Vascular disease

Raynaud's syndrome

Raynaud's syndrome

Raynaud's syndrome - a disorder of arterial blood supply or stop brushes paroxysmal character.Most often the disease affects the upper extremities symmetrically.Most of all susceptible women of young age.

Raynaud's syndrome appears bluish, and then the subsequent redness of fingers (less toe) due to the influence of various psycho-emotional stress and cold.The disease is accompanied by a sense of cold, numbness, a feeling of "pins and needles running around" and pain.In between bouts of hands are often cold and cyanotic.In addition to the limbs, symptoms of Raynaud's syndrome can occur in the chin, nose, tongue and earlobes


- neurogenic Raynaud's syndrome is caused by: compression of nerve - vascular bundle and the subsequent development algodistrofii, diseases of the central nervous system with plegiasyndrome, carpal valve

- Professional Raynaud's syndrome occurs as a consequence of the so-called production diseases - vinyl chloride disease, "vibration white finger" etc.

- Blood disorders: thrombocytosis, hemoglobinuria, multiple myeloma, and cryoglobulinemia

- Rheumaticdisease: nodular periarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis , Sjogren's disease, systemic sclerosis, thromboangigitis obliterans, dermatomyositis, systemic lupus erythematosus, etc.

- Lakarstvenny Raynaud's syndrome can be caused by the use of such drugs as beta-blockers, serotonin, ergotamine, etc.

- Vascular disease: thrombotic and post-thrombotic syndrome, atherosclerosis

- For the development of Raynaud's syndrome can lead and diseases such as primary pulmonary hypertension, prolonged immobilization, paraneoplastic syndrome, pheochromocytoma

undoubted leader of the causes of Raynaud's syndrome are rheumatic diseases,especially systemic scleroderma.

Raynaud's syndrome developed due to treatment with certain drugs disappears by itself after the abolition of these drugs


primary objective of treatment of Raynaud's syndrome is to eliminate the causal factors and the subsequent effective impact on the mechanisms leading to the developmentvascular disorders.

without exception patients diagnosed with Raynaud's syndrome is strongly recommended that exclude smoking, hypothermia and contact with chemicals and other substances that could provoke vasospasm in production and living conditions.In some cases it is advisable to radically change the working conditions and climatic residence.

Calcium antagonists (Corinfar, nifedipine, kordafen etc.) Are the most effective vasodilators applied for the treatment of Raynaud's syndrome.They appoint 30-60 mg / day.Also for the treatment of this disease are used and other blockers calcium intake: nicardipine, verapamil and diltiazem.

In the case of progressive Raynaud's syndrome applies vazaprostan (intravenously at a dose of 20-40 micrograms alprostadil 250 ml saline. Solution for 2-3 hours every day or every other day, a course of 10-20 injections).

Raynaud's syndrome Drug therapy should be combined with treatments such as reflexology, physiotherapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and psychotherapy.

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