fluorosis Fluorosis - a disease that develops as a result of prolonged excessive intakes of fluorine compounds.Fluorosis is divided into two types: the professional and endemic.Professional F. occurs in people working in a high content in the ambient air fluoride (aluminum industry and so forth.).Endemic F. occurs in certain geographic areas where there is due to the use of fluoride-rich drinking water


in accordance with generally accepted sanitary standards, the maximum allowable concentration of fluorine in water can not exceed 1.5 mg / l.From excessive amounts of fluoride entering the body, most commonly affects children between tabs of bones and teeth.Even if the fluorine content increased slightly, there has been a sharp increase in the number of kids who get fluorosis.The critical level of fluoride in water for adults is 6 mg / l.At this concentration, it is possible the development of pathological changes in tooth enamel and bone tissue has formed


Endemic fluorosis is most often seen typical lesions of molar teeth in children.Depending on the extent of damage, erosion of the teeth appear, brown or white spots, as well as fast abrasion and increased fragility of the enamel.If the concentration of fluoride in water is greater than 6 - 10 mg / l in children may develop early forms of bone disease.

Professional fluorosis usually appears skeletal disease (reduced mobility of joints, pain in the joints and bones).In the most severe cases are possible liver dysfunction, autonomic nervous system, muscle weakness.Spotting enamel in most cases, absent.

Diagnosing fluorosis does not cause any problems.The basis of diagnosis make enough specific clinical signs of the disease.In addition, it takes into account the geographical location of the patient


Treatment professional fluorosis conducted compounds of magnesium and calcium, vitamins A, B, C, P, salts of pyruvic and lactic acids.The positive effect is given radon, hydrogen sulfide and coniferous baths.Also, it is absolutely necessary to remove the sick person from the source of increased danger (harmful production).

specific treatment of endemic fluorosis is not currently developed.The main treatment is aimed at eliminating the defects appeared cosmetic teeth (whitening treatments, layering the removal of tooth enamel, porcelain veneers setting) and on the prevention of further excess of fluoride in the body.

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