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otomycosis otomycosis - fungal infection of the auditory meatus, and in some cases, the eardrum.In most cases, documented etiologic cause is Candida yeast fungi.The disease develops as a result of injury to the external auditory canal of - the weakening of the immune defense (lowered immunity can be caused by the presence of some - any diseases or taking antibiotics), and endocrine disorders, allergic reactions, poor personal hygiene or when visiting a swimming pool.Also contributing to the development of otomycosis factors include high humidity environment, the absence of direct sunlight and the presence of the patient purulent otitis media.

In addition, the external auditory canal, for the normal life of mushrooms, there are a number of fairly favorable factors: free access of air (provides the necessary food fungi carbon dioxide and oxygen), high humidity, the complete absence of direct sunlight (significantly hinder the development of fungi) and favorable temperature conditions

Symptoms otomycosis

a headache from the affected ear, itching and a feeling of stuffiness in the ear canal, the noise in the ear, fever.The skin of the ear canal and the ear becomes higher sensitivity.Sometimes there may be suppuration

Diagnostics otomycosis

At otoscopy identified a number of signs indicating otomycosis: there is redness and swelling of the skin of the outer ear canal, as well as inflammatory infiltration.As a result of the inflammatory process, the majority of patients the eardrum has a reddish color (sometimes it varies hole).

In exceptional cases, the pathological process extends beyond the area of ​​the external auditory canal and the outer ear - hitting the skin face or neck

Treatment otomycosis

Treatment of the disease is selected purely individual and based on the clinical picture of the general condition and formfungal infections.

The complex treatment includes:

- Mandatory thorough toilet of the ear, based on the recommendations of the attending physician

- Local treatment with tannin in glycerol, hinozola, resorcinol, etc.

- The use of triazole compounds flyukonazolovogo,ketonazolovogo and intrakonazolovogo number

- For korrigirovaniya immune status used vobenzim, lipoic acid, limontar, pantothenic acid and vitamin B

- To restore the gut microbiota used bifidumbakterin, Atsipol, laktobakterin, baktisubtil, Proteaceae phage Linex, hilak forte and primatofilyus.

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