Leukoplakia leukoplakia (leykoplaziya) - patchy dystrophic chronic inflammation of the mucous membranes, accompanied by varying degrees of keratinization of the epithelial layer.The disease mostly occurs in middle-aged men age.Special attention deserves leukoplakia, prone to disappear, and then reappear in the form of a whitish spots, which in most cases is localized on the buccal mucosa (mostly along the closing of the molars).Leukoplakia is caused by constant irritation of the mucous membrane (traumatic dentures, smoking, etc.) And represents exfoliate dead skin and portions of the epithelium.Experience has shown that the removal of these factors leads to the disappearance of the disease, and their renewal - for his relapse.This is particularly clearly be observed in smokers as a complete rejection of this bad habit is almost a hundred percent of cases relieves them of the presence of leukoplakia, and a return to smoking leads to its repetition.

leukoplakia develops against the background

of a weak inflammatory process and is regarded as a typical defensive reaction to chronic irritation of the mucous membranes.In addition, considerable importance is the deficiency of vitamin A


In most cases, the disease is localized in the mucosa of the cheek near the corners of the mouth, lower lip and tongue.There are several forms of leukoplakia: flat, blisters and erosive.When the flat form of the complaints are virtually absent, or there is a slight feeling of constriction;Lesions of the mucous membrane slightly above its relief, turbid and opalescent as keratinization than - reminding the pearl.If there are warty form of sharply defined hilly areas of keratinization, which are often superimposed on the focal plane of manifestation leukoplakia.Erosive form manifests cracks and erosion, on the background of the symptoms of other forms of leukoplakia


Primarily all therapeutic measures aimed at addressing the factors that led to the development of the disease: handled the sharp edges of the teeth properly adjusted denturesand so on. One of the prerequisites for the treatment of leukoplakia is a complete cessation of smoking, as well as the limitation or waiver of hot and spicy food.Showed vitamins of group A topically in the form of applications and the inside;repeatedly performed oral hygiene.

At the same time lubricate the affected areas horny 10% p-rum borax (sodium tetraborate) in karotolina or glycerol.Areas subjected to mechanical shock (with verrucous leukoplakia) was excised.Enough wide application and electrocoagulation cryotherapy.

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