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hypotension photos Hypotension - long state of the body, characterized by low blood pressure and various autonomic disorders: decrease in body temperature, sweating feet and hands, pale and so on. In the case of reducing the pressure on the small size, this disease is not dangerous to human health.If pressure drops more than 20% of the normal individual performance, hypotension is already causing harm, so in such cases is shown compulsory treatment by a cardiologist or physician.The most frequently (five times more likely than men) the violation occurs in women between the ages of twenty to forty years

Hypotension - Causes

Causes of hypotension is very diverse.The catalyst for its development can serve as psychological trauma, neuroses, chronic fatigue, chronic sleep deprivation, depression and other depressed and apathetic state.At the same time there is like a vicious circle - the state of hypotension is chronic fatigue syndrome , and the state itself hypotension triggers depression, memor

y problems, feeling of depression and fatigue

The causes of hypotension include:

- Oneof the most common reasons for the decline in blood pressure in adolescence and childhood is a dystonia

- Panic attacks, depression , stress, neurosis

- Traumatic brain injury

- Chronic fatigue syndrome

- The resultant post-traumatic,septic, anaphylactic shock decreased tone in the vessels

- A significant loss of blood ( postpartum period , surgery wounds)

- cardiomyopathy, chronic heart failure

- Insufficient production of thyroid hormones

- Syncope occurring after the change of certainbody position (orthostatic collapse), most often occurs in the case of rapid recovery of the body in an upright position

- Overdose lowering blood pressure drugs

- Pregnancy

Secondary hypotension may occur against the background of the following diseases: osteochondrosis cervical spine, ulcer , hepatitis , anemia, cystitis , pancreatitis, tuberculosis , rheumatism, diabetes , cirrhosis of the liver, etc..

described abovecauses lead to the development of arterial hypotension.It is also found physiological hypotension, not accompanied by any changes in the internal organs.Physiological hypotension may develop:

- The inhabitants of the subtropics and tropics (hot climates)

- Workers hot Czechs factories (usually steel)

- Athletes and residents of mountainous areas

In most cases, blood pressure is reduced due to expansionvessels, heart while continuing to work with the same force, and the blood flows at the same rate (blood pressure is reduced).In other cases, the impact force of the heart muscle is reduced, and the diameter of the vessels is maintained within normal limits.The blood flows through the vessels at a lower speed, thereby creating a minimal pressure on the walls of blood vessels (blood pressure decreases).Some doctors explain the development of hypotension hereditary predisposition to hypotensive reactions

Hypotension - Symptoms and signs

Hypotension leads to disruption of nocturnal sleep (sleep rhythm disorder and sleep) and daytime sleepiness, causing weakness and fatigue are amplified.People with this condition need to sleep longer than is generally recommended (not 6-8 and 8-12 hours).And even though most of the duration of sleep, in the morning they wake up with difficulty, and a feeling of freshness and vigor of the body rested they usually do not happen.Then, two hours later, gipotoniki activated, but not for long, since the day they have an apathy and fatigue.The peak activity of patients with hypotension often occurs in the evening

main signs of hypotension:

- An increase of physical activity observed rapid pulse

- Increased sensitivity to cold and heat

- Women observed failuresmenstrual cycle and in men decreased potency

- Hypersensitivity to loud speech, and bright light

- Low performance, sleepiness, tendency to motion sickness

- distraction, memory loss, sweating feet and hands, a violation of thermoregulation

- Darkening in thethe eyes and / or flashing tingling sight

- Pain in the heart, digestive disorders

- When any physical exertion palpitations

Most people with low blood pressure constantly yawn, not from fatigue but from lack of oxygen, which in somecases leads to blackouts and fainting.In the case of sudden change of position from horizontal to vertical, the legs are cotton (orthostatic hypotension).Sometimes there may be loss of consciousness.

Occasionally hypotensive may disturb occurs at rest and during exercise going pain and aching joints.Due to the low pressure of the blood supply to the muscles deteriorates, which is normal when driving and the pain goes away.

addition gipotoniki very sensitive to even slight fluctuations in atmospheric pressure (meteozavisimost) and climate change.People with low blood pressure may not be long in a stuffy room, at the bus stop, in turn, in a standing position.

In some cases, symptoms may worsen hypotension: there is unwarranted anxiety, a feeling of lack of oxygen, a sense of fear in the hearts of a feeling of disruption.All these are signs of a neurosis that require specialized treatment at the neurologist.

People with low blood pressure with an increase of physical activity quickens the heartbeat and pulse, shortness of breath may occur and discomfort in the heart.Most often worsening state of health in hypotensive observed after infectious diseases and colds, as well as in spring and summer seasons

Diagnostics hypotension

Quite often, hypotension practically does not manifest itself for many years.In some cases, a person with low blood pressure can occur any one attribute that does not prevent a full life.But in the case of the patient's complaints of feeling unwell and the presence of characteristic symptoms of hypotension, the original provider should decide - low pressure is a symptom of the disease, or the norm.

If hypotension accompanied by painful symptoms, the doctor must determine it is primary or secondary (symptomatic) hypotension.Diagnosis is based on the physiological hypotension exclude disorders of objective and subjective nature.In order to identify the severity of the patient is carried cardiointervalography autonomic disorders.In order to identify violations in the digestive organs, blood circulation and respiration, radiography and ultrasonography.Compulsory monitored blood pressure treatment of hypotension photos

Hypotension - treated

In the case where the blood pressure is reduced slightly, the treatment of hypotension is not carried out.However, in cases often enough pressure drop, especially in the presence of comorbidities, providing treatment is necessary.To date, pharmacological treatment of hypotension is sufficiently small.Usually appointed general caffeinated stimulant medications.In the absence of comorbidities internal organs most commonly used drugs of anticholinergics (Bellataminalum - 1 tab. 3 p. Per day).Also, blood pressure increases dopamine and well Mezaton.In cases where the hypotension associated with any abnormalities in thyroid cancer patients received hormones (triiodothyronine), the recommended dosage of which is calculated from the body weight of the patient and the blood levels of thyroid hormones.

If hypotension are all effective herbal remedies that increase blood pressure and vascular tone.These include ginseng, echinacea tincture Chinese magnolia vine, Pantocrinum, RHAPONTICUM CARTHAMOIDES;teas and tinctures inflorescences immortelle, tincture aralia and so on. The proven pharmacy tincture of Siberian Ginseng and hawthorn.Increases efficiency and at the same time soothing teas and infusions of oregano, arnica, lemon balm, valerian and motherwort.

All preparations are appointed strictly individually cardiologist, after the establishment of the exact reasons that led to the development of hypotension.

patient was shown unswerving adherence of the day, perform do not require great physical exertion of various physical exercises in the form of sports, walking, swimming, morning exercises.The morning exercises recommended to include only those exercises that the patient can do lying down or sitting.Any exercise the patient should be done very carefully, carefully keeping an eye out for their well-being

Power hypotension

gipotonikam Eat small amounts often recommended.The diet should contain all the vital ingredients: antioxidants, minerals and vitamins.In the treatment and prevention of hypotension found very useful B vitamins (especially vitamin B3 are: carrots, milk, egg yolk, liver, yeast, green plant parts), vitamin C, and proteins.Also found very useful fruit, vegetables, seafood, and foods rich in magnesium, potassium and calcium.

The hypotensive daily diet must necessarily be present and spicy spicy food, as spices pressurized slightly constricts blood vessels and stimulates the body and stimulate the adequacy of the endocrine glands.The most accessible spice - allspice, which is useful for people gipoenergichnyh, asthenic constitution and prone to dizziness (orthostatic reactions).

In most cases, with the age of hypotension goes away, becauseas the natural aging of the human body, blood pressure often increases.It is with this reason, gipotonikam should be regularly examined by a cardiologist and periodically monitor their blood pressure.With artificial increase in blood pressure or age, hypotension often provokes the development of essential hypertension

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