Hallucinatory syndrome (hallucination)

hallucinatory syndrome (hallucination)

hallucinatory syndrome hallucinatory syndrome (hallucination) - a serious mental disorder in which for a sufficiently long period of time there are abundant hallucinations occur without impairment of consciousness.

This syndrome occurs when vascular and organic diseases of the central nervous system, epilepsy, intoxication, symptomatic psychoses, schizophrenia, and differs by tactile (feeling there crawling under the skin of insects, worms, bacteria and so on.), Visual and auditory hallucination.The most common hallucination is hearing at which verbal hallucinations occur in the form of a dialogue or a monologue and are mandative or commenting on the character, and therefore there are cases of suicide attempts, self-harm, or the front of the acts of aggression directed at others.

progression of the disease often occurs accession olfactory hallucinosis (a sick person everywhere pursue bad smells emanating both from himself and from the surrounding objects and people).It is al

so possible to switch hallucinatory paranoid syndrome.

hallucinoses divided into acute and chronic.Acute appear suddenly and are characterized by intense, very vivid hallucinations.Chronic hallucinosis proceeds rather sluggishly, and hallucinations while monotonous and pale.

hallucinatory syndrome treatment is aimed at eliminating the underlying disease that caused this mental disorder.

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