peyronie's disease from diseases of the urethra inflammatory


Treatment of the disease is carried out only in caseswhen the patient will deteriorate the quality of sexual activity (about 50%).However, if the curvature of the penis is quite small and does not interfere with normal sexual life - the treatment is not required.
Treatment of Peyronie's disease can be conservative and surgical.

Conservative treatment of Peyronie's disease
This type of treatment includes tools can accelerate the metabolism and lead to the resorption of connective tissue - it's the hormones, vitamins and biostimulants.For immediate impact on lesion apply various physical therapy techniques (diadynamic currents, paraffin baths, laser therapy, ultrasound, iontophoresis in combination with absorbable means).In place of proliferation of connective tissue used injections of corticosteroid hormones.Simultaneously with these procedures necessarily apply psychotherapeutic treatment (the mental state of a man greatly affects his sexual function).
conservative treatment duration of at least one year, and if at the end of this time, the positive effect was not observed, the patient should surgery.

Surgical treatment of Peyronie's disease
During surgery a partial excision of the scar tissue.Corrected deformity of the penis in patients maintain normal sexual function, and in patients with erectile dysfunction is carried falloprotezirovanie.

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