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lymphangitis photo Lymphangitis - a chronic or acute inflammation of the lymphatic vessels.Lymphangitis belongs to a secondary disease as the primary cause is a local infection.The defeat of the vascular inflammation of the lymphatic system has no depending on their size and the depth of the damage.Equally involved in the inflammatory process of the arteries and veins.Place localization, too, it is different, but mostly develops lymphangitis upper and lower extremities.This is due to the high degree of trauma, and the presence in the area of ​​pathogenic organisms.Lymphangitis lymphadenitis often leads to - a vast increase in the lymph nodes.

Lymphangitis reasons

Lymphangitis occurs as a consequence of the surface or deep purulent inflammation.The mechanism of inflammation can trigger a minor wound or abrasion that is infected by a microorganism.A more serious cause is the presence of carbuncles, boils, cellulitis or abscess.The main causative agents should include streptococci, staphylococc

i, E. coli and Pseudomonas.The specific form of the disease manifests itself in the background of pulmonary tuberculosis.

dependence of size and location of the focus of the inflammation is directly proportional to the severity of lymphangitis.Furthermore, it affects the activity of bacteria and especially human lymphatic system.First, the pathogen and the products of its vital activity of the primary tumor fall into the interstitial space, and then a shock to the lymph capillaries, lymph nodes and vessels of larger caliber.

presence of inflammation of the walls of the lymphatic vessels is determined by the characteristic swelling, blood clots and increases the ability of cells permeable.As a result, violated local limfobraschenie.In case of late specialist advice may develop purulent necrotic lymphangitis or melt clots.The spread of the pathological process in the interstitial space of the vessel leads to perilimfangitu, a characteristic feature of which is damage to muscle and joint units.By the features of the consequences of this form of the disease include the likelihood of inflammation in the thoracic duct.

lower limb lymphangitis affected by trauma, nail bed felon or trophic ulcers.Men may become inflamed limfososudy penis.This kind of disease is called non-venereal lymphangitis.His pathogens can cause diseases such as primary syphilis, urethritis and genital herpes.

Lymphangitis symptoms

Classify lymphangitis downstream clinical acute and chronic lymphangitis.According to the degree of manifestation of inflammation distinguish lymphangitis serous and necrotic.Location inflammatory focus allows you to select the types of deep and superficial lymphangitis, and depending on what the value of the vessel struck.The disease may be a stem (trunkulyarnym) or mesh (reticular).Net lymphangitis affects the capillaries, disposed on the surface of the human body and stem - only large limfososudy.

Lymphangitis is characterized by severe intoxication clinic.The patient notes at a high temperature, sweating, headache, fever, weakness, fatigue.

Reticular lymphangitis manifested by redness of the skin near the site of an infectious inflammation.Hyperemia of the form of the mesh pattern, which is formed by the affected lymph capillaries.Clinic reticular limfangita like the clinic of erysipelas, but border congestion in the first case are blurred.

Trunkulyarny lymphangitis manifested by narrow red stripes on the skin surface.Place marked swelling of inflammation, which is tense and painful on palpation.When the feeling of tumor vascular lesions looks like lace.There may be a regional lymphadenitis.If the localization of vascular inflammation is deep, it is no redness.Then, the main clinical symptom of swollen become lower or upper limb and a sharp pain when moving to the site of injury.In this case, it is likely signs of lymphedema - a pathological condition characterized by progressive swelling in the soft tissue with a further violation limfottoka.

If one of acute lymphangitis perilimfangitom complicated, it can be the cause of an abscess or cellulitis podfastsialnoy.Delayed treatment causes these pathological states to sepsis.The chronic form of the disease is not as pronounced symptoms.Patients concerned about persistent swelling of the limbs caused by obstruction of the lymphatic vessels, leading to a delay of lymphatic fluid.

manifested by the presence of non-venereal lymphangitis painless compacted strand, which is located along the shaft of the penis.This inflammation persists for about two days and the ability to independently and completely disappear.

Another type of inflammation of the lymphatic vessels are cancerous and carcinomatous lymphangitis.Both can occur in individuals with lung cancer, and in women with breast cancer.Carcinomatous lymphangitis on the radiograph as a diffuse shading.This form of lymphangitis is always accompanied by enlarged lymph nodes and metastases often occur in adjacent organs.Cancer lymphadenitis x-rays of light looks like a linear shadow, going to the roots of the lungs.However, inflammation of lymph nodes, unlike carcinomatous lymphangitis, may be omitted.

Lymphangitis penis

According to statistics, identifying cases of non-venereal limfangita rare.This is a logical explanation.The fact that the symptoms of the disease lasts only a few days (and sometimes even hours) and may often remain undetected.For non-venereal lymphangites lead masturbation violates limfobraschenie in the penis, organ injury, and frequent and prolonged sexual intercourse.

clinical pathology manifests itself in men form a seal in the lymph vessels of the penis, painless at a palpation.Located inflammation along the coronal sulcus body and looks like "the swollen veins."By the time the inflammatory process lasts only a few days (sometimes hours), and disappear on their own, without any traces.

differential diagnosis of non-venereal limfangita carried out with the primary syphilis, the disease Mondor, genital herpes and acute urethritis.For the clinic characteristic of primary syphilis chancre genitals and bubonadenitis.But these signs may be absent in syphilis, so the diagnosis of non-venereal lymphangitis there is a need for serology.Genital herpes corresponds to the appearance of vesicular and erosive elements assembled into groups.Therefore, additional clinical studies carried out, namely the polymerase chain reaction, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay blood.In acute urethritis caused by chlamydia or gonococci, noted frequent urination, increased presence of lymph node disease and flushing seal.To confirm or refute the diagnosis of bacterial inoculation should be carried out, smear, and polymerase chain reaction.Symptoms of the disease Mondor complemented by the development of superficial thrombophlebitis of veins male organ.

non-venereal lymphangitis usually does not require treatment, because the clinical signs of the patient and do not bother themselves soon pass.But the disease is no less than the state border between normal and pathological processes.Occasionally surgery is needed, which is likely due to the development of the disease Mondor.If any non-venereal lymphangitis as the effects of reproductive tract infections, treat the underlying disease.

Lymphangitis treatment

limfangita treatment will be successful if initially be sanitized primary site of infection.This is especially necessary in order to prevent the maintenance of the vessels of the lymphatic system in a permanent source of inflammation.

first stage treatment of the disease includes primary surgical treatment of various skin lesions.It is also necessary to surgically open kurbunkuly, abscesses and other purulent education.In the case of lymphangitis upper or lower limbs, the affected arm or leg betray elevated position.This procedure provides a good outflow of lymph fluid.In addition, patients need to be able to rest the motor.

In therapy limfangita used antibiotics penicillin, drugs related to cephalosporins first and second generation, to aminoglycosides, and lincosamides.For example, the drug is used at a dose of Amoxicillin 500 mg every eight hours.It is also important to use NSAIDs, such as ibuprofen, indomethacin, nimesulide, and many others.Only it must be remembered that this group of drugs may cause internal bleeding, so patients with erosive disease of the gastrointestinal tract should be careful with their reception.It does not exclude the possibility of the appointment of antihistamine drugs.The most common, and is often prescribed ones are Suprastin, loratadine, Tsetrin and Claritin.These drugs are also used to relieve inflammation in the pathological focus.

During the acute period is contraindicated massage, compression and heating of the use of various ointments.Good results in the treatment of lymphangitis allow the use of infusion therapy, intravenous laser and ultraviolet blood irradiation.SUMMARY intravenous laser irradiation is photobiological effects on the structural elements of the circulatory system, resulting in an adjustment of the pathological condition.For the ultra-violet radiation is characterized by activation of antioxidants that make up the blood.This therapy raises a quantitative measure of hemoglobin, has antiviral and antibacterial effect.

variety Chronic diseases are treated using the overlay poluspirtovyh warming compresses or compresses containing dimethyl sulfoxide, ultraviolet irradiation, as an element of physical therapy, mud baths, dressing on the basis of medicinal ointments.If

for limfangita takes protracted, it is necessary to resort to radiotherapy using X-rays for medical purposes.The generation of X-radiation occurs in the X-ray tube, X-containing substance.The principle impact is detrimental effects of ionizing radiation on cells, causing them to mutational changes.Data conversion makes the cell unviable.In addition, the intensity of the vital processes of the cell is directly proportional to the ravages of X-rays.

lymphadenitis treatment can be carried out using the recipes of traditional medicine.It has a good effect tincture having a part nettle, hop cones, oregano and yarrow.Ready broth consumed in three doses during the day.To compress locally used peppermint leaves.

limfangita If treatment is begun in time, we can safely speak of a favorable prognosis.The chronic form of the disease is fraught with the development of numerous complications.They are associated with violations of the outflow of lymph fluid caused by thrombosis or narrowing of the lumen.From prevention to apply reorganization arising purulent inflammations, treatment of pyoderma and other therapeutic measures.

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