periodontitis Periodontitis - an inflammatory disease, occurring in the bone surrounding the tooth root, which occurs as a result of mechanical / chemical injury, as well as a complication of pulpitis and complicated caries.In the case of non-treatment of the disease, tooth root canal bacteria penetrate beyond its limits, calling acute inflammation (acute periodontitis).This process can occur both acute and chronic with periods of exacerbation.

If periodontitis occurs chronically from lack of obvious disease symptoms - around the root occurs resorption of bone jawbone tissue that has no clear boundaries (granulating periodontitis) and are often accompanied by the formation in the field of patient tooth on the mucosal surface of the gum fistula, cysts (large size)or granulomas (small cystiform education).

chronic periodontitis

chronic periodontitis

Periodontitis can be non-infectious and infectious.Non-infectious periodontitis develops as a result of the effects of certain drugs (silver nitrate, aqua regia,

Trilon B, etc.) Or as a result of traumatic injury (cracking nuts, a sharp bite, razgryzaniya bone bruise, bump and so on.).In the development of the infectious periodontitis is dominated by micro-organisms and their toxins penetrate the root canal or periodontal pockets in periodontal hematogenous or lymphatic pathways


both acute and chronic periodontitis in the acute stage, characterized by sudden sharp pain in the toothwhich amplify the touch, as well as in the evening.There is a characteristic swelling of the gums ("Flux"), lips and cheeks;the affected tooth becomes mobile, there is bad breath.

Chronic periodontitis without obvious disease symptoms, due to the fact that the inflammatory process at the apex of the tooth is developing quite slowly, considered the most dangerous form of the disease.When asymptomatic disease, jaw bone can be destroyed for several years, causing diseases of the joints, kidneys and heart, as chronic inflammatory lesions at the tips of the roots are not treated teeth are the source of infection


treat anyforms of periodontitis is a complicated and lengthy process, because in order to save the tooth, you must first completely remove inflammation.To do this, carry out certain manipulations designed to ensure that the pus from the inflammatory focus was always able to get out through the channel of a tooth, otherwise he is sure to make its way through the bone tissue and gums, forming a long-term non-healing fistulas.In addition, a prerequisite for a favorable outcome is to clean the tooth root of the affected tissues.After removal of the inflammatory process, carried out antiseptic treatment of tissues surrounding the tooth in the tooth is put medicine and put a temporary filling (for seven days or more).Often prescribed antibiotics.In the case of a favorable course, under X-ray control, a final filling of the tooth.In the case of significant tooth decay, its treatment is complemented by the restoration or crown.

Delays in treatment of periodontitis leads to problems of the heart, kidney and liver damage, weakening of the human immune system, the development of endocrine diseases.

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