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aerosinusitis aerosinusitis - inflammatory manifestation in the paranasal sinuses, which are due to differences in barometric pressure.The most commonly observed in people at work in caissons, pilots (sometimes the passengers) and experimenters in pressure chambers. aerosinusitis occurs when broken cross pin passes paranasal sinuses (in patients with hypertrophic rhinitis, allergic rhinitis, a deviated septum, etc.).The most common inflammatory process occurs in the frontal sinuses (much less common in maxillary)

Symptoms aerosinusita : there is a sharp pain, and there pronounced feeling of heaviness and pressure in the area of ​​the affected sinus, nasal breathing is disturbed.

Diagnosis is based on common clinical, radiological and instrumental studies.On radiographs there is a significant darkening of the cavity (in some cases it can be seen in the presence of liquid)

Treatment aerosinusita primarily aimed at restoring normal nasal breathing.For this purpose, applied instillation or

spraying nasal vasoconstrictor drugs (2% solution ephedrine, etc.) And analgesic drugs.If there is an anatomical narrowing - the correction of outlet openings of the sinuses.

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