Impacted tooth

impacted tooth

Impacted tooth impacted tooth - a tooth is impacted, which is in the jaw bone or covered with gum.The most frequent case is erupting canines of the upper jaw and molars.This pathology may or may not bring any discomfort, and cause a lot of discomfort

Causes of impacted teeth

- Premature removal of milk teeth

- Inflammatory diseases of milk teeth

- Deficit of the surrounding area (standing next to the teeth locatedto each other too close)

- Wrong is the germ of the permanent tooth

- supernumerary teeth

- disruption of the endocrine glands

manifestations and course

Impacted teeth may create pressure on the alveolar nerves and their ramifications.It manifests the appearance of sharp pain, which, depending on the location can give in the ear, as well as the frontal or temporal region.Impacted teeth never abandoned their attempts to erupt, even when there is no place for them in the dental arch.From - for these attempts due to prolonged pressure roots may be damaged by the su

rrounding teeth.In the absence of contraindications, to avoid possible complications (development of infection, damage to adjacent teeth and bone, and so forth.), Impacted teeth are recommended for removal.

Poluretinirovannye (partially erupted) teeth are often the cause of inflammation, as hanging over the crown of the tooth mucosa, easily injured.Because of her injury, can develop such acute inflammatory diseases such as cellulitis, abscess, abscess, pericoronitis.

but not always the removal procedure is crucial, as is often impacted is a strategic human tooth as Fang.In such cases it is necessary to take a more informed decision and to recommend a tooth to the removal, the dentist can only missing a chance to pull orthodontic by

surgical stage stretching canine

create a support and a place in the dental arch (the place can be created by expanding portion of tootharc, or by removing the adjacent small molars), and then exposed the crown of the canine (removing the bone, which houses the tooth)

Traction canine orthodontic stage

After two - three days after the opening of the crown Impacted tooth impacted tooth,it sets up a special hook and carried out with the help of pulling teeth.Directly rod itself is carried out by means of special elastic materials (subject to change every two weeks), or combination of arcs.At the end of traction, using orthodontic appliances formed the correct ratio of the jaws.

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