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Alzheimer's disease is a disease of the brain, which manifests itself degenerative progressive decline of intellect, loss of the ability to perceive information in violation of diction.Today, according to experts, every tenth inhabitant of our planet that crossed sixty abroad - is suffering from the disease


science still is not known the exact causes of this disease, but scientists are inclined to believe,that the main role in the development of the disease plays a genetic factor.In addition, there are a number of precipitating factors: hypertension endured severe head trauma, obesity, smoking, poisoning toxins

Symptoms Symptoms of Alzheimer's disease in the early and late stages are different.
early stages of the disease:
- Loss of the ability to recognize familiar objects.
- Anxiety, depression, and various emotional disorders.
- progressive forgetfulness of recent events occurred.
- Complete indifference to the events, people and surrounding objects.
later stages of the disease:
- Loss of the ability to recognize people, including even close relatives.
- The emergence of delusions and hallucinations .
- Loss capable of independent movement and thinking.
- In some cases, there are spasms of limbs


So far there is no any test that can accurately and correctly to immediately diagnose Alzheimer's disease in a patient.Because of this, the doctor in the first place have to eliminate all diseases that have similar symptoms to the disease - infection, trauma, metabolic disorders, overdose of certain medications, anxiety and depression syndromes.Also a mandatory interview with relatives of the patient in order to establish a complete picture of possible mental disorders


Unfortunately, today, modern medicine is unable to cure the disease, but it is possible to slow its progress and reduce the symptoms.
Since people suffering from Alzheimer's disease in the brain there is a shortage of the chemical acetylcholine, which is appointed by the administration of drugs to prevent its further decline - the so-called acetylcholinesterase inhibitors.At a later stage of the disease the patient is attributed to the drug memantine, which improves memory and thinking, and allows the patient to independently carry out much more simple cases - eating, dressing, elementary self-care.In the presence of symptoms such as irritability, anxiety and sleep disturbances - are appointed by the antidepressants.Also, in addition
drug, there are alternative therapies:
- Multisensory stimulation, which includes aromatherapy, pet therapy, massage and music therapy.
- Groups of cognitive development.To create a special group for patients with Alzheimer's disease who have symptoms of the disorder in reality orientation and memory problems.These groups used a special technique to stimulate memories, exercises for thinking and memory as well as a type of multisensory stimulation.

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