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Meniere's disease symptoms and treatment

Meniere's disease symptoms and treatment

Meniere's disease - a disease of the inner ear noninflammatory nature, which is manifested by dizziness and hearing impaired.
the disease first described in 1861 by French physician Prosper Meniere otologist.He did this so precisely and in detail, which to this day is nothing more unique to the symptoms of the disease, scientists have not identified. Age people amazes Meniere's disease ranges from seventeen to seventy-two years old, but the main period of the occurrence of this disease is considered to be from thirty to fifty years.In childhood and adolescence, the disease develops very rarely


This disease is characterized are the three symptoms:
- The emergence of tinnitus, which is greatly enhanced by front storm reaches its peak during the attack and practically disappears after attack.
- Significant hearing loss (more common one-way).There have been constant fluctuations in the severity of hearing - from the very sharp deteriorati

on to sudden improvement.As the hearing of the disease may continue to get worse until the development of deafness.
- Intermittent attacks of vertigo, accompanied by balance disorder (the patient is not in a position not only to walk or stand, and sit).Seizures are accompanied by sweating, significant fluctuations in blood pressure, nausea, vomiting and pallor of the skin.
dizzy spells start for no apparent reason, sometimes even during sleep, but more often they are associated with negative emotions, physical or mental strain, under the influence of odors or harsh sounds.
incidence of seizures ranges from several times a week to once in several years.Duration also vary and can be from several minutes to several days (although typically they are two to eight hours).
After an attack for a long enough period of time (sometimes up to two days) of patients have a reduced capacity for work and general weakness.After this period, the general condition is completely back to normal, and patients feel well enough until the next attack


Unfortunately today Meniere's disease falls under the category of incurable diseases.The current treatment is aimed at relieving symptoms and reducing the overall number of attacks, however, completely stop the development of hearing loss, it can not.
In the acute phase of an attack is necessary to give the patient a comfortable position (put to bed) to mitigate the severity of vestibular disorders.It is necessary to fully protect it from sudden sounds and bright light.Cervical - occipital region applied mustard plasters, and legs to put a hot water bottle.Intramuscularly injected 1 ml of 2.5% solution of chlorpromazine or 2 ml of 2.5% solution pipolfen and intravenously - 20ml 40% glucose.Also, for quick relief of an attack is administered novocaine solution and platifillin (so-called meatotimpanalnaya blockade).In the interictal period
patient compulsorily appointed light diet, which includes limiting salty and spicy food, and reducing the amount of fluid intake.It is also necessary to completely eliminate the use of alcohol and coffee, smoking, swimming in deep waters, and prolonged exposure to the sun.If possible, avoid stressful situations.
quite good results are obtained by a specially designed complex consisting of different types of acupuncture and physiotherapy.

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