alveolitis alveolitis - inflammation that developed into a well of the jaw as a result of infection after a traumatic tooth extraction.This frequently observed damage to both the hole and the crushing of the gums surrounding it.Also, this inflammatory process may develop as a result of violations of post-operative mode (too active mouthwash, washed the blood clot from the well and microbes penetrate freely into it, cause inflammation).The complete absence of, or improperly conducted oral hygiene, as well as getting food into the hole, also contribute to the development of alveolitis.

inflammatory disease of the walls of the alveoli (alveolitis) can be the result of both the impact on the walls of the alveoli penetrating in breathing various infectious agents, toxins, allergens and dust, and the manifestation of the pathological processes of a systemic nature (a weakened immune system, connective tissue disease, and so forth.)

Symptoms alveolitis

In most cases, the disease manifests itse

lf in the second - the third day after surgery and spent manifested in the appearance of sufficiently strong pain in the area of ​​extraction sites and an increase in total body temperature to 37,5-38,5ºS.Then the pain begin to grow, spreading the neighboring department head appears halitosis, become painful, and increased submandibular lymph nodes.

Prolonged during alveolitis can develop deep changes in the structure of the lung tissue, with subsequent degeneration and increase of symptoms of severe respiratory failure.In addition, the alveoli may cause osteomyelitis wells , which greatly lengthen the duration of the flow of the disease, and during the rehabilitation of the patient


Treatment of alveolitis is scraping the wells, processing peroxide solutionhydrogen and proteolytic enzymes and subsequent drainage.Quite often have to resort to re-curettage.Because of drugs prescribed Amidopyrine and analgin, shown holding physiotherapy.

When the above symptoms, prior treatment to the doctor (at home), you need to carry out very frequent mouthwash p-rum drinking soda (0.5 tsp. Per 200 ml of water) or warm 3% p-rum hydrogen peroxide, andshows taking pain medications.

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