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Antrim (Otoantrit)

Antrim (Otoantrit)

antritis Antrim (otoantrit) - inflammation of the mucous membrane of the antrum (the mastoid antral).The disease in the vast majority of cases occur in children under one year, and more frequently in debilitated by various diseases or premature.

Perhaps the real scourge of infants is quite frequent inflammation of the ear (otitis).But otitis media may be complicated by other, equally serious disease - antritom that can be catarrhal or purulent.

flow and symptoms

Catarrhal antritis occurs for no apparent serious violations of the general condition of the child.Festering antritis on the contrary, it caused quite pronounced changes in the general condition: the general body temperature rises to 38 * - 38.5 * C, the child becomes restless or sleepy contrary, lose weight (not breastfeeding), often cries;skin becomes pale or bluish - gray, a rapid pulse, heart sounds are muffled, increased regional lymph nodes, the chair becomes a predominantly liquid, disturbed sleep.Oto- data rath

er scarce: tympanic membrane dull gray, her noticeable protrusion


Because antritis has no pronounced clinical picture - it is rather difficult to diagnose.Outwardly, the child looks like a long sick (temperature rises and falls of body weight).Behavior changes: the periods of excitation is replaced by drowsiness.There are all signs of intoxication, but there are no specific symptoms of this disease, so that you can just skip antritis.Even the analysis of blood shows only leukocytosis, which is celebrated at any inflammation.

to set a definitive diagnosis - Antrim necessary to conduct auripuncture.In some cases, try to do X-ray examination of the temporal bone, or test-paracentesis


primary objective of treatment - is the elimination of the underlying disease that caused antritis.Held antibiotic therapy with broad-spectrum antibiotics or (should be sensitive to the selected microflora antrum).It is enough to show good effects injections carried out directly into the ear canal (the posterior - the upper wall).In the case of the advanced stage of the disease and expressed toxicosis, appointed by the gamma - globulin infusion of glucose solution (iv) and dry plasma transfusions.

If after all the above procedures do not come the desired effect, apply more radical method - antrotomiya, which is performed under local anesthesia.

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