Vascular disease



varices photo Varicose - a pathology, which resulted in expanding the superficial veins and venous insufficiency appears valve apparatus, leading to poor circulation.Varicose veins - is a common pathology, and although it is a disease, in most cases requiring surgery, there is a need for constant therapeutic treatment.Risk factors for varicose veins include diseases characterized by metabolic disorders;professions requiring prolonged stay in an upright position;diseases of the endocrine system;bad habits associated with smoking and the abuse of alcohol products;oversupply in the diet of foods containing red pepper.

appearance of varicose veins problem becomes more clear if there is knowledge of the circulatory system of veins.Morphological differences between veins from the artery lies in the fact that the muscle layer at the venous wall is not, therefore, it is not capable of reduction, which is a leading factor in the creation of the vector direction of the blood in the bloodstream.The blood

flowing from the veins of the skin and muscle tissue due to the veins located on the surface.Then she is going to kommunikatnyh veins - veins in which the connection is superficial and deep veins.Here is a venous valve unit, which works only on one direction.So the blood passes through the superficial veins and has the opportunity to come back.This causes the accumulation of venous blood deep veins.Then the muscles of the lower extremities when moving the legs compress the venous vessels.Thus, the blood stream directed to the heart muscle.Expansion of the superficial veins under the condition of high pressure is the cause of the partial closure of the valve, and the blood is forced to go back.This leads to the formation of varicose veins, characterized by the presence of edema, bluish staining of tissue surrounding nodes and as a possible result, the development of venous ulcers.

Varicose reasons

One of the most controversial causes of varicose veins is the hereditary factor.Not proven that the varicose veins is hereditary, but noted that in some families the percentage of the disease occurs much more frequently than others.The leading causes of varicose veins today is considered to be a way of life, nutrition and human hormones.

primary cause of varicose veins is considered to be a metabolic disorder that leads to obesity.The higher the degree of the disease, the higher the probability of varicose veins.Obesity occurs as a result of an inactive lifestyle and poor eating habits.Currently, the world's population is forced to eat foods that have a high degree of processing.But herbal products composed of substances, strengthens the vascular wall, and reducing intra-abdominal pressure, almost absent in the diet.

In addition, improper organization of human labor also leads to obesity.While working for a long time people either sit or stand for a long time.It is bad for the valve system of veins.Adverse effects on the veins have heavy activities associated with heavy lifting or abrupt movements.

Varicose veins occur in men by increasing the load on the lower limbs.Stagnation in the superficial veins may also occur as a result of long journeys or trips.

Wearing tight clothes, as a tribute to the fashion trends, causes compression of the inguinal vein, and this element of the wardrobe as the corset can lead to high intra-abdominal pressure.It should be remembered that the wearing of shoes having a high heel insoles and inconvenient, has a great deal of harm.

Frequent pregnancies in women characterized by the development of chronic varicose veins.Increasing, the uterus can increase abdominal pressure, and the production of progesterone adversely affects the venous wall and destroys collagen, a part of the cell fibers.If a pregnant woman in the history of present clinical osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, this leads to a change in hormonal levels, causing varicose veins.

Chronic constipation, cough, BPH cause regular straining.Such people are often subject to progression of varicose veins.Surgical intervention using general anesthesia, may also cause varices.Most deep vein thrombosis - a consequence of congenital anomalies of the circulatory system.In this case violated the elasticity of the veins, causing them to stretch.

Varicose symptoms

The first sign is the appearance of varicose veins in the skin of the lower limb venous specific figure, resembling a "grid".To a large extent it is localized in the area of ​​the hips.Characteristic grid pattern for people with pronounced signs of cellulite.It cellulite resulting from disorders of lipid metabolism in tissues, leading to compression of the veins and blood circulation difficult.Capillary grid pattern when varicose veins is called telangiectasia.But such a manifestation may be an indication not only of varicose disease, but a symptom of inflammation.

Another striking feature of varicose veins is soft tissue swelling of the lower extremities.Differential diagnosis is carried varices deficiency cardiovascular system, kidney stone disease.

progression of varicose veins is characterized by pain in the legs.The pain of varicose veins can be acute or a drawing character.Localized pain, usually in the calf muscles.Acute pain of varicose veins closer to the dinner, when the legs had to experience a certain load.The appearance of these symptoms should alert the person and become an occasion for seeking advice from a specialist.

Besides that the manifestations of varicose veins cause cosmetic defects, they can be the cause of the feeling of "heavy" legs, night cramps and trophic changes in the shins.Visual inspection of the feet may be marked as a barely perceptible "stars" and more visible nodal stranded seals.They pronounced during the stay of the patient in a standing position.When palpation study of these elements point elastic consistency seals.They are fairly easy to the compression.It is also noted local hyperthermia of the skin over the varicose seals.When taking a person lying position, there is a voltage drop of blood vessels, and nodules become imperceptible.

In the case of human negligence towards their health at the first sign of varicose veins, the disease tends to progression and symptoms described are joined fatigue, heaviness, swelling of tissues and symptoms of seizures.Swelling may disappear after a long night of rest.

Varicose damages varicose node, causing it to rupture and bleed.This process is expressed in significant blood loss.In addition, varicose veins can cause tissue hypoxia, causing oxygen starvation.This condition is characterized by loss of tissue cells, which poses a serious threat to humans.Severe congestion in the bloodstream varicose veins in the leads to the accumulation of toxins in the interstitial fluid space.Toxic tissue trophism feet violates the lower extremities and appears pigmentation and darkening of the skin.Then the compacted layer of fat, which causes symptoms of dermatitis and trophic venous ulcers.

prolonged duration of varicose veins causes of chronic venous insufficiency, such as pulmonary embolism.

Varicose stage

There are four stages of varicose veins.

first stage of varicose veins is a condition of cosmetic disorders.Manifested by swelling of veins, and the heterogeneity of their structure.Vienna become dense, formed key elements.Stagnation in the bloodstream is not yet available, but the progression of the process leading to thrombophlebitis.

second stage of varicose veins is marked by irritability, fatigue, lower limbs are "heavy", long walks there a noticeable fatigue.In humans, there are characteristic signs of memory impairment, general condition deteriorates, you may experience symptoms of insomnia.At this stage of varicose veins occur anoxia venous system, causing a pronounced swelling of the legs.These swellings easily identified by the remaining traces on the skin of the toe.At night, the patients notice twitching of the lower limbs in calves.This leads to the fact that the patient sleeps poorly and often wakes up feeling numbness in the calf muscles.This feature suggests that there is a strengthening of oxygen starvation of tissues.The second stage of varicose veins requires urgent specialist advice.

third stage of varicose veins characterize trophic changes of the medial surface of the tibia.Formed elements clearly visible brown skin, they become dry, lifeless and cracked.May develop dermatitis accompanied by severe itching and the appearance of lesions of the lower extremities.Swelling strongly disturbs the patient, now it can be located in different areas of the feet.There is a feeling of gravity of the lower limbs, patients describe it as a feeling of fullness of muscle tissue.Seals merge and mechanical damage can rupture, leading to the formation of erosions.At the slightest physical exertion a patient is even more fatigue.This leads to weakness, poor sleep, depression, due to the stagnation of blood in the vessels.

fourth stage of varicose veins is characterized as the stage of complications.The most dangerous of these include inflammation of the walls of the veins;the occurrence of venous ulcers, which are difficult to treat;bleeding resulting from violation of the integrity of seals and venous insufficiency, prone to chronic.

Varicose veins during pregnancy

often a cause of varicose veins during pregnancy.Statistics show that about 35% of women experience varicose veins after the birth of their first child, and then the percentage increases to 50% at the birth of the second and 75% for the third child.Normally a pathology characteristic of women who have a tendency to varicose veins, and the first signs have manifested long before pregnancy.

Visual inspection is first noted the presence of "spider veins" and "worms."The first elements of varicose veins look like translucent small vessels, woven into a gossamer net.Painted vein pattern in purple, the elevation of the skin has no borders.The second element of varicose veins occur because of the expansion of the main veins.Vienna swell and bulge.They have a blue-green color and has a diameter of approximately 5 cm. These symptoms are unpleasant not only a cosmetic defect, but its consequences are dangerous.This can lead to thrombophlebitis, trophic ulcers, bleeding.So, there is a possibility of separation of a blood clot from the vessel wall, which poses a direct threat to the health of women and infants.

Varicose pregnant formed as a result of expansion of the lumen of blood vessels.Thus, blood flows through arteries in the lower extremities.But it is no outflow.This is explained by the fact that there is a partial compression of the veins and they are not able to function normally.Venous blood accumulates inside the vessel and expands it.

initial stage of varicose veins is characterized by the absence of symptoms.In rare cases, it may be a venous deformation.Evening marked swelling, which are not in the morning.Pregnant woman complains of feeling tired and heavy legs.Then, in the subsequent step of varicose veins, there are cramps in the calves.They feel, usually at night and accompanied by pain and severe itching of the skin.

The next step varicose veins exhibit substantial deformation.The vessels are outside the boundary of the skin, expand and sometimes have a curved appearance.Thus there may be no sensation of pain.

It causes varicose veins can include hormonal changes during pregnancy.These changes lead to weakness of the vein walls, the amount of blood increases, and the load veins increases.The causes of varicose veins can also be a growing uterus and the mother's weight gain, which leads to pressure that feel the veins.A woman's body, which has individual characteristics related to the elasticity of the vascular wall and hypoplasia of the valve apparatus of veins, can also be the cause of the disease.

Along with varicose veins in pregnant women is a pathology associated with the veins of the external genitalia and anus.If not timely taken measures for varicose treatment, these diseases can cause damage to veins and further fatal bleeding.

No serious complications depends on the prevention of varicose veins.The sooner it is started, the more favorable outlook for women.Expectant mother on the stage of pregnancy should wear compression stockings or the use of elastic bandages.For correct selection must meet the specialist, independent compression underwear purchase is fraught with the wrong choice.

necessary to eliminate varicose veins when wearing tight clothing, especially tight trousers that violate the normal blood circulation.By the same shoe impose a number of requirements.It should be comfortable and the heel should not exceed 4 cm. Physical exercise - an integral part of the prevention of varicose veins.It is necessary to rest the lower limbs by changing the position and bring them to a certain position.Woman lying on back, lift legs should be above the position of the body by throwing back to the elevation feet (seat cushion, back of the sofa).Preventive exercises include movements reminiscent of biking, walking on tiptoe, and others.Sleep is necessary on the left side of the body to increase blood flow.You can not cross your legs and take a long-term one and the same body position.You can do akvaerobika, which has beneficial effects on the vascular system.It is necessary to monitor the weight gain, it should not increase significantly.

Treatment of varicose veins in pregnant women is carried out comprehensively.As mentioned earlier, using compression stockings, exercise, diet, enriched with herbal products, used medical ointments and gels (Lioton, indovazin etc.), appoint venotoniki (Venoruton, Troxevasin, Detraleks, etc.) and,extreme cases resort to surgery.


pelvic varicose veins tend to be manifested not only in the lower limbs, but also hit the pelvic organs.Clinic of the varieties of the disease is similar.To a large extent the pelvic varicose veins affect women.Therefore, the diagnosis of pathology is sometimes confused with gynecological diseases.This condition is called chronic pain syndrome of the pelvis and characterized by soreness in the right and left iliac region.In this case, doctors prescribe antibiotics and hormones, which bring more adverse effects than benefits, and does not affect the underlying disease.

Modern medicine has learned to recognize the pelvic varices.It is sufficient to resort to the three-dimensional ultrasound of the pelvic organs.Ultrasonic devices are not only easy to recognize the veins of the pelvis, and can diagnose inflammatory disease of the ovaries, uterus and bladder.

If you have varicose veins widen the pelvis.Receptacles experiencing additional load, resulting in no capacity valve apparatus venous blood to pass only in a direction towards the inferior vena cava.This leads to stagnation in the bloodstream, which is manifested feeling of heaviness and pain in the abdomen.

The causes of varicose pelvic organs include the state of pregnancy, delivery and physiological pelvic pathology.At constant wearing mother baby in her arms, too, may have varicose veins.In addition, varicose veins can trigger using oral contraceptives, adhering to physical inactivity and having congenital hypoplasia of the vascular wall.

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