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Haematoma of the nasal septum

nasal septal hematoma

nasal septal hematoma nasal septal hematoma - occurs when damage to the nose, accompanied by bleeding in the submucosa - nadhryaschnichny layer and under the influence of a secondary infection can fester and go into an abscess. Sometimes septum hematoma may develop as a result of infectious diseases ( flu etc.).

ejected from when damaged the blood is separated from the cartilage soft tissue partitions, thereby narrowing the opening of the sinuses, there is heaviness in the nose and impeded nasal breathing


cause headaches without a certain concentration, it becomes more difficult nasal breathing, there are painfulsensations in the nose.Perhaps a slight increase in the overall temperature of the body and the disruption of the normal state of health.

Visual inspection of the nasal cavity (when picked up his tip), visible bulging of the nasal sac tumor fluctuating bright - red.Perhaps retraction nasal abscess cartilage of the nasal septum


therapy nasal septal he

matoma is to conduct puncture hematoma, after which its contents sucked and made tomponada nose.With the development of an abscess autopsy performed soft tissue protruding wall with one / two sides, with the subsequent introduction into the sinus suppuration rubber / gauze strips and subsequent antibiotic therapy.When zapadenii nasal plastic requires correction.

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