pulpitis Pulpitis - inflammation of the pulp and of the internal structures of the tooth, arising as a result of penetration into the pulp of the tooth pathogens.The disease is characterized by a strong unbearable pain, pain from various temperature irritants, sharpening mainly in the evening and night


to the occasion pulpitis include:

- has penetrated the pulp bacteria from deep carious region

- Traumatic tooth (substandard treatment of a deep cavity, scrapped crown, drop, bump and so forth.)

- Chemical (injury of the pulp due to exposure to alkali or acid) or temperature (correctly chosen mode of cooling the tool in the treatment) Factor

- Intensivetreatment of dental hard tissues

- Inflammatory gum disease

- Toxic effects on the soft tissues of the tooth filling materials, composed of silicate cement, acrylic resins, etc.

primary cause of pulpitis are pathogenic microbes and toxins that penetrate into the pulp of theof caries in a tooth cavity.Inflammation always

starts with infection adjacent cavity portions, and then spreads deeper into the root pulp.Launched tooth decay is the most common cause of pulpitis


Pulpitis always accompanied by severe paroxysmal continuous or interrupted by pain of varying intensity, often occurring in the evening and at night.During the meal (especially cold, hot, rough or sharp) pain intensifies.Because the inflamed nerve of the tooth, the pain can often give in the neck, ear, temple, and it can also spread to the adjacent teeth.At the initial stage of the occurrence of the disease often attacks are rare and short-lived.As time progresses pulpitis, whereby the pain attacks become stronger and more frequent pulsing.In chronic forms of pulpitis, pain in the majority of cases occur in periods of exacerbation

Treatment of pulpitis

The main methods of treatment of pulpitis include conservative and surgical methods

conservative method

Thanks to this method of treatment of pulpitis is possible to preserve the viability of the pulp.This method is quite effective for young adults and is used only when the disease reversible pulp (pulpitis traumatic etc.).Treatment is carried out exactly as in the treatment of dental caries, with special attention to high-quality medical treatment (proteolytic enzymes, antibiotics, antiseptic agents, etc..) Affected the oral

surgical method

With this method of treatment is carried out surgical removal of the inflamed pulp, after which theroot canal filling material closed.In the surgical method of treatment of pulpitis, the removal of the pulp is carried out in two ways: the pulp is removed under local or general anesthesia (vital method);Remove the pulp is carried out after the killing of the nerve (devital method).

untimely appeal to the dentist can result in that the pulp will grow into a pulp necrosis or periodontitis .

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