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Coronary heart disease

man's heart is probably the most vital organ, as it continuously throughout the life of pumping blood, providing oxygen and essential nutrients all tissues and organs of the human body.But the heart, too, is a body, or to be more precise, which is also a muscle needs oxygen and various nutrients. Everything needed for normal life and proper functioning of the heart muscle gets through the bloodstream, which is carried out on the coronary arteries.And in the case of circulatory disorders - developing CHD (coronary heart disease).
Coronary heart disease - a chronic disease, which is caused by insufficient blood flow to the heart muscle.Anoxia or ischemia of the heart develops from the fact that the blood that supplies oxygen and nutrients to the body is not held in the required amount through the vessels of the heart (coronary arteries and coronary) due to their blockage or narrowing.On how long it takes oxygen starvation of the heart as quickly as it arose, and expressed,

CHD divided into several forms:
- arrhythmic coronary heart disease.Due to insufficient blood supply to the heart muscle manifest cardiac arrhythmia.The most common atrial fibrillation.
- Angina pectoris.This form of ischemic disease manifests itself quite severe pain in the chest with stress, physical exertion, overeating.
- Myocardial infarction.In consequence of "starvation" occurs death of a certain area of ​​the heart muscle.
- asymptomatic coronary disease.This form despite the "starvation" of the heart showed no clinical symptoms.
- Sudden cardiac death.Due to the sharp decrease in the amount of blood supplied to the heart is stopped heart

causes of ischemic disease

most often develop coronary artery disease due to atherosclerosis of the coronary vessels.On the walls of the arteries in this state are formed plaques that narrow the lumen, or significantly or can clog blood vessels completely.In the initial stages of narrowing of the coronary vessels is usually quite small and is manifested in the form of angina (chest pain).If the plaque is formed is destroyed, the narrowing of blood vessels appear clots, leading to myocardial infarction.
also one of the causes of Coronary heart disease is the formation of blood clots in the coronary arteries, the occurrence of which is due to increased blood viscosity.Less frequent
ischemia caused by a spasm of the coronary arteries, but in the total absence of blood clots in the vessels.These cramps usually occur due to self-administration (non-prescription) of various medicines and dietary supplements


Coronary artery disease often exposed male adulthood.The priority in the treatment of coronary artery disease is the normalization of blood flow, which is carried out on the coronary arteries and the removal of all obstacles that may affect the flow in the heart muscle of oxygen and adequate nutrition.
prerequisite for successful treatment of Coronary Heart Disease is a pre-treatment of the diseases (diabetes, hypertension), in consequence of which was the development of coronary artery disease.
Modern cardiology has really broadest arsenal of all kinds of drugs, whose action is directed to the treatment of various forms of coronary artery disease.However, I want to reiterate that any medication in the correct dosage and layout may appoint only qualified cardiologist.

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