Periodontitis Periodontitis - an inflammatory disease, manifested in the destruction of the ligamentous apparatus of the tooth (periodontal).In this disease, the infection penetrates into the space between the gum and the tooth, thus begins the destruction of tooth ligaments to bone.The result of this process only one - is the loss of the tooth.Also, periodontitis can lead to much more serious consequences: increased blood sugar, various violations in the activity of the body can lead to heart attack and stroke.For pregnant women, this gum disease is most dangerous.

According to experts of the World Health Organization, any - any signs of periodontal disease are observed in 80% of children and 100% of the adult population of the Earth


inflammatory processes leading to periodontitis, develops due to the weakening of the immune defense of the body, after the trauma of the toothwhen caries tooth, under the influence of chemicals (acids, alkalis).In addition, the causes of periodont

al disease may be allergic reactions to potent drugs, ill-fitting dentures and correctly set the seal

development of periodontitis

by improper hygiene, teeth are covered by an invisible bacterial film.Since this film is formed on a daily basis, it is advisable to brush your teeth at least twice a day, otherwise the film hardens, turning into tartar.It is proved that the more the teeth is dental calculus and plaque, the more bacteria erode teeth and gums.Micro-organisms begin to multiply, causing inflammation and irritation of the gums ( Gingivitis ), then between the gums and the teeth are formed cavity filled with bacteria, which eventually leads to periodontitis


The main signs of periodontal disease include:

-The emergence of halitosis

- Hypersensitivity gums

- Pain symptoms in the area of ​​the gums

- Bleeding gums (when biting of fruit, while brushing teeth and so forth.)

- purulent discharge between the gums and teeth(when running form)

- Education periodontal pockets

- Appearances gaps between teeth

- Loosening teeth

Depending on the individual characteristics of the human body, patients may experience severe pain and improving overall body temperature


periodontitis treatment always begins with thorough dental examination, during which the doctor determines the amount of tartar and plaque, pocket depth and extent of bleeding gums.Since periodontal disease is a disease that affects the body as a whole, consultation and other specialists on the possible contraindications.

first stage of periodontal treatment is to remove the plaque and cleanse the root of the tooth and gums.When properly conducted treatment significantly reduced bleeding gums and loose teeth stronger.At the end of about two months, is made re-examination of the mouth and the correction of malocclusion.If after the first treatment stage periodontal pockets do not heal, surgery is performed under local anesthesia.

Today, perhaps the most effective method used to treat the disease, is a laser treatment of periodontitis.Using this method allows you to completely cure the disease of the gums.After the first session the pain when chewing and bleeding significantly weakened.The essence of laser treatment is that the laser penetrates easily in remote locations for mechanical cleaning there destroys all pathogens.In addition, the great advantage of this method is that the treatment of periodontitis laser is absolutely painless.

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