Dental Erosion

erosion of teeth

Dental Erosion erosion of teeth - a progressive process characterized by diminution of dental tissues (enamel and dentin).Erosive lesions observed mainly in middle age and is characterized by a sufficiently long course (about 10 - 15 years).To date, the cause of dental erosion is not clear, but there are various assumptions.It is believed that this process may begin as a result of improper use of oral hygiene (incorrectly matched toothbrush, paste or powder).In addition, the occurrence of erosion causes a large amount of consumed fruits and citrus juices.Some doctors - dentists believe that an important role in causing the erosion of hard tissues of the tooth play endocrine disorders (hyperthyroidism, etc.).This statement has a right to exist, as in 50% of cases, erosion of teeth is revealed on the background of an enlarged thyroid gland and its functional disorders


initial stage of development characterized by erosion loss of shine in a limited area of ​​the tooth.To thi

s area it is clearly visible - the tooth pre-dried and it is applied to 5% tincture of iodine.Wound site then becomes brown or yellow.Erosion is most often appear on the incisors, premolars and canines, but may be present on other teeth.

In appearance erosion is a round or oval defect in the enamel, which is located in a transverse or oblique direction on the most convex part of the vestibular surface of the tooth enamel.In most cases, the bottom of the erosion of the firm, smooth and shiny.The gradual broadening and deepening erosion of borders entails loss of the dentin and enamel the entire facial surface of the tooth.Pain is often absent or very weakly expressed and largely manifested usually only when the disease enters its active phase.Pain occurs during brushing, as well as chemical irritants and cold air.

dental erosion is divided into two stages:

- Active: the rapid destruction of enamel and expressed pain sensitivity

- Stable: slow destruction of enamel and weakly expressed sensitivity

In depth destruction, erosion is divided into three levels:

- Starting:It affects only the surface layers of enamel

- Average: affected the entire thickness of the enamel covering of the tooth up to the enamel - dentine connection

- Deep: among other things, affects the surface layers of dentin

Erosion of tooth enamel must be differentiated from the wedge-shaped defectsand superficial caries

Treatment Treatment of all kinds of erosion of tooth structure is carried out taking into account the activity of both the process and the nature of medical comorbidity.Comprehensive dental treatment provides for the appointment of drugs into phosphorus and calcium (in the case of a decrease in their levels in the blood), trace elements and vitamins.

Unfortunately, in most cases, with the help of a qualified dental people turn only when the enamel erosion is already in a very poor condition, so a simple therapy in these cases do not succeed.

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