Asperger's syndrome

Asperger Syndrome


Asperger syndrome - as a form of autism, which is expressed in the marked deficit of social interaction and communication, restricted interests and is characterized by the same type of action.Asperger syndrome is often diagnosed in children of primary school age.As one of the forms of autism, Asperger's syndrome is a dysfunction affecting the human perception of the world, data processing and respect for others.Visually determine the presence of the syndrome is not possible.Scientists suggest that such famous people as Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton had Asperger syndrome.They face showed tendencies characteristic of this syndrome.With this disorder in people having difficulty in the following: communication, cooperation and collaboration, imagination.To them apply the term social 'triad of disorders. "And it is very difficult for facial expression, voice, body language to determine whether they are happy, they felt.Such people are hard to communicate and interact with no

rmal people who do not understand them.Consider social 'triad violations "

Social communication - communication:

- difficulty understanding gestures, tone of voice, facial expression

- difficulties in choosing topics for conversation

- the inability to start a conversation and graduated

- usebut do not understand difficult words and phrases

- misunderstanding jokes, sarcasm and metaphors

Social interaction - cooperation:

- difficulty in maintaining friendly relations

- lack of understanding of the unwritten rules of

- isolation and apparentapathy, indifference and alienation

- misconduct

social imagination:

- very rich and varied imagination, but the difficulties in presenting the results of future actions

- misunderstanding the point of view of other people

- difficulties in the interpretation of feelings, actionsand thoughts of other people

- difficulty acting games, but prefer logic games

Asperger syndrome symptoms

People with Asperger's syndrome have a number of other distinct traits:

- severe anxiety, restlessness, confusion inwhile communicating

- the love of a certain order around

- severe obsessive passion pastime or hobby

- sensory disturbances in the complex or in one of the analyzers (vision, hearing, touch, taste, smell)

- unnatural speech

Asperger syndrome causes

Causes Asperger Syndrome have the same roots as autism.A major role in their appearance playing the impact of genetic and biological factors, as well as toxic substances, affecting the development of the fetus in the early months of pregnancy

Asperger syndrome symptoms

From birth until the age of three the child no signs of autism, andGrowing problems in relationships with peers and adults.This child becomes monotonous and weak behavior of separate, narrow range of interests.The main focus is short, frozen facial expression, look exhausted, his voice quiet but sharp.There is a strong attachment to the house

Asperger syndrome diagnosis

Asperger's Syndrome is described and presented in the "Handbook of diagnostics and statistics of mental disorders (DSM-IV)" - chapter 299.80

Asperger syndrome treatment

With Asperger syndrome need to passConsulting a doctor psychiatrist.Help and treatment of patients with Asperger's syndrome is psychological - pedagogical in nature, and also includes the correction of family and behavioral therapy.Subsidiary nature of a medication.

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